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Reports Sat 27th/Sun 28th May 2006

Seaforth U6 Crows v Mosman Cockatoos

After a 4 game winning streak the Crows just lost to the Cockatoos. It was a tough match and a very close contest. Callum and Zac had a quite few great shots but the Cockatoos goalie was very good and managed to save every one!

Our first half goalie Lily only had to save one goal as The Crows mostly had possession and Alex M was doing a great job playing in defence.

Finlay and Alex M both had a great run with the ball all the way down the pitch. Alex G. and Will were playing like an A grade team with great passes to each other. But just before the e full-time whistle the Cockatoos managed to score.

Jacob really deserved the Crows player of the match trophy this week. He tackled and ran with the ball and never gave up. Well done.

Click below for a photo of proud Jacob:
click for photo PHOTO: Jacob, Seaforth U/6 Crow

- Report by Adrienne

Seaforth U6 Possums v Seaforth Currawongs
A chilly breeze and a hint of rain greeted the players, parents and friends at Condover Park.

Chloe provided rock solid defence as first half goal keeper saving no less than 5 goals during her tenure. Bella, Sophie and Jack were a constant thorn in midfield for the opposition.

As the Possums have come to expect, Josh and Patrick patiently awaited for opportunities before causing havoc for the opposition's defence with some near misses.

The half time siren witnessed some hungry Possums feast and consume the oranges in record time. After some words of wisdom from coach Anne, the Possums re-entered the cauldron with a new keeper in Josh.

Wayne (Chloe's father) maintained his tactical position behind the post and provided great guidance to Josh who also saved 5 second half goals. Ceile and Zoe combined well in midfield. After some attempts at goal,

The Possums were unable to convert and a nil all draw was recorded. Chloe was rewarded player of the match with the new team's mascot and Pat received the captains award.

- Report by Adam Taylor

Seaforth U6 Currawongs v Seaforth Possums
Result: 0-0
Another valiant draw - and a good team performance.

The Possum's attackers were thwarted by the huge efforts from Rory, Scout and especially Fintan who always seemed to get behind the ball and clear it away. Eliza, Lily and Matthew ran themselves into the ground, never giving up the chase.

In the second half goalkeeper Eliot easily snuffed out the Possums best efforts. Josh was super in attack showing great control dribbling the ball forward from deep in his own half.

Near the final whistle birthday girl and player of the match Scout had a great shot which went through the Possum goalie's legs and just failed to cross the goaline before it was cleared away.

Great effort everyone and thanks to Anthony for his superb refereeing.

- Report by Nigel Wright

Seaforth U6 Bandits v Starfish
The game was played at a frenetic pace. Some great saves in the first half from Milly. Ryan & Jake made several inroads in the Starfish impenetrable defence.

Inspired coaching at halftime meant a whole different team ran on in the second half, keeping the Starfish goal-less in the second half.

Some fantastic saves from James W in the second half.

- Report by Paul Wacher

Seaforth U/6 Panthers vs Brookvale Wolves
A much improved performance this week from the Panthers who were a lot more focussed on the game from the opening whistle.

We were pushing forward right from the start and had Brookvale under a lot of early pressure. Ben and Byron both created chances and were unlucky not to be rewarded with goals after clever individual work. Our defence cleaned up most of the breaks from the Wolves, with Bryan and Jay working hard and turning the ball around to feed our hard-running attack.

Stirling did well to create a number of opportunities and the long-range goal to open the scoring was a fitting reward for his impressive effort throughout the match.

After a quiet time in goal in the first half, Zara made the most of her time on the field, chasing the ball and following up our kicks, exactly what we talked about in training. Wayne ran tirelessly and tackled for the whole game.

This week was highlighted by the effort the whole team put in at both ends of the field, with a lot of running and even passing!!! Well done Panthers!

- Report by By Bill and Katie Inglis

Seaforth U6 Seals v Wakehurst Sharks
Today the Seaforth Seals played the Wakehurst Sharks. It was a tough first half with the Sharks scoring 5 goals. Ben Van Dyk had his work cut out for him and tried hard to keep the Sharks out. The Seals scored 1 goal by Nicholas Campbell and some hope was restored.

The second half was a huge improvement to our team. The Sharks only managed to score 1 goal past Nic Campbell and while Ben Campbell scored our second goal. Another exciting game with some ever improving foot work.

Also a good effort by Liam, Nic V, Philip, Todd and William

Players of the week went to Ben V, Ben C, Liam, and Nic C. The final score being 6:2.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U6 Redbacks v Forest Killarney Lions
First half against the Forest Killarney Seals was full of action and great play by both teams.

Jasper was focussed in defense and there were a number of great runs with the ball by Olivia, Josh and Nick and supported by Julia. Tom had a charge on goal on the first half whistle but the Seals continue to hold the lead.

One Redback parent was heard to say "that was a vicious first half!". Ewan in goals prevented the Seals from scoring in again. 5 minutes into the second half Conor tapped his first goal of the season past the Seals goalie.

On the fulltime whistle Bennett "sealed" the game with a great goal.

- Report by Susan Bannigan

Seaforth U7 Funnelwebs v Narrabeen Vipers
Funnelwebs 0 Vipers 5

An exciting game for everyone with plenty of action. All of kids played really well with lots of great tackling, running and even passing.

There was some big tackles with both Michael and Timmy taking big falls but getting straight back up and kept on playing even though it probably hurt.

Finian was his usual fast self, making some big runs down the middle of the field. Aidan had a good game in the goal; he made some big goal kicks, well done.

Beth was right in all the action, with plenty of tackles made by her. Joshua had a good game and was the last man in defence a couple of times and managed to stop certain goals. Brigid played well and made some good tackles and a couple of kicks.

Connor seems to have and increasing number of tricky moves, this week we saw the back heel put to good use when the vipers were on the attack. Ben did a lot of running and really worked up a sweat!

Well done Funnel webs, you keep trying the whole game.

