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Wet Weather Information

this page applies to all training sessions, regular games, and night games

This page was last updated on: 3:15pm Monday 2nd July
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NB: Information below only relates to Seaforth FC grounds.
Please consult Wet Weather lines for other ground closures.

Current reports...
 Seaforth Oval #1
 Seaforth Oval #2
 Balgowlah Oval  OPEN
 Balgowlah North PS  OPEN
 Manly West Oval  OPEN
 Tania Park  OPEN
 Condover Reserve  OPEN

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Wet Weather Procedure


What do I do?,
Who do I contact?

PLEASE NOTE: Rain does not automatically mean games are off.
(It is the state of the ground that determines whether matches proceed).

- for Parents/Players

1)  Phone the Information Line: (02) 9990-9696
This is the club’s main source of up-to-date information and should be relied upon over the council weather lines and websites.

a)  Monday to Thursday, this is normally updated between 3:30pm and 4pm if the ground state has changed or there are any special conditions to note. If the night’s ground state is obvious earlier than this, the line will be updated as soon as possible during the day.

b)  Friday around 4pm when the draw is finalised, with any notes relating to weekend changes.

c)  Weekends as required, as ground updates are received.

2)  This web page. Please note the info line will be updated before the web but may include less detail.

3)  If a small number of teams are affected and we only receive a short amount of notice for changes, phone calls / texts / emails to managers will be sent.

4)  Seaforth FC's Competition Secretary will email out ground changes as they are notified to the Club. The MWFA will also update the online draw during working hours http://www.mwfa.com.au/draws_results_ladders/ - and it is good practise for managers to check this before matches.