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Reports 30/31st August 2008

Seaforth U6 Bears V Brookvale Lions

The Bears were to play their last game against the Brookvale Lions.
If they won this game they would be officially the undefeated Blue Champions.

They started out strong and again many goals were scored by the boys. All boys were having fun and were taking turns to score. It was going to be another fun easy day for the dedicated Bears.

Jayden had a magnificent game just missing out on scoring on numerous occasions; his determination in coming back in defence was also a highlight in his game. Jayden's improvement at the end of the season was a pleasure to watch.

Jordan and Benny both had strong matches as they have had all year, both fighting out who could score the most goals. Jordan showed us once again his silky skills and Benny gave us pleasure with his big kicks and commitment to the ball.

Sam played his best match of the season showing us great commitment and nearly scoring as well.

Most improved player Cameron kept up his dedicated running as he did all year and also contributed to the score sheet.

Team man Ethan showed just how good a player he is. Contributing in both attack and defence, his skills are no match for all teams.

Player of the match Eddie played another fabulous game, his versatility in attack and excellent tackling was a highlight throughout the year.

Rex throughout the season was another big improver and will be captaining the U6s next year.

Yes the Bears won again 10-0.
Under 6 Blue Champions.

It has been a very fun and successful year for the Bears.
As this was the first year for most of the boys. The Bears have achieved way over expectations.

It has been a pleasure to coach the boys. I'm sure all the Boys had fun and now we are looking forward to next year.


- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

Seaforth U7 Killer Whales V Brookvale Demons


The girls arrived at Grahams. This was the game they had trained all year for.
There was a magical feeling in the air. Something special was going to happen today.
This was going to be their Grand Final.

Before the game all girls had a sip of the holy water that had been blessed by the Greek football gods.
They were now ready to play.

The Demons started the game strong and were testing our defence. However the excellent goal keeping by Rosie and the best defender of the year Meg kept the Demons scoreless. This laid the platform for the Killer Whales to start attacking.

The Greek connection up front of Parissa and Renee started to show their skills. Then came our first goal. Renee sliced a goal neatly past the keeper. We were now 1-0 up. However it did not stop there, another two goals were scored by the player of the year Jamie, who did not stop, as she did all year.

1 more goal was scored before half time due to constant pressure by Parissa on a Demons player. Most improved player Kate and Katie played fantastic giving the Demons no room to move and passing the ball back to our players every time it came into our half.


Rosie came onto the field in the 2nd half and played strong again with her long throws and goal kicks. Another 2 goals by Jamie were scored which made 4 for the match.

It was a 6-0 win to the Killer Whales. The huge crowd were going wild. The girls had huge smiles on their faces, including the coach.

Watching from the sideline the Killer Whales were outstanding, passing the ball around, tackling and never giving up.

Tears were flowing from the parents, even the coach got a bit choked up. It was a great day.
It was an excellent 6-0 win.

It has been a tough year for the girls, playing against boys most weeks, however they have come a long way, never given up and are now true soccer players.

We started the season with a win and now finished with an outstanding win.
As they say, you are good as you last game. Which makes us champions.

Now looking forward to next season. Congratulations Killer Whales.

PS: - Did I mention the Killer Whales won 6-0 on the weekend.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

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Reports 23/24th August 2008

Seaforth U7 Panthers v Beacon Hill Bandits

Now that the Beijing Olympic Games have drawn to a close, the important role we all play in shaping the minds and bodies of future athletes and citizens is brought into sharp focus.

The modern Olympic creed, expressed in 1908 by its French founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, is displayed on the scoreboard at all Olympic opening ceremonies:

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

The Olympic oath, taken on behalf of all athletes, promises to respect and abide by the rules and commits to fairness and honour. If these ideals are ever to be expected of the elite, then surely we have a duty to instill them in our children. The Panthers' Coach, John Haslam has done an excellent job doing just that. He has created an ethos where fun is placed above first and doing your best above winning. The Panthers have thrived in that environment; they have learnt to play as a team, improved their skills and most importantly they have had lots of fun.

