W12/U12 to Seniors: Changes to the playing rules for 2020

calendarMarch 7, 2020 tag pre-season, rules

Changes have been made to the Laws of the Game (LOTG) for 2020.  Some of the changes are:

  • Team officials can now receive yellow and red cards for misconduct.
  • A player being substituted must leave the field at the nearest point on the boundary line.
  • At a goal kick and at a free kick for the defending team in their own penalty area, the ball is in play as soon as the kick is taken (ie. it can be played before the ball leaves the penalty area).
  • Attacking team players must be at least 1m away from a defensive “wall”.
  • The goalkeeper only has to have one foot on the goal line at a penalty kick.
  • The team that wins the toss can now choose to take the kick-off or which goal to attack (previously they only had the choice of which goal to attack).
  • New definition of ‘handball’ and a new ‘Dropped Ball’ procedure.

Click HERE to see a list of all of the changes and read a full description of each of them.

These changes and all others made over the last few years can be found on our website under “Playing Rules” HERE.