Every team must have a nominated Coach.  Seaforth FC is a community volunteer-based club and our aim is to run all aspects of the club in that spirit and the single most important way that is demonstrated is by having parents coaching the teams.

The usual options for getting a team coach are:

  • Get a volunteer from amongst the parents or friends who already has coaching skills
  • Get a volunteer from amongst the parents or friends who needs some training (we can arrange for training)
  • If you are struggling to find someone to coach, contact your age coordinator – the club may be able to link you with someone

Usually there will be a parent or friend who will offer to coach.  The vast majority of our coaches are sourced this way.  If at first no-one offers keep trying – some people might just be waiting to see if someone else will do the job, and then once they realise that no-one will then they’ll agree to do it.

If someone is a bit hesitant because they don’t feel their coaching skills are good enough then there are a few ways to gain skills and confidence:

We really encourage mums and dads to be a coach – you don’t have to have played to be a good coach!  Doing these free courses and getting a bit of support from the club and the rest of the parents will usually give a coach all they need.

If the team wants to engage a paid coach from a commercial football school or academy (such as Soccer de Brazil or The Football Factory) please note that both Seaforth FC and the MWFA have very strict rules for how this is done (see following section).

We also strongly recommend that you find out what are the qualifications and experience of the person that you propose to engage.  If you need any help to assess any prospective coach please contact us on

Seaforth FC is a community volunteer-based club and we strongly promote having parents as coaches of teams – particularly our Junior teams.  It is an extremely rewarding experience and the club provides a wealth of resources, support and courses to help parent coaches.

However we understand that finding volunteers can be difficult and that sometimes having a paid coach works best for the team.  Please understand that there are some firm rules around the use of paid coaches.

The rules that apply to having a paid coach are:

  • All paid coaches must register on PlayFootball (for each team that they coach).
  • Teams who engage and pay a coach must advise Seaforth FC of the arrangement at the start of the season (Managers, please contact your age coordinator with all details of the coach and the fees charged). 
  • Seaforth FC reserves the right to decline to register paid coaches if we feel that it is not in the best interests of the team or the club.
  • No family should feel that they are obliged to pay for an expensive coach/trainer and there must be no form of discrimination applied if a family chooses not to contribute to the coach/trainer payments.  All players must be given equal game time throughout the season.
  • Players will not be removed from a team if they choose not to contribute.
  • There must be at least one training session each week that all players must attend as a team, no-one can be excluded from this session and the players must be trained together as a team – not separated based on whether or not they contribute to coach/trainer payments.
  • Any Coach or Trainer who is 18 years of age or over and is working with players under 18 years of age must complete a Working With Children Check.
  • Paid coaches who propose to coach more than one team must obtain approval from Seaforth FC before confirming any engagement.

Here are some important further guidelines and notes:

  • Seaforth FC recommends that a manager or parent is present at all times when a paid coach or trainer is overseeing the team. The team manager must ensure that all Duty of Care responsibilities are followed at all times.
  • The club has developed guidelines to help you assess the proposed fees, qualification and experience of paid coaches.  Contact for more details.
  • Please contact the club if there are any difficulties between any parties: eg. agreeing fees or feeling pressured in some way.
  • A coach or trainer from a commercial football school or academy (eg. Soccer de Brazil) must be registered as a Trainer with the MWFA – not as a Coach.
  • It is a rule of the MWFA that on match days, Trainers may not act in the official capacity of team Coach and they are not allowed in the technical area.
  • Please remember that if training is held on grounds or premises that are not registered with the MWFA, all parties must be made aware beforehand that insurance cover may be voided if the ground or premises are not suitable and an injury or incident occurs.

The MWFA has a policy on the role of paid coaches and Academies which you can read HERE.

All teams must book a training ground for regular use for training during the season by submitting a request to the Training Ground Coordinator during the pre-season. Regular training may begin during March when advised by the club.

There are also rules governing where teams train during the pre-season, prior to our club being handed full control of the fields from the summer sporting clubs.  This handover only occurs at the very start of our playing season.

For all details about the booking of fields for regular season training, to see where you should train during the pre-season and to see when your allotted training time is (once allocated), see our page on Training Ground Bookings.

Only train on fields when they are open.  Check ground status on our Wet Weather page.

