Where should I stand? Social distancing is a must!

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Here’s a link to the MWFA COVID-19 field maps for each ground that shows where all supporters and players ideally should be standing.

Late News ** There’s one late change to the spectator standing locations at Seaforth Oval – for the J8/9B field at the Northern end of Seaforth Oval, the walkway between that field and the main SFT1 field is to be closed – affecting the proposed technical area for this field.

Players and coaches should please now all stand on the opposite sideline of J8/9B closest to the oval fence, with spectators standing away from the players elsewhere around the field.

COVID-19 is still with us and we have to maintain proper social distancing at all times. Players should stand apart from each other during team talks and when having drink breaks.  Supporters, as well as standing well away from the players, please keep that magic 1.5m between yourselves at all times.  Thanks.

.. and click HERE for the FNSW Return to Play Summary.

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