- Report by David Kendrick

Seaforth U/7 Leopards v Narrabeen Barracuda's
Keiran got off to a great start in goal with 2 goal saves when the Barracuda’s made a breakaway attacks at goal. With excellent defense work by Charlie, Emerson, Jayden, Nicholas and Ben the ball was back near our goal each time.

Charlie was being a terrier, getting the ball off the other team to keep us in attack. William and Emerson both took valiant shots at goal but were unlucky this time - both were saved by the Barracuda goalkeeper.

In a very exciting moment Jayden took a long run down the field to what we thought was a sure goal, however defenders appeared before he could score – unlucky! Keiran was able to make two more great saves keeping the halftime score to 0-0.

The team took to the field in the second half with renewed vigour, determined to win.

Max wasted no time in attacking the goal but was fought off with a great save by the opposition. Minutes later Keiran snatched the ball from the other team, sped down the field taking an amazing sideways shot at goal and scored the Leopards first goal of the match! Quickly Keiran again slipped around the opposition and scored another goal to bring the score to 2-0.

Our third goal showed fantastic teamwork by Max and Keiran. Max came screaming down the pitch to do a great pass of the ball to Keiran who was in goal for another score!

Defensive play got a workout in the late second half, with all players getting in there to prevent the other team from scoring and doing lots of long kicks down field. For our final goal Max intercepted a goal kick and slammed the ball in goal to bring the final score to 4-0.

Congratulations to our Man of the Match Charlie Webber for his excellent defense.

An exciting game Leopards and a well deserved win! GO LEOPARDS!

- Report by Colleen Wheatland

Seaforth U7 Dragons v Belrose
Score Dragons 2 - Belrose 1
Player of the week - Kolia

Whether it's the perspective of the WC06 or the fact that they are all slowly turning 7 or that a parent's report is, well... always biased, but the team 'gelled' on Saturday.

Jared's defense was excellent in the first half allowing good possession up front with Scott and then Liam (first goal) making the most of it. However, and as often the case against a tough opposition, a small mistake in defense allowed the Belrose boys inspired by the "tall kid with the real black hair" to come back on the scoreboard at the end of the 1st half.

It took the successive efforts of Carl, Hugo, Callum and finally Liam to get on top in the 2nd half. Dylan was close to create a 3rd occasion while Kolia kicked a nice cross which landed a bit short of the goals. Mitchell was flawless in the goals stopping whatever was thrown at him.

This was a truly enjoyable piece of junior football with more passing than ever before and a sense of teamwork which we - parents - have been delighted to witness from the boys.

Well done to the coach and good recovery to Steve.

- Report by Marc Bermann

Seaforth U8 Sharks vs Wakehurst Seagulls
Result: 10-0 Win
Goalscorers: Liam, Pierce 3, Murray 2, Sean 2, Finn
Man of the Match: Pierce

I think this was the first time in 3 years that the team had played in wet weather and the boys took to it like the proverbial ducks to water. As the rain poured down at Condover, amazingly it was sunny at Seaforth just a few kilometres away.

This was a resounding win as the Sharks knocked up the biggest victory in their time together. That said, the Seagulls did not play badly but were confronted with a team where every player was on the same song sheet. And that doesn’t happen often!

There were so many goals that I lost track of the sequence and how they were scored but I do remember 2 thumping efforts by Sean and a wonderful hat-trick by Pierce that could easily have been more. Murray too was denied a hat-trick with some final minute shots going just wide.

Despite the early complaints about playing in the rain – Pierce asking if we really had to play – everyone had a whale of a time.

- Report by Bernadette & Ian Graham

Seaforth U8 Kangaroos v Beacon Hill
The team played exceptionally well considering the wet and wild conditions.

Liam Simes was a courageous goalkeeper in the first half, and played his heart out in defence and attack in the game. Liam Nelson was also a brave and assertive goalkeeper in 2nd half , as well as some brilliant shots at goal in the first half and continually backing up for defence, which earnt him the Player of the Match. David was wonderful in defence - rock solid tackles and generally tried his hardest.

The girls were awesome - coming together like "girl power". Gemma earned a well deserved Most Improved with some excellent attack moves and loud delirious cheering from her dad!! Isabella continues to improve with some gutsy tackles and attempts at goal. Celeste played well with some good goal attempts and much running too.

Unfortunately the score did not reflect their effort. We lost 3 nil !

- Report by Pam Mountfield

Seaforth U9 Dolphins v Pittwater Bobcats
Last Saturday the Seaforth Dolphins looking resplendent and well drilled took to the field against the Pittwater Bobcats at Jackson Road Warriewood in what could only be described as chilly and windy conditions.

The gameplan was evident from the start. Keep the ball wide don't get bunched up defend vigorously and attack. All the girls did their best to keep to the instructions but came under sustained pressure by the opposition who were able to go ahead by half-time.

Anna, the Seaforth goalie in the first half, played particularly well keeping the Bobcats at bay. The midfield players from Seaforth were doing their best to try and spread the ball and fight off the opposition in particular Tara, Maddie H, Emily, Madeline, Ciara and Hannah. The forwards did not have many opportunities.

This changed in the second half when there was some exciting runs to goal by Georgina, Sarah and Anna. Claudia also did very well in goal. Georgina made a great tackle and Holly and Sofia were very strong in defence.

The second half performance by the Dolphins was outstanding and they really matched the strong opposition in almost every facet of the game.

Overall the result of the game did not really reflect the strong fight put up by the girls particularly in the second half.

Result: Dolphin zero Bobcats a number of goals
Best players: Sarah and Holly

- Report by David Mallon

Seaforth Ladies U/10 Champs v Pittwater Starlets
Seaforth Champs 4 Pittwater Starlets 1

The early start of 8.30am at Warriewood seemed to give the home team a slight advantage in the 1st half. Even though we had possession of the ball most of the time, the Pittwater Starlets managed to score a goal, so we were down 0-1 at half time.