Team kit bags are issued to teams approximately 7-10 days before the first round of the season.  The kit bags will contain socks, jerseys, a new match ball, training bibs, training cones and training balls.  Competition teams (W12/U12+) will also have a goalkeeper jersey and away strips.

The bags are issued on the same nights as the Manager Information evenings.

Please look after your gear.  In addition to the actual cost of the gear itself it takes an enormous amount of volunteer effort to put these kits together – planning, purchasing, printing, sorting, packing, distribution.

Match Ball

All competition teams are required to provide for home games, a higher quality ball for use in the game.  This is known as your team’s match ball.  It’s more expensive than the older training balls.  Please don’t use it at training and ensure that it doesn’t get lost.

Pre-season trial games against other teams from Seaforth FC or against teams from other MWFA clubs can be played at Seaforth Oval fields.

The fields must be reserved in advance with bookings made with our club’s Training Ground Coordinator.

Any teams playing trials against teams from outside of the MWFA area, whether to be played in the MWFA district or not, will require approval from the MWFA.  Organise this when you book the trial but be aware that it can take 4-5 days for approval to be granted so plan early.

For all details about the booking of fields for pre-season trials see our page on Training Ground Bookings.

For all teams

  • If you will need to wear the “away” strip, ensure they’ll be there at the match.
  • Always ensure that someone from your team will be available to referee (official referees may not appear).
  • Carry a basic first-aid kit and ice.
  • Carry a spare whistle.
  • Competition teams (W12/U12+) should ensure that they complete their match details, before and after the match, in the MWFA’s internet based DRIBL Digital Match Sheet Scorecard (DMS) system (see below),
  • Regularly remind your players to bring a water bottle.
  • Arrange for the team to be at the field at least 30 minutes before kick-off.
  • Check that all players are wearing the correct strip, shin pads etc.
  • Encourage your players to shake hands with the opposition team before the match
  • Assist Team Marshals from other clubs in managing the behaviour of your supporters.
  • Leave no litter at the match – pick up discarded strapping and boot tape.

The MWFA issues two calendars to teams – the Competition Dates and the Competition Matrix.

The Competition Dates is a generalised season calendar that shows for the different player groups when each round will be played.  It doesn’t show individual divisions.  It is issued once by the MWFA at the start of the season so you know the dates on which your games should be played and which weekends might be free.

The 2024 Competition Dates calendar is HERE.

(Warning: For U6-W11/U11 it’s easy to read, but for W12/U12 and over, you need to know how many teams are in your competition)

The Competition Matrix is a season calendar that is more detailed than the Competition Dates.  It shows for each division (eg. U6s, W9s, 12/1s, W13/2s, O35/4s), when each round will be played, when washed out games will be played, and when and how the finals series games will be played.  The MWFA typically revises this and reissues it 4 or 5 times a season, each time games get washed out.

The latest version of the 2024 Competition Matrix calendar is HERE.

You must inform the Seaforth FC Competition Secretary at of your intention to forfeit …

  • For games on the weekend … by 6:00 pm the day before the game
  • For games on weeknights ….. By 11:00 am on the day of the game

If you’re informing us within 24 hrs of the match you must call and speak to us – we might not see an email in time.

If you don’t let us know in time your team may be fined by the MWFA.

Please don’t contact the MWFA, the other club or the other team directly – communicate via our Competition Secretary.

Each match has a designated “Home” team and “Away” team.  Usually the Home team is from the club who controls the ground where the game is being played and the Away team are the visitors.

However, this isn’t always the case – sometimes your team can be playing at one of your own club’s grounds but be the designated Away team (ie. not the Home team) .. or be playing as visitors at the ground of another club but be designated as the Home team (ie. not the Away team).

The order that the teams are shown in the details of the match on DRIBL shows which team is the Home team and which team is the Away team.  The Home team is named first followed by the Away team.

It’s very important to be clear about whether you’re the Home or Away team for each match as this determines if your team needs to provide a referee, a match ball, and whether you have to wear an Away strip (against CC Strikers, Narrabeen or another Seaforth team).

When you are the “Away team” playing Narrabeen, CC Strikers or another Seaforth team, you have to wear an appropriate “Away” shirt.

U6-W11/U11 teams should just use training bibs from the team kit.

