Grading dates are shown below

The 2020 grading dates have not yet been finalised.

Which Players Are Graded?

In 2020, based on feedback from coaches, managers and parents, grading for Mixed/Boys U10 is now optional and we confirm that there is no grading for Girls W10. 

So, grading applies as follows:

  • There is no grading for any players in the U6, U7 and U8 age groups.
  • Girls W9 and W10 age groups are not graded.  The age coordinators will attempt to construct teams that keep friends together.
  • Grading for Mixed/Boys U9 and U10 is optional but is strongly recommended for those players who wish to be placed in a suitably competitive team.
  • For Mixed/Boys U9 and U10 players who choose not to attend grading we’ll attempt to keep you with last year’s team mates.
  • Compulsory player grading for both girls and boys only begins at U11 (Mixed/Boys teams) and at W11 (Girls teams).
  • Mixed/Boys U9 and U10 who elect to grade, U11, U12 and Girls W11, W12 players are required to attend two (2) grading sessions.
  • W13/U13 to W18/U18 players will usually only attend one (1) grading session.

Important Notes

  • Grading sessions will be held at either TANIA PARK, Dobroyd Scenic Drive, Balgowlah Heights or at SEAFORTH OVAL.  If you have questions, please contact your age coordinator.
  • Players need to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time in order to register for the session.

  • Players need to wear shin pads and boots and bring water and sunscreen.  You don’t need to bring a ball.
  • All sessions are deemed “on” regardless of the weather.  Any cancellations will be made on the day and a re-scheduled date and time will be advised.
  • Please regularly check the club website for updates before the grading sessions.

How Grading and Team Allocation is Done

A comprehensive description of how Seaforth FC runs the processes of grading and team allocation can be found HERE.

Grading Dates 2020

The 2020 Grading Schedule has not yet been finalised but is likely to begin on Sunday 9th February.

Requests to play with friends and team mates

For all graded players up to U12/W12 we do our best to keep friends/teams together.  If the players are in and around the same ability we will absolutely do everything we can to get friends together, but this may not always be possible (particularly if there is a wide variance in their ability).

For U9 to U11 Mixed/Boys and W10 to W11 Girls teams that are less competitive and more social, we will also do our best to keep these together.

Individual players from these teams who wish to progress into more competitive teams are given the opportunity to move up out of social teams if they perform well in grading.

Leaving (deregistration) after teams are announced

After the teams have been allocated and published, if you decide to deregister and leave, this can have a major impact on your team and on other teams in the age group. This can result in a team being in danger of folding due to inadequate player numbers, other players can be greatly affected and a lot of effort may be required to re-adjust the affected teams.

If a player cancels their registration after teams have been announced then a large portion of the total registration fee, required to cover the cost of effort to re-adjust teams, will not be refunded.