After a serious team huddle, oranges and a rest for our team at half time, we came back stronger than ever in the 2nd half of the game. The team held their positions, marked the opposition and did some really great passes. As usual great teamwork resulted in our victory:

Our 1st goal, by Acacia, to bring the score up to 1-1. Then our 2nd goal was scored by Alana (her 1st goal of the season) to give us a lead of 2-1. Tara went on to score 2 more goals to give us a final score of 4-1.

Player of the match - Molly.


Next Sunday we play at the more civilised time of 11am at Seaforth Oval against the Avalon Bilbies.

Coach's note: As of this Wednesday I will be giving a "Trainer of the Week" award which will be noted in the reports along with "Player of the Match" - Adam.

- Report by Jill Smith (Manager)

Seaforth Ladies 12/3 Champs v Avalon Devils

We made the long trek north to Careel Bay, very well aware we were playing the top team, unbeaten this season. The Avalon Devils have been a bit like us: big scores and a tenacious defence, but the drive home was great fun on the back of a 1-nil win.

What a game. The Devils are a wonderfully balanced side, strong at the back and in the mid-field, and aggression galore up front. We quickly found ourselves under siege, camped on our goal line, and Georgia was forced to make more saves in the first 10 minutes than we've probably made in total all season. But save them she did, and gradually the Champs began to exert some pressure of their own.

This paid off on the stroke of half-time. Emily found herself on the edge of the box and drove the ball in towards the Avalon goal. The defender tried to get across, but could only deflect the ball past her keeper into her own net. Bad luck indeed, because it was the sort of goal that could have gone either way, but full credit to the Champs for creating the opportunity.

The second half continued at the same frantic pace, with play swinging from end to end. It was thrilling soccer, and mums and dads from both sides could barely watch as time ticked down. One last raid came our way, but Emily stepped up. She tracked back, took the ball from the toe of Avalon's most dangerous player, and swung it away to touch.

Great football. The Avalon team is the best we're played all year, and our ladies rose to the occasion. Congratulations, Champs: an excellent effort from everyone.

The game next week is at Beacon Hill at 8.30AM. See you all at training.

- Report by Murray Olds

Seaforth Ladies U12/2A Flamingos v Mosman
Score: 2-0
Scorers: Siena Macken and Ruby Riguet
Best: Kate Chiswell and Jane Machart

On Sunday 28th the Flamingos met Mosman, then one of the three undefeated teams in the comp.

In a gritty, determined display, the Flamingos (initially with only ten players) held off a very threatening opposition, even managing to score against the run of play when Siena sneaked the ball past an advancing goalkeeper. The 1-0 lead was held until half time, although there were some very close shaves.

Responding to Frank’s typically thoughtful half-time instructions, the girls were clearly the better team in the second half and regularly threatened the Mosman defence. It was Ruby who struck the 2nd goal, a lofted volley that gave the goalie no chance.

At the other end Sophia spectacularly saved a similar attempt from Mosman. Kate used her pace and skill to dominate the right wing and deserved the best player award this week. Jane was in the thick of things all game and won the commitment award for her outstanding efforts.

Hats off to the rest of the girls – there are too many to name here – for a great team effort.

- Report by The Chiswells

Seaforth Ladies U12 Devils v Wakehurst
Seaforth Devils 4 Wakehurst B 1 This should have been a walk in the park, as Wakehurst only had 8 players and we had a full team but they positioned them well, the defence was solid.

The 1st goal was disallowed, it didn't leave the box. The next 3 were all spot on.

Helena & Carly shared goalie and only allowed 1 ball passed them. Well done girls - neither of them had ever been in goal before.

The last one caused a bit of a stir, it was a difficult call for the ref. supplied by the home team, never easy when there are no lines men to be truly sure of offside, the ref can only do his best, this led us to chat with the players about listening only to their own coach, manager and team mates, not angry parents on the sideline.

- Report by Gail Bond

Seaforth Ladies U14/Div2 - Blues V Avalon
Draw 1-1

Team captain Ellie marshaled the Blues to a one all draw against a tough side - Avalon. The girls worked hard - with only one reserve! Amy did a great job in goals in the first half to save a penalty shot.

There was a lot of ground covered by both teams during the match with our girls making a lot of breaks and equally as many saves. Hard luck girls for not converting just one of those corners.

Amelia was our goalie in the second half, she had an amazing game and made some great saves. Thanks to Amy for the impressive goal in the last ten minutes, to equalize the game.

Well done girls, but don't waste all the good work with poor throw-ins. 'Keep your feet on the ground, and the ball over your head.'

Good luck next week.

Hannah - 3 points
Amelia - 2 points
Amy - 1 point
Jessica - Most Improved

- Report by Ian McKellar

Seaforth Ladies U16/2 v Curl Curl
Win 2-0

Seaforth U/16 girls played a magnificent game against Curl Curl B. In the first the two goals were scored, which were scored by Sophie and Francesca.

In the second half, unfortunately no goals were scored but there some excellent saves by Elise in goals. There were some great runs made by a lot of the players but only just missed another goal.

We came out with a win 2-0 and we are now coming 2nd in the competition.

Player of the Match: Jo Bale
Coaches Enthusiasm Award: Sophie Billsborough

- Report by Alana Wilson

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Reports Sat 20th/Sun 21st May 2006

Seaforth U6 Crows v Seaforth Seals

The Crows looked great in the red Seaforth shirts. And what a great game it was. 2 goals in the first half and 3 in the second.

Will, Lily and Alex M scored 1 each. Callum was on a scoring frenzy and booted 2 in! . "Stonewall" Finlay was great in defence again and Zippy Zac's tackles were terrific. Alex G had some great runs with ball and Jacob and George both produced some great passes.

Lily, our player of the match played an outstanding game. All match she tackled and passed strongly and scored a great goal. Congratulations Lily!

A photo of a happy Lily holding the player of the match trophy is below:
click for photo PHOTO: Lily, Seaforth U/6 Crow

- Report by Adrienne

Seaforth U6 Seals v Crows
What an exciting game the Seals had this week. William was a strong goal keeper keeping many goals at bay. The Crows only scored 2 goals in the first half. Benjamin Campbell scored an awesome goal for the seals in the first half. Well done.

