Thank you and good luck for the new season!

Hello players, coaches and parents

Firstly, we wanted to say thank you for your support and patience during the pre-season.  It’s a hugely busy time, and the odd pair of shorts and socks here and there, I think we are in shape!  We also wanted to wish you good luck (and good fun!) for the season ahead – under 48 hours away!

Club membership is thriving, we have over 1500 players donning the colours in the 2019 season – across 119 teams, from ages 4 to 61 – this is wonderful.

A polite reminder about behaviour – this is grass roots football, so let’s ensure we behave correctly on the pitch and make our sidelines a friendly and positive place.  Read our sideline guidelines here.

We hope you’re getting a sense of a new Seaforth FC – we are trying to make change for the better, including our new website to give you easier access to key information, a range of social events and a stronger sense of community, as we open up the clubhouse and connect players and families across ages. We’re excited about the buzz around the club, so thank you for your role in that. There’s much more to come!

Good luck at the weekend, play well and most of all, have fun.



Nic Chamberlain
Vice President, Teams

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