2022 registrations are now open

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Seaforth FC 2022 Registrations are now open

Seaforth FC registrations for the 2022 football season are now open.

Everything you need to know can be found on the Registration pages on our website – www.seaforthfc.com.

There are pages with information for each age group, and registration instructions and fees on our General Information page.

Discounts on your fees

Seaforth FC 2022 Registrations are now open

As a way of returning unused funds from 2021, everyone who registers for 2022 will receive a noticeable discount from Seaforth FC and the MWFA on their registration. You can find out more about this HERE.

And we’ve also introduced a new discount supporting sustainability in our community for those who would like to re-use your previous season’s jersey. This is available to all players in the U6-W11/U11 age groups and to all Seniors. Unfortunately this is not available for the W12/U12-W18/U18 age groups as it is too complicated because those jerseys need to be numbered.

If you have any questions about registration or anything else, please be in touch with our age coordinators. Their details are on our Contacts page.