The second half saw the Crows score 3 more goals with Matthew in goal and getting many other out. Nicholas Campbell showed some powerful kicking and had an great game.

While Ben V, Nick V, Liam, Todd, Philip all did their best and showing some great skills. Nick V grab the ball today and did some great kicks, go for it Nick.

The Seals never seem to know who has won and even care - what a spirit!

Another fun game. Players of the match went to William, Ben C and Nick C.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U/6 Currawongs vs Avalon Wallabies
Result: 2-2

Whether it was the long drive to Careel Bay or hungover parents, the Currawongs struggled to meet the 9.15am kick-off but once we had the full complement the team was in blistering form.

It seems those Thursday practices are paying off with not only a solid knowledge of direction but the beginnings of what can definitely be called passing. Lily, Fintan and Eliza attacked from the start with Joshua using his usual deft footwork to turn the ball back in the right direction. In goal, Matthew made a couple of great early saves and Rory, brave as ever, showed that size is no obstacle to making a great tackle.

With the ball constantly near our goal there were a lot of close misses, largely involving Eliot who never gave up but understandably got a little dejected when his efforts were not rewarded. Eventually, Joshua grabbed an opportunity and fired the ball into the back of the net.

Avalon followed up with a quick goal and then Seaforth gave away their first own goal. After half time, it seemed the Currawongs had run out of puff but suddenly some quick moves and a flurry around the goal, and Matthew had scored, taking us to a draw.

Both teams tried valiantly to score again but with no luck. The final score of 2-2 reflected the great game and thankfully the littlies could rest on the drive home.

Matthew's top effort in goal, his continued improvement and, of course, that fabulous goal saw him named Player of the Match.

- Report by Angela Wright

Seaforth U6 Tigers vs Wakehurst Penguins
Another early start, but the coach sensed a positive attitude as his players arrived early on Saturday morning. The team all wanted to play, and the coach had a hard time choosing the starting 5 and the goalie.

Sam started in goal and Joel as always was keen to attack. The confusion for the Tigers soon became apparent, and the coach realised that today his team would have to be Seaforth. No matter our side dominated the smaller Penguins and when they did break on the counter Sophie's brilliant running back and Sam's instinctive keeping kept the attack at bay.

Cate, Ruby and Sienna all had chances at goal, with Jessica setting up a solid midfield. Joel eventually made the breakthrough and scored the first goal, finally following through as the coach had instructed.

Cate got bashed, and Robbie went on to bolster the defence. Up and down the field they ran, the Penguins unlucky off the post. The superstar Seaforth Tigers started to show that they really are getting a feel for the game, with positional play getting more attacking chances for their side.

Just before half time the Penguins got one, setting up a thrilling second half, with all the players once more wanting to take the pitch, after lots of oranges kindly cut by Alicia.

Ruby was back in goal, and the second half go under way, with Seaforth dominating once more. Sam now unleashed from the goal passed to Cate (back from injury) who sent it up to Sienna, back to Sam, past one defender, around the goalie and in. Thanks to defending from Jessica and Sophie we stayed up in attack, and Joel was seen peppering the goal area on several occasions.

Ruby kept out any attempts and with only a few minutes to go, Joel chipped one in with real Ronaldinho style. This gave Joel a chance in goal, saw Ruby back into the play and Sophie, who had run non stop a well-deserved spell.

The coach could not have been prouder, he is wondering if it was all the hard work of the assistant coaches at practice, on to the Kangaroos next week…

- Report by Jonathan Giddy

Seaforth U6 Redbacks vs Wakehurst Crocodiles
Result: 1-6

A very tough game for the Redbacks with Wakehurst pelting at the goal from the word "go"! Nicky Bannigan was legendary in goals with at least 11 saves, and then I lost count!

At half time the score was 2-0 to the Crocodiles, with Ewan and Tom from the Redbacks managing a breakaway down the pitch to the opposition goal (well- saved) between goals.

An early goal from Tom Croxford cheered the Redbacks up but then huge pressure was on again from the Crocodiles with Josh Cotton performing some great saves, and fending off as best he could in goal.

In the 28th minute the Redbacks managed one last foray into opposition territory. A great effort all round, and a rather humbling experience for the Redbacks.

- Report by Maggie Shepherd

Seaforth U6 Panthers vs Strikers Cobras
This was a tough game for the Panthers against some very skilled dribblers from the Cobras.

We were under attack from very early in the match and Bryan was heavily involved in defence. Our goalie Wayne made some crucial saves and Stirling was busy in the midfield, directing the ball away from our goal with some powerful kicks. Both Eddie and Ben have improved tremendously in their tackling and kicking which showed in this match. Byron bravely started the match although injured, but was forced to come off during the first half.

In the second half, Ben worked hard in goals and made some excellent saves while Zara picked off the loose balls and steered them upfield. It was encouraging to see the Panthers attacking the opposition goal, but unfortunately we could not capitalise on our chances. Jay continued his consistent form and was impressive at both ends of the field in attack and defence.

We seemed to have some trouble focussing on the game for the whole match which is something we will have to work on, but every week our players show an improvement which is very encouraging.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

Seaforth U7 Leopards v Curl Curl Crows
Result: 3-1 to the Seaforth Leopards

After an extra practice session through the week, the Seaforth Leopards came onto the field with renewed enthusiasm and a hunger to win!

Kieran played in the goal for the first half. Ben started the game with a fantastic defensive kick. Max followed up with an expert throw-in. Max, Emerson, Jaydon and Charlie played well in defense.

Kieran was able to rescue an attempt at the goal by Curl Curl and placed the ball well down the field with a great goal kick. A corner kick by Curl Curl was followed up by Max taking charge of the ball and running down the field! Several more saves by Kieran and a brilliant run with the ball by Jaydon saw a score of 0-0 at half time.

The second half started with Emerson passing the ball and Kieran attacking the goal, unfortunately thwarted by Curl Curl's goal keeper. Another attempt by Kieran gave the Leopards their first goal of the game!

