Good News – No Tunnel Work Site in Our Car Park :)

calendarDecember 5, 2019 tag community

The NSW State Government has announced that the major construction site in Seaforth for the entrance to the proposed Beaches Link Tunnel will now definitely NOT be located in our lower car park.  It will be located several hundred metres north on the eastern side of the Wakehurst Parkway.

This is great news for our club as it means that we will avoid the considerable safety and amenity issues for our members and community that would have been present had our car park been used for construction.

Together with other community groups we have been lobbying for two years with the NSW Department of Transport, with our local MP James Griffin and with the Northern Beaches Council to move the tunnel entrance and the work site away from Seaforth Oval .. and now both of them have been moved!  We’re pretty happy with those outcomes.

You can find information from the State government about the tunnel project HERE.