W12/U12 and up teams are all issued with red away strips at the start of the season.  Please only issue these to players on the days when they are needed and get them back after each game used.  Please do not hand them out to players to keep for the season. 

Please always remember that referees, whether official or unofficial, are volunteers who are doing their best.  Please keep the game environment friendly by accepting good and bad decisions the same way.

Juniors (U6-W11/U11) – MiniRoos

No referees are supplied so the “home” team must provide a referee or game leader.

Youth (W12/U12-W18/U18) and Senior Women

The Manly Warringah Football Referees Association (MWFRA) attempts to provide an official “Black & White” referee for matches.  However, there is a huge shortage of referees, which will mean that for many matches there will be no official referee provided.  So, if there is no official referee, the “home” team must provide one (ie. a parent will need to referee).

For each “home” game you should always plan to have at least one person on stand-by to referee in case there is not an official referee.

Senior Men

For PL and AL1 matches referees are provided by the MWFRA.

For AL2 and below, O35 and O45 matches, the referee is provided by the “away” team.

For AL2 and below and for the O35 and O45 competitions the MWFA has implemented a system where each Senior Mens team must have two registered qualified referees on their team.  Click HERE to read the full MWFA AL2+ referee assignment procedure (Section N1 of the MWFA Playing Rules).

Parents or Supporters Who Referee A Game (Volunteer Referees)

Unofficial Linesman:  Final decisions always remain with the referee.  Before the match it is helpful to tell any unofficial linesman the limit of their duties.  This is usually just flagging when the ball is out of play and which team should throw-in.  The final decision on free kicks, offside and corners remains with the referee.

Red & Yellow Cards:  As referees for an U12-U18 match you are entitled to issue yellow and red cards and “Cite” offences on the sidelines.  See the section on “Yellow & Red Cards and Citations” for more information.  Although it’s very rare, serious foul play, violent conduct, spitting at anyone and extremely abusive language are send off offences and the rules should be enforced and the offending player sent off.  Record all details at the time of the offence.

Sin Bin:  As referees for a W12/U12-W18/U18 match you are entitled to send players to the Sin Bin for 5 minutes (W12/U12-W14/U14) or 10 minutes (W15/U15+) for strong or repeated dissent and swearing.  If this happens a yellow card must also be issued.

Should you have any serious complaint about the performance of a referee, the correct way to deal with this is via the club (see the section on “Protests and Disputes”).

Juniors (U6-W11/U11) – MiniRoos

Often the “home” club will put up and take down nets and flags.  If you arrive and they’re are not up please help by putting them up.

There is no formal requirement that the “away” team has to be involved putting up or taking down nets and flags, but … in the spirit of good sportsmanship if you are the first or last team playing on a field then please pitch in for a few minutes and help out with this.

Youth (W12/U12-W18/U18) and Seniors

The MWFA requires that the first teams to play on a field must put nets and flags up and the last teams to play on a field must take nets and flags down – each team does one half of the field.

This rule applies to ALL Competition teams, at both Home and Away games, and at all grounds in the MWFA.  Failure to take nets down can result in points being deducted.

Unless instructed otherwise, when clearing the field, nets and flags should be left in the centre of the field.  If your team is playing the first game on the field for the day make sure you arrive 20 minutes earlier to put the nets up.  THIS INCLUDES ALL TEAMS PLAYING AT SEAFORTH OVAL.  The duty set up team does not put the nets up for you.

Click HERE to read the full MWFA nets procedure (Section D3 of the MWFA Playing Rules).

Borrowing Etiquette

When borrowing players from another team, as a courtesy, always ask permission from their team coach first before asking any player.

“Four Game Limit” Rule 

In W12/U12 and above, a player may only play four games for another team as a borrowed player.  If they play any more games for that new team then they will no longer be able to play for their old team.

When a player is listed on the match card, they are automatically deemed to have played, even if they don’t take the field or turn up.

So, don’t list players on the card “just in case” as this may cause them to breach the four game limit rule.

“Need to Borrow” Principle

The MWFA Playing Rules ban teams from borrowing stronger players from other teams if this results in regular team members playing less than half a game.

Playing More Than 2 Years Above Age

Written approval from the MWFA is required before any player may play more than two years above their usual grade.  A FNSW Playing Above Age Consent Form is required – contact Vice-President, MWFA Liaison.

