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Managers and Coaches at Seaforth FC

Important Messages and Responsibilities

for Managers and Coaches at Seaforth FC

Thank you for volunteering to be a coach or manager for Seaforth FC. Listed below are some key messages and responsibilities that you must be aware of.

You must please ...

[ for teams from U6 to U18 ]

    Ensure that your most important objectives for each player are - to improve their skills, to make their season enjoyable and to foster their self-esteem. These are the criteria Seaforth FC will use to measure and value your success. Please ensure that you comply with the Seaforth FC Equal Game Time policy - everyone pays the same registration fee.
    Of course a team should also have a competitive culture and aim to win, but remember; ultimately these children are just playing for enjoyment in a local community-based league. It’s not representative football and it’s not the A-League or the English Premier League. Put everything in perspective and don’t let an adult pre-occupation with winning detract from the positive experience they should have.

    Ensure that you apply proper Duty of Care to all players at all times – before, during and after all training sessions and all games

[ for all teams ]

    Make sure that you understand all the relevant safety policies (including for lightning and hot weather) and how you should manage serious injuries and concussion
    ( all policies and guidelines are available to download on our website at "Media / Policies & Documents" - http://www.seaforthfc.com/docs.html )

    Read the MWFA and Seaforth FC Codes of Conduct and ensure that you and all team players and supporters comply with the codes at all times
    ( these are available to download on our website at "Club Info / Conduct Codes" - http://www.seaforthfc.com/conduct.html )

    Read the Seaforth FC Club Information Manual - to understand all club information, procedures and obligations... and especially, to know how to deal with wet weather.
    ( The manual is available to download on our website at "Club Info / SFC Info Manual" - http://www.seaforthfc.com/managermanual.html    Our wet weather info is on our website at "Club Info / Wet Weather Info" - http://www.seaforthfc.com/weather.html )

    Make the Club President or Club Secretary your first point of contact for any inquiries to do with send-offs, match protests or serious incidents

    ensure all the team's players, coaches and managers are registered and have an MWFA Id card - you must inform the club of any changes or if your team has a paid coach or trainer

    understand the MWFA rules on borrowing players, performing identity checks and completing match cards
    ( refer to the MWFA website - "Library / Rules" and the Seaforth FC Club Information Manual )

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