2022 Registrations - Age Group Status

If you are registering late, please check the age group status table below to confirm that your age group is still open.

Table last updated:  2022-01-06 14:11:19


Age GroupStatusComment
U6 Mixed/BoysOpenRegistration MUST close on Sat 26 February
U7 Mixed/BoysOpen
U8 Mixed/BoysOpen
U9 Mixed/BoysOpen
U10 Mixed/BoysOpen
U11 Mixed/BoysOpen
U12 Mixed/BoysOpen
U13 Mixed/BoysOpen
U14 Mixed/BoysOpen
U15 Mixed/BoysOpen
U16 Mixed/BoysOpen
U18 Mixed/BoysOpen
U21 MenOpen
W7 GirlsOpen
W8 GirlsOpen
W9 GirlsOpen
W10 GirlsOpen
W11 GirlsOpen
W12 GirlsOpen
W13 GirlsOpen
W14 GirlsOpen
W15 GirlsOpen
W16 GirlsOpen
W18 GirlsOpen
Mens ALOpen
Mens O35Open
Womens ALOpen
Womens O30Open
Womens O40Open
Mens PLOpen
Womens PLOpen

If an Age Group is on "Wait List"

An age group with a status of “Wait List” means that all of the available teams are full and at that stage we’re unfortunately not able to guarantee you a place in a team.

However we recommend that you do register and we will keep recruiting and attempt to get more players to make up a new team.

When you register into an age group that is on “Wait List” you are placed on a stand by list.  Once we get the required numbers we’ll place you into the team or age group and take you off stand by and complete your registration.

If we aren’t able to get enough extra registrations to form a team in the age group you’ve requested we will try and find other options for you.

If we aren’t able to find a team for you we’ll refund your registration.

Contact the relevant age coordinator to find out more information about the status of recruitment for the age group.  Our contact details are here.