New “Sin Bin” for W12/U12 and above

Players can now be sent to the Sin Bin for 5 minutes (U12-U14) or 10 minutes (U15+) for strong or repeated dissent and swearing.  If this happens a yellow card will also be issued.

So, no matter what the decision, always remember to speak politely to referees – if not you may find yourself temporarily leaving your team one player short.

Click HERE for an easy-to-read summary of the MWFA Sin Bin procedure (with images showing how the referee indicates a Sin Bin).

Click HERE to read the full wording of the MWFA Sin Bin procedure (Section C6 of the MWFA Playing Rules).

There have been some other changes to the Laws of The Game introduced by FIFA in 2019.  For a description see Match Day / Playing Rules.


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