Please contact us – we can help resolve problems

Normal matters

You can find answers to the usual questions about football related matters like registration, grading dates, match details, team duties, playing rules, etc elsewhere on this website or from your team manager, team coach or club Age Coordinator.  

This page is intended to help you when dealing with other problems that are more difficult to resolve.

First steps to take

Many problems can be resolved by first discussing the matter with your team’s manager or coach.  If you feel uncomfortable doing that for any reason, or if you just feel that you need more help, then it’s a good idea to talk to us to see what we can do. 

Below are the people who can help – their names, phone numbers and emails are in Club Contacts

Contact your Age Coordinator for …  

  • Questions or concerns about the way that the club is run   
  • Issues affecting some or all of your team that you don’t know how to deal with
  • Issues relating to safety or behaviour that you think should be brought to our attention
  • Problems affecting just you or your child that you need help from outside the team to deal with – such as personal conflicts, concerns about fair game time, special consideration

Manager, Women’s Football can help with any questions or concerns on any issues or football matters at the club that are related to women’s or girl’s football.

VP, Development can help with any questions or concerns about the development of players and coaches at the club.

It’s better not to let problems continue unresolved.  The sooner we know about them the sooner we can help.

It may be worth checking our Policies to see if there are any that are relevant to the questions or concerns that you have.  

More serious problems

If there’s a serious illness in your family and you feel that maybe our club can help in some way, or if severe financial hardship is preventing you from participating in the club, then please contact our Manager, Club Community.  We’d like to help if we can.  

Any issues involving child protection, harassment and abuse, discrimination, racial vilification, victimisation or bullying should be directed to our club’s Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs).   We have a female MPIO and a male MPIO.  The MPIOs are trained to provide confidential, impartial and timely information and support and act as a sounding board about complaint resolution options.  We understand that issues dealt with by the MPIOs are extremely sensitive and you have our assurance that they will be dealt with by the club in a confidential manner.

Contact details for our MPIOs and also details of how we manage complaints can be found under Our Club / Member Protection.

A grievance with the club

Should you wish to raise a formal grievance with the club, please send an email outlining your concerns to the Club President or the Club Secretary.