With Charlie as goal keeper for the second half, he was able to save several attacks by Curl Curl at our goal. With Jaydon and Nicholas supporting Charlie, they were able to defend well.

Kieran and Max were then able to take the ball down the field together with Kieran scoring a second time. Curl Curl then retaliated with a goal of their own, bringing the score to 2-1.

With little time left in the game and Emerson performing a fantastic kick across the field, Kieran was able to take control of the ball and dodge several Curl Curl players to make a third and final goal for the game!!! Well done Kieran!!

Although with a slight knee injury, Kieran was carried off the field to become the Leopard's Man of the Match!!!

- Report by the Webbers

Seaforth U7 Dragons v Mosman Gliders
U7 Dragons played the Mosman Gliders and won 11 - 0.

Almost everyone had a go at scoring a goal but special mention must go to Scott who scored his first goal of the season after having missed the first couple of games due to a broken arm.

Mitchell had a great header half way through the game and Liam diverted Mosman's brave attempt to get the ball near our goals. Hugo showed such determination which never wavered despite the Dragons taking a huge lead.

Jared did a fantastic skid to take out the ball from under his opponents feet and he kept his feet working to achieve his aim despite being on the ground. Dylan took a clean pass from Callum and both boys demonstrated wonderful teamwork.

Kolia and Carl showed superior skill in getting the ball down the field and passing to others so they could score a goal, in addition to scoring their own fair share of goals during the game as well.

Scott was awarded the man of the match trophy for his teamwork and first goal.

- Report by Mike Hankey

Seaforth U8 Seals vs Manly Vale Hornets
Seals loss: 0-4

Well, the Seals were initially a little overwhelmed by the focus and skill of the Hornets conceding all 4 goals (one a penalty) in the first half!

However, they pulled themselves together at half time and acquitted themselves extremely well in the second half with a tighter defence. Luke was an absolute star in goal in the second half saving many an attempt at scoring by the Hornets, and Vern produced the closest chance of a goal when he slammed the ball into the post (much to the shock of the Hornets parent standing nearby!).

The fact that we were down 2 players meant everyone worked exceedingly hard, and they were all puffed out by the end!

Liam and Matthew B each got 'player of the week' Liam for a stirling effort in goal and Matthew for outstanding effort.

- Report by Sarah S, Manager

Seaforth U9 Dolphins v CC Strikers Foxes
Result: 0-1 Loss
Players of the week: Anna and Emily

The Dolphins were fired up and ready to play after a good warm up session before the match. After only 10 minutes it was obvious that the Foxes were not going to get the easy game they thought.

The girls showed excellent defence and also some great runs up the field. At half-time it was a tight-fought 0 - 0. After some strategy talk at the half-time break from super-coach Peter, they took the field and didn't stop running!

They were very unlucky to have a goal scored against them. This was followed by 4 or 5 attempts at goal by the girls, which unluckily did not get through the keeper.

Every one on the team should be proud of themselves and deserved to win this game. There were fantastic runs by Georgina, Anna, Sarah, Hannah and Claudia; some great tackling by Holly, Maddie S, Emily & Tara; solid defence (as always) in the backs with Maddie H, Sofia & Ciara (who had some great big kicks!). Great work in goals from Hannah and Maddie S.

A win is not far away!!

- Report by Janine Formica

Seaforth Ladies U10 Champs v Mosman Stingrays
Seaforth Champs defeated Mosman Stingrays 4-0, Sunday 21 May

Even though we had a strong attack in the 1st half of the game, it was a tense game with a 0-0 score at half time.

In the 2nd half our team played stronger than ever. Although many of our players got close to scoring goals, Tara managed to shoot all 4 goals in close succession, which is a personal best for Tara - well done.

The teamwork was incredible, with: excellent all round play by super-sweeper Tess, dedicated defender Samantha and talented Tara; super fast runs and tackles by Kate, Emily and Acacia; great passing and tackling by Molly, Alana, Nathalia and Lauren.

Only two of the opposition's balls made it to their goal areas and these were both saved by our determined goalkeepers - Lauren in the 1st half and Emily in the 2nd half.

Player of the match - Alana.


- Report by Jill Smith (Manager)

Seaforth Ladies U12 Devils v Mosman
Seaforth 4 Mosman 0

A well deserved win for the Devils. Neither of our goalies (Adri 1st half & Jaime 2nd half) got much of a feel of the ball this week with all of the play being at the other end of the field.

1st half saw Kahlia, Gia & Jaime as a winning strike force with all 3 of them either scoring or setting up goals. Mids for 1st half Sally, Danika, Olivia and Helena ran like the wind, playing both halves in their positions and Gemma, Caterina and Mel defending when needed.

2nd half saw the strikers change around, Chantel, Adri and new to the team Emma got in there, Carly played defence, Olivia moved up and we got another one.

The ref was as with all of our games up to yet brilliant. The Mosman team were playing an offside game dropping defenders back as soon as we moved forward, this created a few problems, but gives us something to think about.

Well done girls, thankyou to the very supportive parents, and to Jon for all his help today.

Last weeks player of the match was Kahlia, this week Gia, congratulations.

- Report by Gail Bond

Seaforth Ladies U12/3 Champs v Wakehurst Cubs
Seaforth Champs 2 Wakehurst Cubs 1

All our games this season have followed a familiar pattern: full-on attack, through a talented forward line and mid-field, and a rock-solid defensive line that snuffs out the few raids the opposition manages to mount. So it was against the Cubs. But this was no walk-over, and it was tense and tight right down to the final whistle.

The Champs began strongly, but the Cubs were defending well until Claudia opened the scoring in the 10th minute. She picked up the ball just inside the Champs half on the left side of the field and set off towards the goal. Six Cubs challenged but she evaded every one, and she finally unleashed a left foot shot that gave the goalie no chance.