This week the Panthers took on the Beacon Hill Bandits. As the teams ran onto the field the Bandits' coach started yelling at his young players. He kept on yelling at them throughout the game. William scored our first goal - the Bandits' coach yelled. Lloyd played out of his little skin - he yelled some more. Torben (who has the blood of Olympic champions pumping through his veins) shot our second goal through the goalie's legs - more yelling ensued. Harry defended like a champion - even more yelling. Gabriel scored goal number three - he hollered. Luke chimed in with number four - he screetched. Daniel played magnificently - he screamed. Conor scored twice - he howled. Lily scored three times - he went apoplectic.

The final score was 9 - 0 to the Panthers and it was a performance worthy of a gold medal. However, the impact of the game was reflected on the faces of the players. The Panthers radiated that calm, happy confidence nurtured in them by Coach Haslam. Not surprisingly, the Bandits on the other hand looked like they had spent an unhappy half hour being berated.

What hope is there for fairness and honour? Can we ignore our responsibility to ensure that Baron de Coubertin's words become a reality, not just a hollow ideal? Through our children we have an opportunity to write a song that will live forever. We just need to make sure they have a chance to sing it before they are shouted down.

Player of the match: Lloyd
Most improved: Conor

- Report by Paul McGuire

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Reports 16/17th August 2008

Seaforth U/6 Bears v Seaforth Magpies

The Bears were to play their brother team the Magpies.

The Bears had no subs and all boys had to play the whole game for the first time, so extra effort was required. The Bears started out strong and dominated the Magpies. However the much improved defence by the Magpies kept us out.

1 nil at half time to the Bears.

All players started to play excellent in the 2nd half and were all lining up to score numerous goals.
Final Score 7-0.

Player of the match: Benny had a great match.
Well done again Bears. Another fine performance.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

Seaforth U/7 Killer Whales V Belrose Swordfish

Well done to the Killer Whales who dominated the boys from Belrose.

All girls put in a great performance and played excellent.
Player of the match Renee had an excellent game.

Thank you to Adam for U7s and Jayden U6s for helping out.

The most important thing is that the girls were having a lot of fun and are really enjoying their soccer.

Well done Killer Whales.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

Seaforth U7 Panthers v The Pittwater Mudcrabs

The Panthers again went into battle against the Pittwater Mudcrabs. Earlier in the year the Panthers had prevailed against them 2 goals to nil but the Mudcrabs showed then that they were a team not to be underestimated. Maybe this was an opportunity to show how the teams had improved over the season.

Within minutes of kick-off the Panthers went on the attack. Gabriel had a fantastic game; he darted and weaved so much he left the Mudcrabs going sideways, resulting in him scoring a fine goal. Gabby almost got another after a delightful passing display back and forward between him and Lloyd, which ended when his attempt was saved. Lily played so strongly you would be excused for thinking that she had an impenetrable exoskeleton. At the other end of the field Torben kept the Mudcrabs at bay with some impressive goal-keeping and Harry, William, Luke and Daniel formed a defensive trap which stifled all of their opponents' attacks.

Lily took over the goal-keeping duties in the second half. She fought valiantly as the Mudcrabs started nipping at her heels. They crawled ever closer to the net and shot. Lily pounced on the ball, seemingly depriving the Mudcrabs of an equaliser. However, Lilyís father, who was refereeing, decided that she had stopped the ball marginally on the wrong side of the goal-line and quite rightly awarded the Mudcrabs the point. It would be fair to say that the decision left Lily looking a little crabby (no doubt her father was to hear more on the topic later). Torben then took matters beyond doubt, running the length of the pitch, leaving the Mudcrabs in his wake and scoring a great goal.

Final score Panthers 2 - Mudcrabs 1.

Congratulations to both teams. It was an excellent game, played in good spirits. The Panthers were humble in victory. The Mudcrabs were gracious in defeat (and here I was expecting that they might be a little shellfish).

Player of the match: Gabriel
Most improved: Lily

- Report by Paul McGuire

Seaforth U7 Hawks vs Mosman Dragons

Spit Reserve is a large field that offered plenty of space for running and passing and the Hawks took the opportunity to show how far they have come this year in skills and teamwork.

