Season starts on weekend of 6th & 7th April

calendarJanuary 16, 2024 tag annual, matches, pre-season

Hi everyone

The competition begins on the weekend of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April (except for the Premier League who start earlier).

School holidays:  For everyone, please note that there are matches on the first and last weekends of school holidays.  

School holidays:  For U6-W16/U16 teams there is no match played on the middle weekend of school holidays, ie. 20+21 April and 13+14 July.

Once the season starts, the best place to check your match draw is always in the DRIBL competition system which you can find on our website under Match Day / Fixtures, Results & Tables.  Better still, have the DRIBL app on your phone.

2024 Competition Dates

You can see the full season calendar now in the MWFA’s 2024 Competition Dates.  This is a generalised season calendar that shows, for all of the different player age groups, when each round will be played.  It doesn’t show individual divisions or games .. and it’s not easy to read.  It is issued once at the start of the season by the MWFA so you know the dates on which your games should be played and which weekends might be free.  

Click HERE to see the 2024 Competition Dates.  This calendar can normally be found on our website under Managers & Coaches / Information for Managers.