Make sure that you understand the borrowing etiquette, limits and other rules before you borrow players, especially the “Four Game Limit”.

Borrowing For Junior Teams (U6-W11/U11)

  • There are no restrictions on the number of players you can borrow.
  • You cannot borrow players from older age groups.
  • You can borrow players from any team in the same age group or from younger age groups
    (except that U10 Red players can only play in U11/1 and U11/2).
  • If you do borrow from a team in your age group, in the interests of good sportsmanship please use players of similar skill level – please don’t use players from stronger teams unless no-one else is available

Borrowing For Youth Teams (U12-U16) and U18

The digital match scorecard system will only allow you to select players whom you are eligible to borrow.  Nevertheless, is it useful to know the rules.

  • During regular season matches you can only borrow a maximum of four (4) players per game and during the finals matches, a maximum of two (2) players
  • You cannot borrow players from older age groups
  • You can borrow players in the same age group but only from the same or lower division
  • You can borrow players from the next age group down … but only if their normal division is no higher than one division above your division.  So, for example, W13/3 could borrow from W12/2 and below but not from W12/1.  U14/4 could borrow from U13/3 and below but not from U13/2 or U13/1.
  • You can borrow players from any team playing two age groups below yours (subject to the Playing Above Age policy – see above).  So, for example, U15/3 could borrow from U13/1.  
  • U10 and U11 players can be borrowed to play in higher years but they must be registered to do so and have a player Id card.

Borrowing For Senior Players

Due to the complexity and variations of the borrowing rules for Seniors, and because the new DMS system automatically only shows you all players that you are eligible to borrow, we have intentionally left out a summary of the Senior Borrowing Rules.

Click HERE to read the full MWFA borrowing rules (Section M of the MWFA Playing Rules).

Apart from the players from each team, the referee is the only person who is normally allowed on the field of play.

In U6-W11/U11 games if a player is injured play can be stopped immediately and a coach or a parent can enter the field of play to tend to the injured player.

In Competition games (W12/U12 and up) if a player is injured the referee does not have to stop play and opposition players are quite entitled to play on and they do not have to kick the ball out.  It is up to the referee to decide if play should be stopped so the player can be treated.

So, no-one should enter the field to treat an injury unless the referee has stopped play and given them permission to come on – even if a player is down injured and cannot move or is obviously affected and limping badly – you must wait.

Of course if a player suffers a very serious injury (like an obvious broken leg) or a head injury, common sense should prevail and play will be stopped immediately and coaches can enter the field straight away to assist the player.

If there are disputes between players, the coaches and parents MUST NOT enter the field and attempt to separate the players.  That will only inflame the situation and make things worse.  Leave it to the referee to resolve the situation.

All regular and “stand in” team coaches and managers must be registered in the PlayFootball system with the MWFA and must undergo a Working With Children (WWC) check.

Please plan ahead and identify and register “stand in” coaches before they are needed so that there is time for them to get a WWC check and to obtain their MWFA identity card.

All paid coaches or trainers from commercial football schools or academies must be registered as a Trainer with the MWFA – not as a Coach.

Please do not contact directly the MWFA, FNSW or any other local clubs.

All communications with them must only be done by club committee members.  This ensures that queries are passed on in an appropriate manner, to the right people and answered beforehand if possible.

Should you have any question, complaint, request or comment that you wish to put to any of these organisations or clubs, first contact your age coordinator who may be able to assist you.  If not, send your matter to the club Secretary on who will progress it via the correct channels and will keep you informed.

All teams, from U6s up to our top senior teams do duties.  Team duties are a really important part of making our club run successfully and your contribution is very much appreciated by the club.

Thanks, in advance, for your help during the season.

All Saturday teams (U6 and up) will be rostered to do two shifts at Seaforth Oval: a shift may be BBQ or Ground Set Up shift.

All Sunday teams will be rostered to do two shifts at Seaforth Oval where each shift may cover both Ground Set Up and working on the BBQ.

We try hard to allocate teams to shifts when they are playing at the Oval but unfortunately sometimes this is just not possible.

The club will send you shift reminders beforehand and a Committee member will always be present to show you what’s required when you do any duties.

All teams need to help out with nets but this is not rostered – it needs to be done by the teams who play first and last on each field.  See the section above on dealing with Nets & Flags.