The boys were combining well, running into space and finding each other with good passes. There were plenty of shots in the opening ten minutes, with Byron, Eddie, Michael, Jay and Ben all threatening the goals without success. Jay finally opened the scoring after some good teamwork, with Stirling scoring an individual effort right on halftime. Jordan was rock solid in defence as usual, and Wayne our goalie made sure the opposition was kept scoreless at halftime.

The second half continued the Hawk's strong performance. Our goalie, Jay, was only needed a couple of times such was the defensive effort by Jordan and Eddie in particular. A delightful passage of play opened the second half that saw Ben pass to Wayne who found Byron, who cut the ball back from a tight angle on the right. Ben was rewarded for his hard work and team play with a well-deserved goal. Stirling ran himself to a standstill in defence and challenged the Dragon's in attack with some excellent crosses into the goalmouth where Michael was unlucky not to score on a couple of occasions.

The outstanding positional play and teamwork shown by the Hawks today made this the match of the season so far.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

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Reports 9/10th August 2008

Seaforth U6 Falcons vs AVA Barracudas

Falcons were all revved up and ready for some serious Soccer.

Ben who clearly was not well was keen to have a go at goals for first half. What an effort Ben, they couldn't get past you. Javier was determined to show everyone what he is made of and went and scored our first goal. Way to go.

Pat and Billy were up to plenty of running and showed some great moves, and Pat scored a goal... wasn't he proud. Ned and Callum trying ever so hard but just could not aim for that goal. Brinn played some of his best defense and covered a lot of the field.

Second half we were feeling the pressure with the Barracudas fighting back & they scored a goal. Ned was feeling nervous in goals but did an amazing job. Brinn kept on running with Ben now on the field. No one could get past these boys.

Bill was ready to add some goals to his tally and would do whatever it takes... wow 3 goals. Forever fighting for the ball was Pat who played some great passes this week. While Tom was cursing having Mum as a coach he managed to kick two goals and one off his left foot. Great effort.

Callum was really enjoying himself and played some of his best Soccer. Good boy. Javier just wasn't happy with his one goal so he weaved his way through and scored another two. The game was a long game but what fun we were all having.

Final scored was 9-3. Another win for the Falcons. We are all so proud of you.
Players of the match went to Javier and Tom and mascot to Brinn.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U7 Panthers v Mosman Cobras

Now, the Mosman-shirted Sneetches
Had ads front and back.
While the Seaforth Sneetches'
Shirts were just white (with some black).

Those ads weren't so big. They were really so small
You might think such a thing wouldn't matter at all.

But because they had ads, all the Mosman-shirted Sneetches
Would brag "We're the best-heeled Sneetches on the whole Northern Beaches."
With their snoots in the air, they would sniff and they'd snort
"And we know just how to beat the plain-shirted sort."

When the Seaforth-shirted children played them six-a-side football,
Did the Mosman-shirts play by the rules?... Not at all.
They had nine on the field at a time, yet they claimed "It's all quite kosher.
We're just trying to increase our corporate-sponsor's exposure."

"Unfair" cried our coach in a voice loud and keen
"That's the most blatant breach of the rules that I've seen!"
But the referee (who came from south of the Spit) seemed quite happy.
ou see he was less referee, more Mosman's Fix-It-Up Chappy.
He told his team where to stand and he worked at great speed.
And his field-placements were 100 per cent guaranteed.

When Mosman had scored three times, and Seaforth had just two
Seaforth stuck the ball well, and it seemed to get through.
Or so everyone thought, 'cept that Fix-It-Up Referee
Who brought the game to an end - with us two and them three.

But the Mosman-shirted Sneetches didn't really win on that day,
Because Seaforth team won in the test of fair play.
And that counts for the most - being just and upstanding.
Which applies to us all (even those who've got branding).

Player of the match: Harry
Most improved: Lloyd

- Report by Paul McGuire

Seaforth U/7 Killer Whales V Pittwater Swordfish

Killer Whales v Swordfish, you think Killer Whales would win with strength, however Swordfish have a sharp nose and can get you when you least expect it.

However it was a very even and competitive game. The girls played great.

Chloe played one of her better performances and did excellent as goalie in the 2nd half. Kate and Meg kept the Swordfish from scoring in defence. Rosie and Jamie also had turns as keeper and played excellent on the field. Good work from Jamie to come back after getting a ball in the face.

