Lets all SHOOSH and be good role models

calendarApril 28, 2021 tag annual, rules

Thanks in advance for being role models for good behaviour on the sidelines throughout the season.  

Our club’s simple Guidelines for the Sidelines say it all:  

  • Encourage and cheer – don’t abuse anyone (especially referees); and
  • Please let the coaches be the ones to do the coaching (it’s their job not yours).  

The NSW government’s SHOOSH for Kids campaign is an important initiative to keep kids in the game – it’s easy:  

  • Be enthusiastic – but don’t scream and shout instructions from the sideline; and
  • Allow your child to play for themselves – let the kids make decisions.

.. and a friendly reminder that everyone is subject to the FFA, MWFA and Seaforth FC Codes of Conduct.  

Enjoy the beautiful game.  

Steve Harding and the whole committee team