Responding to Incidents

The only person authorised to engage with news media and make public statements on behalf of the club is the Club President (or delegate)

For serious injuries (including concussion and ANY broken bones)

  • Organise first aid if required – treat only to your level of training
  • First aid kits are in the canteen, gear room and office.  Defibrillator (AED) in gear room or out
  • DO NOT MOVE injuries involving concussion, spinal or neck injuries or ANY broken bones
  • Prioritise player welfare – abandon the match if the player cannot be moved by someone who is qualified to do so
  • Ensure emergency services (000) have been called
  • At Seaforth Oval .. open the access gate for emergency services – Clear access route to scene
  • Send someone to main/access roads to direct emergency services to scene




For a lost child at Seaforth Oval

  • If necessary use the public announcement system – (equipment and instructions are in the clubhouse office) – the microphone works downstairs too
  • Dedicate one committee member to focus exclusively on the matter until the child is found – provide privacy and support if required
  • Any decision to involve emergency services should be made by the parents

Any matter involving physical or sexual abuse or harassment, violence, discrimination or vilification

  • If you are present at an incident and it is safe to do so – separate the participants and make sure everyone is safe – record details of incident and identify witnesses
  • Report the matter immediately to the Club President
  • Match or crowd related matters should be dealt with by MWFA judiciary processes (write down what you witness or know)
  • The only person who may coordinate the response to matters involving abuse, harassment, discrimination or vilification is the Club President (or delegate)
  • MPIOs must be consulted for advice

Using the public address system

  • There are microphones in the canteen and the office (with spare batteries)
  • The public address system is in the clubhouse office (with instructions)

Report all serious incidents to the Club President

  • Any serious injury, accident, use of the defibrillators (AEDs), COVID case or notable incident of any kind
  • Any matter involving physical or sexual abuse or harassment, violence, discrimination or vilification
  • Any matter involving news media or major grievance
  • Any serious on-field or sideline incident

Contact details for the Club President are at the bottom of the Club Contacts page HERE.

Transparency is important …
ASAP, the Club President (or delegate) is to advise all Management Group members of any non-confidential reported matter