However, the player of the match Parissa was a stand out and played all over the boys in attack and defence.
Well done Parissa, making the coach proud.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

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Reports 2nd/3rd August 2008

Seaforth U/6 Bears v FKY Dories

It was a beautiful windy morning. The Bears were to play the Dories. It was going to be a tough match as the Dories came with a coach who had clip board, a selection committee and parents who really wanted to win. The Bears had a coach who was half asleep and a Manager who was in hospital.

The game started and the Bears started constantly attacking the Dories goal. They found it difficult to score as the Dories players were coached to stay in front of the goal. The Dories then scored a goal against the run of play. They were 1 nil up and the Dories entourage were happy and expecting their team to go on with it. However the Bears kept their heads up. Ethan helped keep the Dories scoreless for the rest of the half with his excellent defence. An excellent goal was then scored by Cameron who put himself in the right position and a great goal was scored by Benny and the Bears were 2-1 up at half time.

The Dories committee accused our boys at half time for pushing and shoving, however video evidence later cleared the boys of any wrong doing. The boys were just playing usual fun great soccer. Karl did another excellent job as referee.

The 2nd half started, the Bears totally unaware of the politics around them started playing their usual excellent soccer. Eddie, who was goalie in the first half started the ball rolling and scored a fantastic goal. We were 3-1 up, then 4-1, then 5-1 and finished 6-1. Goals in the 2nd half were contributed by Eddie who scored 2 and Benny. Both these boys played great attacking games. Jordan also contributed with an excellent individual goal and played another great game with his silky skills. Jayden played excellent in attack and defence and helped keep the Dories off the ball with his nice touches. Sam and Rex tried their hearts outs and helped set up most of the goals. Ethan helped the coach who volunteered to be goalie in the 2nd half. He kept the Dories scoreless in the 2nd half with his great keeping. Cameron was player of the match as his kept running all match and played fabulous in attack and defence.

Bears coach had to leave with a couple minutes to go and tried to say goodbye to the Dories management, however I believe they were still in shock. A thank you to the Dories boys in giving us a competitive game.

Final score 6-1. Another win to the Bears. Remember boys its not all about winning its about having fun. However some wins are more satisfying than others.

Well done Bears.

Special note for Simon, all the Bears and their parents wishing you a speedy recovery and quick return to the game.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

Seaforth U7 Killer Whales V Mosman Frilled Necks

Another perfect morning and yes our girls were to play another girls team.
The girl were very excited. This was going to be an interesting match.

The Killer Whales started off on the attack and nearly scored a few times. Rosie and Parissa showed their true form and constantly attacked the ball. Meg and Katie played another fantastic game in defence. Kate and Renee both had a turn as keeper and kept Mosman scoreless, they both had excellent games on the field as well.

Player of the match Jamie was running all over the field again and did not stop trying, nearly scoring on many occasions.

The game was a very even match and played with great spirit.

The final result was a 0-0 draw.

Excellent result Killer Whales.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

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Reports 26th/27th July 2008

Seaforth U/7 Hawks vs Brookvale Devils

With the Hawks feeling fresh from the school holiday break, the crowd was expecting an energetic, high-intensity game and were not disappointed.

The first five minutes was end-to-end play, combined with crunching tackles from both sides. Eddie characterised the attitude on display, literally throwing himself into his defensive efforts, and also working hard in attack and copping some solid tackles himself. The Hawks showed a much better teamwork in attack this week, with Wayne, Jay, Byron and Ben combining well at different times to threaten the Devils' goal.

The Hawks dominated the remainder of the first half, with Stirling taking control of the centre of the pitch, Michael tackling anyone in a blue shirt, and Jordan safe in goals.

With Wayne unable to take the field for the second half, the Hawks continued their attacking raids. A goal seemed only a matter of time with Jay, Stirling and Eddie unlucky not to score and only being denied by the weight of numbers of Devils crowding the goal mouth despite our solid shots. The fear was of a breakaway goal against the run of play but the Hawks chased down all breaks and Jordan played his customary role of stopper, tackling the Brookvale players head-on.

