Senior Women's Football

Seaforth FC enters the following teams into the Senior Women’s MWFA competitions:

  • All-age League (W-AL)
  • Premier League (W-PL)
  • Over 30s (W30)  ** Not available in 2024
  • Over 40s (W40) (Dependent on team numbers)

Each team is typically made up of a squad of up to 18 players, with a coach and manager. However, there is not a strict policy on squad numbers, and often a squad of 20 or more players may be preferable. The game is 11 v 11 and is played on a full-size pitch.

Seaforth FC truly hopes you have a enjoyable and exciting season.

Registration Information

For the 2024 Season, the dates of birth that are eligible to play in each age group are:

  • W-AL and W-PL Teams – players born in 2006 or earlier  (note that U18 players can play W-AL and W-PL)
  • Over 30s – players born in 1993 or earlier (must turn 31 or over in 2024)
  • Over 40s – players born in 1983 or earlier (must turn 41 or over in 2024)

The following are the key steps to register to play football for Seaforth FC:

  • Read the instructions in General Information & Fees and the Registration Guide.
  • Prepare a digital new ‘passport-type’ photo.
  • Visit FFA Play Football to register as a player, coach or manager.
  • Proof of age is required for all players, regardless of whether you have previously played for Seaforth FC or another MWFA club. Please email proof of age (birth certificate, passport, drivers licence) to the Seniors Registrar.
  • If you didn’t play for Seaforth FC or another MWFA club in the previous season, email a completed MWFA Application to Register form to the Seniors Registrar.
  • If you haven’t previously played football in Australia and do not have an Australian passport or birth certificate, review the International Transfer Clearance guidelines and if required, complete the form. Contact the Seniors Registrar for more information and assistance during registration.

If you would like to play with certain other players or a specific team, please include this information during the registration process. Please note that Age Coordinators will make every effort to accommodate any requests, but no guarantee is made.

For further information, please refer to the FFA Play Football information and FAQs or contact the relevant Age Coordinator.

Next Steps

Soon after the registration period has closed and grading has been completed, the Age Coordinator will notify all registered players of their teams. Once the teams have been released, it is the responsibility of each team to complete the following next steps:

  • Select a manager to organise the players, delegate duties and communicate with the Age Coordinator, as required.
  • Select a coach(es) to run training session and lead the team on game days. Suggestions for finding a coach is available at Information for Managers.
  • Contact the Training Ground Coordinator to select a suitable date and location for the teams weekly training session. This is typically a weekday, but can also be on a weekend if that is more preferable. Detailed booking instructions, field layout and ground allocation is at Training Ground Bookings.
  • The manager and/or coach must attend the Information Session to learn about the season ahead and collect their teams gear (training balls, match ball, training bids, cones and player jerseys and socks).

For any questions or issues that arrive prior to and during the season, the team manager can contact the relevant Age Coordinator for assistance and support.