This is how we measure the success of our coaches.

Junior and Youth Coaches (U6 - W16/U16)

We are a grassroots community football club welcoming players of all ability levels and we have a duty to ensure that we provide an environment where all our Junior and Youth players are given equal opportunities to learn and play.

Football is a competitive sport and all our players and coaches should strive to win, but it’s how you win (or lose) that’s important.

As a club we will do all that we can to help your team’s development and we’re right behind teams that play hard to try and make it to the top .. but your approach must not be to win games at all costs.

We want Seaforth FC to become a place where young players feel like they are learning, feel like they are valued and are in a club they want to be with for a long time.  There’s no point winning a trophy if your players are unwilling to return next season.

So Coaches please, for each of the players in your team:

  • Develop their technical and tactical football skills, using our Skill Development Objectives
  • Ensure that they enjoy being part of your team
  • Foster their self esteem and ensure they are treated fairly in line with our Equal Game Time policy
  • Develop their understanding of our club values which include respect, team work, humility and hard work

These are the criteria that the club will use to measure and value your success.  They are more important than always aiming to win.