Byron was really solid as our second-half goalie, despite an injured wrist, and Michael showed his skills with solid tackles and a nice pass to Stirling to put him into space. Ben displayed the enthusiasm typical of the Hawks' today, and was full of running throughout the match, trying hard right to the end.

Iím not sure if a draw was a fair result for this game. We definitely didn't deserve to lose, and I feel we were a bit unlucky not to win. Thanks for a great match boys, I'm sure if we keep playing like this the goals are sure to come.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

Seaforth U/7 Killer Whales V Manly Vale Rats

The Killer Whales were to play the Rats and were expecting a tough match.

The game started out very even and the Killer Whales started to get on top of the Rats. We defended very well and restricted the Rats to only a few goals.

Excellent defence by Meg who was player of the match, she was helped out by Katie, Kate, and Chloe in defence, who all had great games.

Parissa, Renee, Rosie Jamie all had strong games and continued with their excellent attack and running. The girls were very unlucky not to get a few goals, particularly with Rosie's big throws to Jamie who nearly scored on numerous occasions.

Thank you to Eddie from the U6s who helped out in goal.

The girls are still improving each week and have formed a great team. The main thing is that they are all having fun.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

Seaforth Ladies U14/3 Superheroes 3 Pittwater 0
At Kitchener Reserve Sunday 27 July

The Superheroes bounced back from the shellacking of a week ago to score a confidence-boosting win against Pittwater. We only had 9 players for half the game, but we still had more than enough firepower to overcome a gallant home side that never stopped trying.

Mind you, we took our time to settle into the rhythm of the game. The first quarter of an hour was less than memorable, but things came alive when Charli opened the scoring in spectacular fashion. It came from a good goal-kick: the ball came straight down to Charli who was 25 metres out from goal. She steadied herself, kept her eye on the ball and volleyed it on the full, strong and long and right over the keeper's head into the goal. Outstanding!

Into the second spell, and it was more of the same. Pittwater couldn't get a shot on our goal, and we were camped in their half. Once again we forced a series of corners, and from the last of these the ref blew for a hand-ball penalty. Bec stepped up and slotted the ball perfectly past the keeper. Two nil and our young ladies were coasting, but late in the game Claudia made it 3-nil. She took the ball from inside her own half and swept down to the Pittwater goal, beating the keeper on the right. Good finish, and a good result for our girls who continue to eye off a spot in the semis. We'll have to wait and see.

Special thanks to Bianca and Hannah (and their parents) who gave up their Sunday morning to help us out.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Reports 19th/20th July 2008

Seaforth Ladies U14/3 Superheroes 1 Wakehurst 4
At Seaforth, Sunday 20 July

The Superheroes tried hard today but were put to the sword by a very good team that was stronger and more composed all over the park. The Wakehurst backline functioned well throughout, feeding the midfield and forward line to good effect, and 2 well-taken goals in each half were more than enough to put us away.

The writing was on the wall from the opening whistle. Seaforth was under the pump, and it came as no real surprise when Wakehurst went 1-nil up at the 10 minute mark. The goal came from a move that swept the length of the field, and the visitors scored again in identical fashion before the break.

Into the second half, and the Superheroes suddenly pulled one back. It was a lovely goal too, scored by Madds after Bec won the ball in midfield and fed the forward line. Madds did well to beat the keeper, and we were right back into it. But there would be no miracles today, despite the Papal Mass at Randwick, and Wakehurst put two more past us before the final whistle.

Hopefully we will learn from this: ball-watching in the box is not ideal, and our contest on the ball needs to be more vigorous. We tend to sit back and wait, and the top quality teams will punish you when you do that.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Reports 12th/13th July 2008

Seaforth Ladies U14/3 Superheroes 0 Belrose-Terry Hills 0
At Grahams Reserve, Sunday 13 July

Football is frequently criticised for low scores or nil-all results, but those critics would have been made to eat their words if they'd watched a cracker of a game between top of the table Belrose-Terry Hills and the Supeheroes. The Seaforth girls completely outplayed the favourites but just couldn't grab a winning goal, and hopefully their confidence will be boosted on the back of this result.

