Annual Awards Presentation – 7:00pm Wed 28th

Hi players, parents, managers and coaches!

Forget the Oscars, Grammies, Logies (obviously).  The Seaforth end of season awards are upon us!

We will be hosting the awards via Zoom at 7pm on Wednesday 28 October. Unfortunately, Covid means we can’t host this event in person, but hopefully with the virtual context we can still get plenty of people joining us!

Join the extravaganza HERE. (not now, but on Wednesday at 7:00pm).

The event will last one hour, the truly magnificent Andrew Bustos and I will be hosting once again, we’ll be handing out the following:
1. Awards for those teams that won their leagues and/or grand final, you know who you are! But by way of a reminder:
Did the double! (League and grand final winners)
– 14/2 mixed
League winners and grand final runners up
– 12/2 mixed
– 13/2 girls
– 13/3 girls
– 15/2A mixed
– Womens PL reserves
League runners up and grand final winners
– 15/2B mixed
– All age division 6
2. Our prestigious club awards, you can find out more on those here, but they range from Coach of the year (a hotly contested award this year), junior player of the year, goalkeeper of the year (junior and senior), women and mens player of the year, best old (sorry) man/woman, a range of team awards including best performance, most improved and much, much more!
Some of these awards go back 50 years, which is an awesome history.
It’s been a very challenging year for everyone, and we really hope you can join us for this bookend and celebration of being able to get a season in at all, well done everyone!
Andrew and I will have the trophies on the night (we might even ask people to say a few words, see how we go!), and we will arrange for a photo to be taken of each award winner after this virtual event.
And please get the juniors involved! We’d love to see them all.
Any questions, contact Nic at
Nic Chamberlain
VP, Teams and (joint) Master of Ceremonies

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