Latest Matches Update

All matches on Sunday 26 June are cancelled.

Updated on Saturday 25th June 2021 at 6:15PM.

Latest Training Grounds Update

Under instruction from the MWFA, ALL sanctioned football activities (training and matches) are BANNED under the Public Health Order until the current stay at home period expires (11:59pm Friday 30th July 2021).

Therefore, ALL Seaforth FC grounds are CLOSED for training.


  • Please abide by the ground closures and the current Covid stay-at-home orders.

  • DO NOT train if you are not well, have signs of the flu, or have visited any COVID hotspots

  • DO NOT train if grounds are closed and only train on the ground allocated to your team.

Updated on Friday 16th July 2021 at 5:00PM.

Status of Fields

Fields when closed must not be used for training or matches.

This table was last updated on 2021-07-16 17:24:52

GroundStatusFields Closed
Seaforth OvalCLOSED
Tania ParkCLOSED
Manly West Quirk RdCLOSED
Balgowlah OvalCLOSED
Condover ReserveCLOSED
Balgowlah North PSCLOSED

It's wet ..

If grounds are closed you cannot train on the fields there.

When we close and open grounds we will update this page and our Facebook page.  Check either of those to know the ground status.

After a lot of rain the fields may be inspected during the day and a decision made to close some fields. They may remain closed for a few days to dry out.  In the days following rain keep checking the ground status and do not train on grounds until they have been re-opened.

Even if it’s raining, always assume that your match will be played unless advised otherwise by Seaforth FC.

You should regularly check this page for any messages about the status of matches or watch our Facebook page.

The club Competition Secretary may also advise your team manager directly via email or text – watch out for those on rainy days.

Sometimes when the scheduled ground is closed, the MWFA may move games to other grounds.

So, please don’t use a council or MWFRA ground status website to decide that your game has been cancelled.  Please rely on updates from the club to confirm if your match has been cancelled.   

We’re very conscious that on rainy days everyone wants to know what’s happening and we try our hardest to issue updates as soon as we possibly can.

Fields when closed must not be used for training or matches.