One nil at half time, but the Cubs kept defending brilliantly. Time and again, the ball went down to our forward line, but a gallant goalie and some tremendous backs kept denying our young ladies. Finally, Chelsea managed to get clear and she made no mistake, slamming the ball home with only minutes left.

2-nil, but full credit to the Cubs. They were determined to finish on a high, and so they did, capping a splendid team attack with a goal on the whistle.

All in all, a tense and exciting game that fully tested our Champs. We've now won 5 of the 6 games this season, and every facet of our play is improving. We just need to watch we don't bunch up, and that's not far away.

Next week, we're playing Avalon at Careel Bay at 8.30! Leave home early! See you at training.

- Report by Murray

Seaforth Ladies U12/2A Flamingos v Seaforth B
Score, 1-1
Scorer: Jacinta Mallon
Best: Ruby Riguet, Sophia Bernhard

The local derby between the Flamingos and Seaforth B Rebels was a tough game resulting in a 1 - 1 draw. The entire Flamingos team played with lots of commitment and finished the game exhausted as there were no reserves.

In the first half the Flamingos weathered the early attacks from Seaforth Rebels. Jane in goal combined with great defense from Ella, Sophia and Polly assisted by the midfield of Brooke, Ali, Saskia and Siena managed to keep a clean score sheet.

Heading towards halftime long kicks upfield from the midfield began to find the forward line and the team created a number of chances.

The second half continued with strong kicks upfield to the wings with Ruby and Jacinta providing repeated crosses for the forwards.

The goal came after great play when the midfield passed to Ruby who pushed the ball to Ciara who passed to Jacinta who scored.

A great goal and reflected the team effort displayed on the day.

- Report by The Chiswells

Seaforth Ladies U14/1 B's vs Wakehurst
Well as per usual the full time score of 6-0, Wakehurst's way was in no way indicative of the hard fought game our girls played. Right to the end they never gave up but the amazing skills of Wakehurst were just too hard to beat.

In the first half, Jodie Wall played goalie with fantastic bravery and skill. Sarah Ludowici made a great attempt at a goal which certainly got the attention of the opposition. Sarah L. and Kate Haverfield deserve a special mention for holding their positions so well.

Defence by Loz Smart & Loz Winton was reliable and strong as always, and Genny Clarke played an exhaustingly energetic and skilled game game from start to finish.Katherine Pearce's tenacious game is always such an asset for the team. Eugenie Eldridge provided tremendous back-up. Another attempt at a goal for us got all the parents on their tippy toes, holding their breath!

The second half was another mighty Seaforth effort. Genny Clarke was in goals and fought a courageous battle. Olivia Slip got in some really powerful kicks, with Lauren Adams-Finlay defending strongly. And then three amazing goal attempts by Jodie Wall and then Lucy Rothquel and again by Jodie Wall almost turned the game around. Katie Becker and Holly Pears chased and pressured Wakehurst 'til the end. The goals scored against us were unstoppable - goalies, you did a terrific job.

Thanks to coach John and to the kind parents who helped out at Canteen this morning. It has been lovely to have an official ref. these past two weeks, and great to know that our own Tony Pearce was there at the ready - thanks Tony!

- Report by Sandy Winton

Seaforth Ladies U14/Div2 - Blues V Wakehurst

With Ali as captain, Seaforth's form was outstanding in the first half. Kellie scored our one and only goal in the first ten minutes of the game, and despite numerous attacks, no more goals were forthcoming.

The girls have all improved their skills since the beginning of the season; passing to each other and controlling the ball up the sideline, this helped the Blues take control of the game.

The second half saw the girls make several breakaway attacks - but unfortunately no conversion, ( Next week Blues ). Some great saves were also made from corners taken by Wakehurst. Lucia and Kate combined well the dying minutes of the game, to save a sure thing from in front of the goal mouth, this teamwork and determination, cemented the win.

Train hard this week girls and more goals will come next week.

3 points - Lucia
2 points - Ellie
1 point - Natasha
Most Improved - Kate

- Report by Rondah and Shauna

Seaforth Ladies U16/2 v Mosman
Win 2-1

Everyone played a great game against Mosman.

The score in the end was 2-1, with Emily scoring the first goal in the first half and a joint effort by Sophie and Claire at the very end with 2 minutes to spare.

Great defending by Chloe. Alana bravely played the whole match in goal and brilliantly saved many close goals.

Sophie, Sam and Jess had a great game and well done to Lucy for so many shots at goals that were close to being goals, maybe next game. It was a great win against Mosman.

Player of the Match: Alana
Coaches Enthusiasm Award: Claire

- Report by Laragh

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Reports Sat 13th/Sun 14th May 2006

Seaforth U/6 White Pointers V Narrabeen Stars
Result: 3-3

The White Pointers had their closest contest today with goals being scored equally at each end. After only a few games under their belts, these guys are starting to really put into to play what they learn at training.

Our 2 goal keepers - Lucie & Ethan saved some mighty kicks at goal then giving the ball a real boot back into the field. Will scored his 1st goal for the season and was dominating the play from early on.

Ethan showed how much he had been listening to the coach by unselfishly passing the ball to Tom on the verge of scoring a goal.

All our players starred today with excellent, strong kicks, fast running & trying their hardest to clear the ball.

Thanks to Tom's dad, John, for umpiring
Goal scored: Will (1), Tom (2)
Best player: Will Crisp

- Report by Libby Shaw

Seaforth U6 Bears vs HS United Leopards
Seaforth Oval, 3-1 win to the Bears

Under 6 Bears had their toughest game to date. There was fierce determination on both teams for this cool early-start game. The Bears worked extremely hard to keep the ball in the opponent's territory who equally retaliated to keep the pressure back on the Bears.

We had a couple of stars in this match, special mention must be for Barney who excelled with the ball seemingly taped to his toe for most of the match. He managed to skittle through the opponents and maneuver the ball to the opponent goal. Unfortunately he was not awarded with any goals. Well done Barney. Olivia and Jasper both worked extremely hard in the goals managing to keep the pressure down with only one goal passing into the net. Good job!