Lighting is one of the major expenses covered by your fees.  We try to reduce these costs where we can.

If you cancel your training session, particularly at Manly West or Balgowlah Oval please email the Training Ground Coordinator beforehand.

For any problems with lights please contact the Training Ground Coordinator.


Results of all games in U8/W8, U9/W9, U10/W10 and U11/W11 should be reported to the MWFA using the MWFA’s DRIBL system.

You can download the DRIBL app or access the DRIBL website.

All W8/U8-W11/U11 team managers and coaches are issued with a login to the DRIBL system at the start of the season.

At full time all you have to do is login, select your match and then quickly enter the score of your match.  Easily done. 

If you don’t enter the score the MWFA may issue the team with a fine.

If you have trouble using the system, you can send your results by text to the Seaforth FC Results Officer by 5:30pm on the day of the game.

The number for the Seaforth FC results is 0466 909 493.

Your text should state your team name, age and division, whether you had a win, loss or draw, and the score ..

for example .. “W11 Starfish Win 5-1” or “U9 Currawongs Loss 2-3”

Youth & Seniors (W12/U12 and up)

Player identity, match time and venue details, match sheet information, borrowed players and match results are all managed using the MWFA’s internet based DRIBL digital match card system.  All team managers and coaches are issued with a login to the DMS system at the start of the season.

Access the system at

There’s also a DRIBL app that can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store.


Some time before the match prepare the match sheet (confirm your players and add any borrowed players).

Click HERE for the quick guide on how to use the DMS system.

Immediately before the match, perform the player identity check 

  1. Both teams should be lined up on half-way prior to the start of the match.
  2. Cross-check the photo of each of the opposition players shown in the system against the players lined up on the field.
  3. If all is in order press “CONFIRM”.
  4. If you have concerns about the identity of any opposition player you MUST set the status to “Disputed”, supply reasons and then press “CONFIRM”.
  5. If no official referee is present, add the details of a non-accredited referee.

Click HERE for the quick guide on how to use the DMS system.

The MWFA will penalise the team and deduct points if the procedure is not followed correctly.

Click HERE to read the full MWFA rules for performing player identity checks and for dealing with exceptions such as when players arrive late (Section E of the MWFA Playing Rules).

Immediately after the match do a final review and record the score

  1. Also check details of any yellow or red cards
  2. If you have concerns about the result of the match you MUST set the status to “Disputed”, supply reasons and then press “CONFIRM”.

Click HERE for the quick guide on how to use the DMS system.


If a Red Card is issued to someone in the team (ie. they are sent off) or someone associated with the team is Cited …

At the time the incident occurs the team manager should record details of the incident on your own personal notepad.

Straight after the match contact the Vice-President, MWFA Liaison or the club Secretary and let them know what happened.

For Seaforth FC Volunteer Referees who issue a Red Card or Cite someone …

At the time the incident occurs stop the game temporarily and record some details (get pen and paper if needed) – take all the time you need to describe what occurred.

Straight after the match you should write up anything else you can remember about what happened in the Digital Match Sheet system and then contact the Vice-President, MWFA Liaison or the club Secretary and let them know what happened.

For any Seaforth FC player sent off a report will need to be sent to the MWFA.  The club will assist with the preparation of any reports and will submit them on your behalf to the MWFA.


If a player is issued with a Yellow Card this should be recorded by the referee on the Digital Match Sheet system.  No further action is necessary.


Players can be sent to the Sin Bin for 5 minutes (U12-U14) or 10 minutes (U15+) for strong or repeated dissent and swearing.  If this happens a yellow card will also be issued.

Click HERE for an easy-to-read a summary of the MWFA Sin Bin procedure (with images showing how the referee indicates a Sin Bin).

If you wish to dispute the validity of an opposition player you must record this in the Digital Match Sheet system when the identity check process is conducted before the match begins.  Do not sign that you accept the identity as correct.

If you wish to protest against some aspect of the game which in your view has affected the result then you must record this in the Digital Match Sheet system at the end of the match.  Do not sign that you accept the match result as correct.

If you don’t record your protest or dispute in the DMS at the correct time it makes it very difficult for it to be raised later on with the MWFA.

If you submit a protest or dispute you must advise the Seaforth FC Vice President, MWFA Liaison or the club Secretary within 24 hours after the match.