See who won our club trophies last season, and let’s acknowledge past outstanding achievements and service to the club.

Achievements in 2018

2018 Major Premiership (League) Winners

Mixed/Boys U13 Division 2

Jesse Austin, Alex Barrasso, Findlay Black, Sofia Davidson, Samuel Doughty, Nate Faeste, Max Harrison, Oliver Harvey, Blake Home-Boon, Harry Larcos, Lukas Muller, Ervin Poursoltan, Archie Rainback, Xavier Sear, Zev Shy-Tielen, Oliver Whitehead.  Coach Joe Black

Mixed/Boys U12 Division 5

Sasha Beaumont, Noah Berbic, Max Brigden, Cameron Haigh, Jude Jaggers, William Jessop, Matthew Johnson, Jonte Kirk, Oliver Ross, Nicholas Santangelo, Jack Searle, Charlie Stowe, Luke Sun, Dylan Swanson, Matthew Terry, Cooper Toshack, Willem Vanover, Mikito Waters.  Coach Will Beaumont

2018 Minor Premiership (Grand Final) Winners

Mixed/Boys U13 Division 4

Hayden Ashcroft, Tyler Campbell, Leonardo Chiarini, Aidan Fisk, Jake Griffith, Samuel Griffiths, Sean Gutkin, Alex Hughes, Matthew Johnston, Lachlan McAteer, Barnaby Merrill, Jaesung Park, Sam Warburton, Matthew Young-Thompson.  Coach Paul Merrill.

Girls U15 Division 1

Chiara Agostino, Eleanor Bosinco-Hammett, Evie Coulter, Scarlett Ferguson, Annabel Gallacher, Eimear Harding, Rebecca Hickey, Lucy McFarland, Jodie O’Neill, Imogen Sayer, Georgina Taylor, Antoinette Theunissen, Josephine Theunissen.  Coach Steve Harding.

Carpenter Trophy – Best Junior Goal Average (Junior 1st Division)   16/1A

   Seaforth FC Best Junior Goal Average (other than 1st Division)   13/4

   Radford Family Trophy – Best Goal Average Senior Team   AL2

   Radford Family Shield Encouragement Award   12/5

   Jenkins Family Memorial Shield Most Improved Team   13/4

   Bannerman Trophy – Team Effort   WAL4A

   Seaforth FC Women’s Team Achievement Award   W16/1A

   D.R. Robinson Trophy & Shield – Best Team Record   13/2

   Seaforth FC Senior Goalkeeping Award   Myf Richardson   

   Martin Mood Memorial Junior Goalkeeping Award   Josie Theunissen

   Phil Smealie Women’s Individual Achievement Award   Annabel Gallacher  

   Dalby Family Trophy Junior Player of the Year   Matthew Young-Thompson

   Seaforth FC O35 Player of the Year   Nada Burke

   Seaforth FC Coaches Award   John Dennison

   Seaforth FC Club Person of the Year   Gary Giles

Awarded Life Membership

Graham Styles
Kym Weekes

Honouring their 20 or more years at the Club – now they’re “Club Legends”

Chris Anderson
Nick Anderson
Chris Goodmanson
Digby Hughes
Jordan Lefebvre
Michael O’Brien
Aaron Roberts
Andrew Sate
Luke Vanem
Dave Waller
Mitchell Wright
Richard Wright

Celebrating 15 or more years at the Club

Michael Americano
Paul Amoroso
Charlie Brookes-Allen
Katherine Chiswell
Michael Drane
Matthew Giles
Tess Greuter
Scott Greuter
Ciara Harding
Madeleine Kilpatrick
Connor Lambrou
Stefan Mohr
David Poole
Simone Shearsby
Frank Stegman
Ben Styles
Michael Weekes

Past FNSW Competition Winners

Here are our Seaforth FC teams who have won prestigious major FNSW competitions in years gone by.

2013   Seaforth FC Womens U18s – Winners State Cup + Winners Champion of Champions

2012   Seaforth FC Womens U18s – Winners State Cup

2011   Seaforth FC Womens U16s – Winners Champion of Champions

2004   Seaforth FC Womens U12s – Winners Champion of Champions

1985   Seaforth FC Mens All Age – Winners Champion of Champions

1977   Seaforth FC Mens U21s – Winners State (Robertson) Cup

1977   Seaforth FC Mens U18s – Winners Champion of Champions

1976   Seaforth FC Mens U21s – Winners Champion of Champions

1971   Seaforth FC Mens U21s – Winners State (Robertson) Cup + Winners Champion of Champions

2013 Seaforth FC Women’s U18s
2011 Seaforth FC Womens U16s
1977 Seaforth FC Mens U21s

Roll of Honour

Let’s celebrate our past players who began their footballing journey at Seaforth F.C. and went on to achieve success in the football world.

We’re researching this now and will update this section throughout 2019 as we find out more – we already know of two players who represented Australia!

Club Legends

We’re proud to acknowledge the great loyalty and service to the club of the past and present members listed below, who for each of 20 different years or more have either been playing for our club or have been actively involved in running our club.  Club legends!

Chris Anderson (2016)
Nick Anderson (2014)
Jordan Lefebvre (2018)

Michael O’Brien (2014)
Aaron Roberts (2018)
Andrew Sate (2017)

Luke Vanem (2013)
Mitchell Wright (2017)

Edward Cox
James De Stigter
John De Stigter
James Ferry
Chris Goodmanson

Scott Greuter (2012)
Dale Halpin
Digby Hughes
Glen Noritis
Maurice Springfeld
David Springfeld

Bob Virgile
Dave Waller
Richard Wright (2017)

* The year shown in brackets is when they reached the 20 year milestone.

** Our records may be incomplete.  If you know someone who you think should also be listed here please let us know.