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The Constitution

This contains rules that ensure compliance with the NSW Associations Incorporation Act (2009) and also important local club rules that should not normally be changed.  Changes to the Constitution can only be done with approval from the club membership through a Special General Meeting.

SFC Constitution (2018) v1.0

The Regulations

These are important rules and principles of operating that should not be changed lightly but may need to be updated from time to time as the club evolves.  Changes to Regulations can be made by the Committee of the club but only if there is strong consensus to do so.

SFC Regulations – Part I – Titles & Roles v1.0

SFC Regulations – Part II – Elections & Voting v1.0

SFC Regulations – Part III – Policies v1.0

Regulations Part IV – Grievance & Disciplinary Process
(Part IV is not yet established)

Here’s a document that describes how the club is organised, the different committees that we use to run the club, and the different bodies that we interact with.

How the Club is Run

(this document is being worked on – ETA 2021)

Here are links to some documents for those who would like to know more about the makeup and use of the annual registration fees:

2022 Fees (MWFA, FNSW, FA)

2021 Fees (MWFA, FNSW, FA)

2020 Fees (MWFA, FNSW, FA)

Who Gets Your Fees 2021