Coaches – Prepare Social Distance compliant sessions (up to 20 people)

Now more than ever it’s critical to plan your training sessions to ensure that throughout the training session your players always are engaged and maintaining the right social distance.

  • Familiarise yourself with the guidelines we all need to follow and ask that all parents and players do that too before coming to the first training session.  You can read the guidelines HERE.
  • Use these “Rebooting Your Skills” resources from our Coach Development Team to help plan a compliant session.
  • Before players arrive, create a station with three cones where they will be able to safely access their water bottles, socialise, change boots, leave bags, etc whilst keeping the right distance apart
    • Just place three cones in a triangle with 6m sides and bottles of hand sanitiser in the middle – as players arrive put two players evenly spaced on each edge and one at each point of the triangle.
  • As of June 13, training groups can now be up to 20 people.
  • Prepare to keep players consistently engaged with the training session, especially between drills.
    • Ask each player to bring a ball each if you know that there is not one ball per player in the kit-bag.