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Booking Procedure

  1. Check ground allocations for your age group and division at <insert link » Club Training Ground Allocation >

  2. Check availability for ground by clicking on field names below

  3. Consult coach as to possible nights and times for training session. Please be flexible and request multiple suitable times

  4. Email training@seaforthfc.com with

    1. Contact name and number

    2. Team age and name, eg U7 Tigers. Please don’t assume a name until assigned by the club. If not known, you can put “2013 U6 Tigers”, for example

    3. Requested ground(s), night(s), and time(s)

      NB: No email reply will be returned. Please wait for schedule to be published.

  5. Age Managers will be notified when the schedule is published to the web site

  6. Request any further changes by repeating step 1 above


As there are so many teams in the club, it is necessary for each manager to book your team’s training time and venue preference via the website. Only sessions approved by the club are to be held. Details are available at » Training Grounds Booking Details

The club has rules about where teams can train. We do this to ensure that all teams are training on fields that are suitable for their age group and so that we can minimise wear and tear on fields. These allocation rules are available on the above website – please read them before submitting your request.

After checking your coach’s availability and the published allocation rules, please send your training preferences to the Training Ground Coordinator at training@seaforthfc.com - include as many options as possible to ensure you are allocated a suitable session. Include:

Requests from all teams will be collated and the allocated training grounds published on the web a couple of weeks before the season starts.

Until that time, use the pre-season training allocations, also published on the web site. These are not booked – there is no need to contact the club. As there may be other teams present, please exercise common courtesy.

After seeing the published schedule, if you would like an additional session or to change times / nights, please check for eligibility and availability of your desired session and submit that request in an email to training@seaforthfc.com outlining the change.

Senior teams will be allowed to train on Seaforth Oval once every three years and are placed onto Quirk Rd and Balgowlah Oval on the other two years.

NOTE: Seaforth FC is only covered by insurance for the following designated training grounds: (See » Club Fields Layouts & Training Schedules for map of training fields)

Lights are remotely controlled according to the training schedule, so you must advise training@seaforthfc.com of any changes. The club gets charged for lighting so please inform us if you are not using a ground.

Ensure that your team does not train on any grounds that are closed due to wet weather (see Wet Weather) otherwise the Club may have their training rights rescinded by Manly Council if we fail to observe “GROUND CLOSED” notices.

Please avoid the goal mouth areas of fields to reduce wear on the grass in these often eroded areas. Plan to hand over your field promptly at the conclusion of your session so the next session can start on time.

Pre-Season Trials: 
The club hosts pre-season trial matches at Tania Park and other grounds as necessary. If your team wishes to play a trial match, please refer to the club website to see available times and submit a booking request to training@seaforthfc.com

No Seaforth FC shirts or socks are to be worn at training. Shin pads must be worn at training and during competition games. No jewellery, watches etc to be worn during training and competition games. No form of casts or splints are allowed to be worn during games.

There is no training to be held on Seaforth #1 Field and no trial games at all at Seaforth Oval.

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