Joa in his usual impressive style swept through the back line and scootered around the sideline to shot for our first goal. Impressive. Jack after almost knocking himself senseless with a full body slam into a Leopards defender managed to regroup and score the Bears other 2 goals. Top job!

We saw the ever improving skills of Tom and Fynn. These two warriors are always in there ready to get their boots dirty and move the ball towards the Leopards goal. An impressive game and a great result for a tough game. All the team deserves a pat on the back for this one. We hope our teammate Ivan is resting well and will rejoin us very soon

Well Done.

- Report by Andrew Stevenson

Seaforth U6 Redbacks v Avalon Kelpies
A great end to end game against Avalon Kelpies who kept the pressure on throughout.

Bennet Frerck and Tom Croxford managed to break away a few times. A serious shot at goal from the Kelpies was somehow saved a centimetre from the line.

In spite of great incentives for the Redbacks the score remained nil all at full time.

- Report by Mark Willaim

Seaforth U6 Panthers vs Curl Curl Monsters
The Panthers are still improving with every game and this week a number of our players showed their best form of the year so far.

Jay worked hard in goal in the first half and his huge kicks got us moving in the right direction. These gave Stirling and Bryan some space to work the ball up field, but were frustrated by some excellent defence while Byron was busy chasing down the Monster's attacking runs. These three guys worked hard all game in attack and defence.

Ben committed himself to competing hard for the loose balls the whole match and as a result of his hard work found himself in space more than once and created opportunities for the team. Eddie chased and tackled at every opportunity to shut down the opposition and turn the ball around.

The second half saw Zara throw herself into the play with many effective kicks keeping us moving forward. Wayne's determination in the challenges was impressive and he surprised everyone with the team's first ever header straight to Jay's feet, which Jay put past the keeper for an excellent goal.

Byron's goalkeeping was highlighted by his brave diving saves to deny the Curl Curl strikers on several occasions.

Congratulations to the whole team this week for an excellent effort across the park.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

Seaforth U6 Crows v Beacon Hill Panthers

The game started and the Crows weren't playing their best. Were they worn out from the celebrations after the great win last week?

There was a lot of tackling and Jacob was in there as was Alexander M. Lily then burst from the pack and had a shot at goal. No score. Then it was the Panthers turn to have their only attacking move for the whole game... but Finlay was there to save the day!

The Crows continually attacked with Zac scoring 2 goals and Will 1! 3-0 at half - time.

The 2nd half George was our goalie but he didn't get to touch the ball once, with the Crows in possession for most of the 2nd half. Another goal to William and a goal to Callum with the last kick of the game! 5-0 to the Crows. 3 game winning streak!

Player of the week is Alexander M - click for photo PHOTO: Alexander, Seaforth U/6 Crow who was rewarded with the trophy for his enthusiasm!

- Report by Adrienne

Seaforth U6 Currawongs vs Dee Why Swans
Result: 0-3

With a full team and plenty of enthusiasm, the Currawongs hit the pitch with lots of noisy support from the sidelines.

From start to finish all players got involved and chased the ball as it went back and down the pitch without a goal. Lily was on great form, keeping on the ball with the added incentive of 50 cents if she scored.

Scout, Matthew and Rory provided great backup and Fintan didn't stop running as he stopped the Swans from scoring on numerous occasions.

Up the front Joshua showed great skill at getting round the ball while Eliot blasted up the side and narrowly missed scoring.

In goal Eliza did a great job in the first half with Lily taking over for the second half. But with 10 minutes to go the constant assault from a very talented and accurate Swan proved too much for the Currawongs. The Swans scored three goals in rapid succession but Seaforth left the pitch exhausted and happy.

Lily was named player of the match for her determination and top effort.

- Report by Angela Mollard

Seaforth U6 Seals v Manly Vale Wolves
It was fantastic game this weekend. The Wolves, a more experienced team, managed only 2 goals in the first half. Todd did a great job as goal keeper. The Seals worked well as a team, showing their ever improving soccer skills.

The second half was just as energetic and exciting with Ben C keeping guard, allowing only 2 more goals to pass us. Nicholas C delivered some awesome kicks, while Matthew scored a great last minute goal!

The Seals are clearly developing and improving skills by leaps and bounds. This in turn creates an exciting and energetic game. Ben and Nic V, Liam, Philip and William were strong defenders.

Players of week went to Todd and Matt. Looking forward to next weeks game.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U6 Tigers V Strikers Tornadoes
An invigorated Tigers team arrived at Seaforth Oval early (07:50) on Saturday ready to blow away the Tornadoes. Game 5 was a home game for us and our first chance to help out and put up the nets on M3.

Our team was back to full strength and the horror of the drubbing at the hands of the Dolphins seemed well and truly behind us.

Ruby started in goals and Daniel took the kick off. In the first 5 minutes in spite of no score the Tigers so dominated the Tornadoes that Ruby almost fell asleep in goal.

Joel attacked time and again, Cate was solid, Sophie ran them off their feet, and Robbie showed that he could hang in there. With the first change and Sam and Sienna going on, a goal seemed certain, but the frustrated Tigers showed their teeth and Mike (the referee) had to step in and calm the game down.

Ruby put in a couple of solid saves and Jessica who had taken to field with her much improved skills had the attack from the Tornadoes lost.

Joel had had enough and decided that the coach was right; going all the way was the answer. He pushed through for an excellent goal. Tired strikers were rested and just when the Tigers seemed to be losing the edge, half time was called.

Oranges kindly provided by Sam were enjoyed and the coach's inspirational message absorbed. The second half had Ruby out in the fray and Sophie in goal. The Tigers again got numerous opportunities, but the ball just would not stay in the net.

With incredible sportsmanlike prowess the Tigers let the Tornadoes in for an equaliser, and then took the ball back down to allow them a second.

I wish I could say the best team won, but believe the Tigers were by far the best team, but the coach will have to teach the players that you need to get the ball in the net, not just wide over the goal line.

Still a marvellous performance, and the coach has a tough time now deciding who will get the man of the match. Looking forward to the next one...