Belrose opened brightly and our defence was soon getting a good workout, with Anna Rose forced to make one very good early save. But once we hit our straps, we were infinitely more creative throughout midfield and the forward line. Laura was standing out at the back, while Anna McNee was full of running in the middle of the park. Up front, Jorja was busy and had the best chance of the half, but her reflex shot sailed high and wide. We'd had their goal under siege, 7 or 8 goal-kicks testament to our attack, but we just couldn't find the back of the net.

Into the second half, and Belrose once again began strongly, but our defence was more than equal to the task. We did offer Belrose glimmers of hope from time to time, courtesy of some goal-mouth dithering (that feature of our game is hard to shake!), but the Superheroes clearly won this half too. We created many more chances, and showed a lot of class and speed, but we simply couldn't put them away.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Reports 5th/6th July 2008

Seaforth U6 Seaforth Bears V Manly Vale Black Widows

It was a beautiful morning and the Bears were ready to play.

Bears were to play the Black Widows who were a strong team. It was going to be a testing game.

However the Bears were on fire and dominated the Black Widows from the beginning. Ethan started off in goal and kept the Black Widows scoreless in the first half. Cameron started off in defence with Rex and both did a fantastic job. Jayden played one of his better games and nearly scored in the first half, only to get accidently tripped by one of his own players.

Sam did plenty of running, keeping a lot of pressure on the opposition. Eddie, Jordan and Benny had their usual excellent attacking game and all contributed to the first 5 goals, including a long range penalty by Benny.

The 2nd half the Bears kept up the pressure and they all did not want to be substituted as they were having so much fun. Another 6 goals were scored in the 2nd half including a fantastic individual goal by Cameron. Ethan was fantastic in defence and is very selfless by helping to reduce the Black Widows to no goals.

Rex was goalie in the 2nd half for the first time. He did a fantastic job and has a perfect goalie record. Rex was the player of the match. He and Ethan had a slight collision that injured Ethan's leg, however he was able to come back to play at the end.

Final score Bears 11 Black Widows 0

Well done Bears. Another excellent TEAM performance.

Jayden and Eddie day did not finish there, they both won Art awards for Operation Art that afternoon. Very successful day for both.

- Report by Jason Agapiou (Coach)

Seaforth U7 Hawks vs Seaforth Shooting Stars

The feature of this match was the ferocious tackling by both sides, which saw the majority of the game played in the middle of the park and few chances for either side, especially in the first half.

The Hawks really lifted their intensity to match the opposition. Wayne, Jordan and Michael in particular were involved from the opening whistle in the heaviest of the tackles, and Stirling cleared the ball well with some huge kicks. Byron was playing his usual busy game and was chasing the ball all over the park while Eddie threw himself into the match with excellent solid, but legal, tackles that often sent himself and the opposition flying. Jay continued his good form from the warm-up and was solid and safe in goals.

This game was like an arm wrestle, and with few shots available, it would come down to which side could convert the chances they got. The second half started well, with Stirling and Eddie creating opportunities, and Jay exciting the crowd with two hard struck shots in a row, which whistled past the goals. The Shooting Stars opened the scoring by converting the one break away of the match, and the only time our defence broke down. Soon after that, Michael was called upon to make a great diving save that kept us in the match.

Jordan was like a rock in defence, with crunching front on tackles, massive clearing kicks, and clever control and passing of the ball. Byron and Wayne tried hard right to the final whistle, and were typical of the Hawks' attitude today. With a couple of minutes to go, Stirling followed up on Jay's lead up work to slam home an equalising goal.

A draw was probably a fair result for this game, with both teams scrapping hard from end to end all match. Well done.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

Seaforth U7 Seaforth Killer Whales V Harbord Kookaburras

The girls are currently in the middle of a fun season and they came to Tania Park for another game against boys.

The Kookaburras are a great team and have not lost in 3 years. So it was going to be tough for all the girls, especially most of the new girls to the game.

However the girls played great in the first half and their defence was excellent, only restricting the Kookaburras to a few goals.

The 2nd half was even better. The Kookaburras could not score a goal for most of the half, due to the powerful display by all girls.

Katie and Meg shared goalie in the game and saved many goals, they also had a great game on the field. Rosie, Parissa, Renee and Jamie did their usual hard running and all had excellent games.

Kate played her best game of the season and was the player of the match.

