New rules for W12/U12s

calendarMarch 15, 2024 tag development, matches

In 2024 the MWFA, and many other associations around Australia, are implementing the new format for the W12/U12 competitions endorsed by FIFA and Football Australia.

Previously Under 12s played 11v11 and on a full size field. They will now play with only 9 players on each team and on a field which is shorter than the usual full size competition field.

The intention now is to make this age a transition year from the Under 10/11 years before playing in the W13/U13 competitions on a larger field in a larger team.

All usual FIFA Laws of The Game apply, but with variations for three situations which are:

  • The distance for the opposition to stand at all set pieces will be reduced from 10m to 5m due to the reduction of field size.
  • The opposition must be 10m back from the penalty area before the ball is in play after a goal kick or if the goalkeeper has possession of the ball in their hands.
  • For the goalkeeper, to restart play after a save or gathering the ball with their hands, the ball must be thrown or rolled from the hands or played from the ground with their feet, within 6 seconds.  The goalkeeper is not allowed to kick or dropkick the ball from their hands.

If you would like further information about this, the MWFA have provided an information sheet about these rules HERE.