Well done girls. Another win is just around the corner. Keep having fun.

- Report by Jason & Christine Agapiou

Seaforth U7 Panthers v Pittwater Eels

In the annals of sporting history there are some match-ups that are so enthralling, so enriching, that the contest becomes more central than the result. The Wallabies v the All Blacks in the Bledisloe, Queensland v NSW in the State of Origin and Manchester United v Arsenal in the FA Cup all spring to mind. Now the under 7 Seaforth Panthers v the Pittwater Eels should be added to that list.

It is hard to envisage a more exciting, evenly matched encounter than that seen on Kitchner Park between these two well-balanced teams. If the spectators had had seats, they would have been on the edge of them, because this game created such an exciting, adrenaline-filled atmosphere it was impossible to keep still.

In the first half Gabriel had a great scoring opportunity, which very narrowly missed the Eels goal. Lily played beautifully and unluckily hit the post with a solidly struck ball. She had several other attempts saved by the Eels' goal keeper. Luke also had a fine attack and was deprived by the opposition's goalie. William and Harry were impressive in mid field. Daniel and Lloyd played strongly in defence. At the other end of the field Torben, in goal for the half, played magnificently, and made a number of great saves. Eventually the Eels wriggled past him and kicked the ball into the net. 1 - 0 to the Eels at half time.

Apparently energised by their overly vocal coach (who spent the half time break yelling at his team), the Eels were electric in the second half. William, in goal for the half defended valiantly, but he could not keep the Eels out. Within a few minutes of the start of the second period the Eels kicked two more goals. Despite the sizable deficit the Panthers spirit was undiminished. Lily scored with a gorgeous curving ball and had numerous other attempts which narrowly missed or were saved. Gabriel played tirelessly. Conor had a solo effort down the side line and almost added to the Panthers score line. In a well rehearsed piece, Lily threw in to Luke, who spun on the spot and slotted the ball into the net. The Panthers were closing the gap. The extent of their fight-back could be measured in decibels, as the Eels' coach turned up the volume of his screamed rebukes to unprecedented levels. Shocked into action the Eels responded with another goal. But the Panthers were not finished. Torben scored number three for the Panthers with a great goal. Seeking the equaliser they so richly deserved, the Panthers attacked relentlessly. Lily fired goal-wards and missed with only seconds left on the clock. Although they had clearly not run out of energy, the Panthers eventually ran out of time.

4-3 to the Eels.

Despite losing, the Panthers ran off the pitch with their heads held high and smiles on their faces, greeted by the warm congratulations of their proud parents and coach.

This was an epic, exciting encounter. Like any great sporting contest, it will continue pumping through the veins of the spectators (and ringing in their ears) for quite some time to come.

Player of the match: Lily
Most improved: Gabriel

- Report by Paul McGuire

Seaforth Ladies U14/3 Superheroes 2 Curl Curl 0
At Seaforth Sunday 6 July

Curl Curl put up a strong tussle the last time these teams met, and the return fixture at Seaforth proved to be just as competitive. Two good goals, one in each half, gave the points to the Superheroes, but Curl Curl was good value on the day.

Seaforth began brightly with Anna McNee prominent early on the right side, and we began to apply our customary early pressure. But the tables were quickly turned, and Anna Rose found herself under fire in the goal as our defence struggled to clear efficiently from the back.

We looked vulnerable for a few minutes but suddenly it was 1-nil, thanks to what might well be the best goal of the season. A goal kick fell to Nina and she laid a lovely pass back in towards the goal. Tasha was right on the spot, and ripped an unstoppable shot straight past the keeper into the back of the net from 15 metres. We were right back on top, with narrow misses from Charli and Anna Tweedie in the count-down to half time.

Into the second spell, and Seaforth lifted. Anna Rose found herself busy on the right, after swapping the goalie's jersey, and Anna Tweedie again went close, her shot just tipped wide. But the game had that "only a matter of time" feel, and so it proved: Claudia fired a shot that came back off the post, and Jorja was right there to score a lovely goal.

That's the way it finished. The Superheroes deserved the win: they made the most of their chances, and lovely passing was a feature of their game. Well done, ladies.

- Report by Murray Olds

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