- Report by Jonathan Giddy

Seaforth U6 Bandits V Tigers
Result: 3-0
We won! What a game!

The Seaforth Bandits pulled together with a great team effort. The enthusiasm continued with Ryan scoring a goal in the first few minutes of the game. The Bandits had total control of the ball in the first half. The Bandits were up 1-nil in the first half.

A big effort from Lucas, Tobias and Milly in the second half helped keep the ball in the Bandits attacking half. James R ran in a goal to make it 2-nil. Jake followed with another goal, only seconds later to make the final score 3-nil.

Jake and Ryan performed well as goalies, keeping the Tigers at bay.

Congratulations to the whole team for a great effort.

- Report by Libbie Rees-Innis

Seaforth U7 Leopards
An extremely exciting and tense game today. Both teams were evenly matched which ensured a tough game but also brought out the best in many of the players and created some very nerve-wracking moments for the cheering parents - and Rob, the coach!

The game got off to a very fast start. Kieran was in goal and made some brilliant goal saves only minutes into the match. At one stage he was injured in his efforts, but he put on a brave face and continued with his great goal keeping. All the players worked well together defending their end of the pitch. Emerson was strong in defence, winning player of the match for his efforts. A good kick from Charlie and good play by William and Jadon kept the other side at bay. Ben also worked hard in defence.

Max scored a goal in the first half making it 1/0 and at half time the exhausted players eagerly ate their watermelon and orange rations gathering energy for the second half.

Max scored another goal early in the second half, making it 2-0. This seemed to energise the other side to put on the pressure and in the last quarter they caught up with two quick goals in succession, making it an even 2/2.

The Leopards tried valiantly to stay on top, despite clearly feeling tired from their earlier efforts. However, in the last 10 minutes of the match the other side managed to slip in two more goals! Hence the score was 2/4 at finishing time. But it must be said the Leopards played a great game and are really working well together as a team. Go Leopards!

- Report by Nanya Nyssen

Seaforth U/7 Funnelwebs V Wakehurst Lions
The Funnelwebs came up against a "crack" team today in the Wakehurst Lions. As you can imagine the goal keepers (Michael and Aidan) were very busy, they both made a number of great saves and managed to keep the score from getting to out of hand.

Brigid did well, with her being the last line of defence a couple of times and making good tackles to stop certain goals.

Timmy played well running and making plenty of tackles and was named "man of the match" by coach Nick, well done Timmy.

Finian as usual used is great speed to chase the ball down, which resulted in the Funnelwebs only goal.

Even though we lost everybody kept running, tackling and generally trying very hard the whole game - well done – Ben, Joshua, Beth and Connor.

- Report by David Kendrick

Seaforth U7 Dingos v Kingfishers
Another great game from the Dingos with a 4-0 win over the Kingfishers.

Goals scored by Tyson (2), Ewan (1) and Kai (1). Player of the match went to young Jackson who had his best game yet. No stopping him now!

Kai also scored a great goal having just recovered from illness. Great play by all.

Looking forward to participating in Bexley North's Gala Day on 28th May. Go the Dingo!

- Report by Jacqui Ross

Seaforth U/8 Kangaroos V Avalon Piranhas
The intensity of this game was realised even before it began with our Avalon import Gemma facing the additional pressure of lining up against her former PIRANHA'S team mates.

The Piranha's are a formidable all girls side who are enjoying their 3rd season together, with only one new addition to their side in 2006 (Gemma's replacement).

The Kangaroo's started beautifully with some great work in attack from Evan and a solid early goal from Michael. Liam Simes and Celeste also performed strongly early in the match. Evan was unlucky with a couple of high pressure shots at goal and we went to the break one up thanks to the brilliance of Michael and the solid work of Izzy in goals.

Michael was all over the park early in the second half and came up with his second goal shortly after the break 2-0. Liam Nelson was outstanding in defence while Gemma chased all day and came up with some crucial clearing kicks.

Celeste was under continual pressure but came up with some spectacular saves before the Piranha's bounced one in off the upright 2-1.

Liam Simes and David were everywhere and ably supported Michael who came up with number 3 to put the game beyond doubt 3-1.

It was a very solid performance from the Kangaroo's who are clearly benefitting from the effort put in at training along with the complex game plans devised by coach David.


- Report by Bill Simes
"Asst to the Manager"
U8 Kangaroos

Seaforth U8 Tassie Devils v Jaguars
It was a beautiful sunny day and Cameron Hodge took to the goals as Eden kicked off. Cameron saved some great goals as his mum cheered him on.

Lilli Smith definitely had her running legs on for the match as she clearly earned her trophy for best player.

Kelly was in goals in the second half and once again proved how good she was in her role. Between Lucy and Kelly they saved a tough goal by going in.

Cameron scored two goals with one even being set up by Isabel Armour. Her mum jumped for joy.

Daniel’s mum Sarah won the gourmet prize by bringing both watermelon and oranges to the game for all our star players. We all agreed that when seedless watermelon was available we would try and bring some as the oranges seemed so acidic.

Richard had a great run around and Hamish was surely missed. Daniel did some beautiful kicks and the team was well managed thanks to Rebecca.

Go the Tassie Devils as we won 2-0

- Report by Christine

Seaforth U8 Seals vs Mosman Boas
Seals draw: 0-0

A very tight, evenly matched game which tested the defensive abilities of the Seals to the max! Throughout the match there was a significant amount of play in the Seals half, but to their credit the Seals kept a tight defence and were able to prevent the Boas from scoring - well done to all.

Lilly took her first stint in goal in the first half and was amazingly calm and collected - fabulous effort! And Matthew M went into goal in the second half and equally did the Seals proud.

Towards the end of the match the Seals opened up a few goal scoring opportunities but unfortunately were just not able to get past the Boas defence.

Lilly and Matthew M each got 'player of the week' for absolutely outstanding performance in goal!!!

- Report by Sarah S, Manager

Seaforth U8 Sharks vs Forest Killarney Lions
Result: 3-2 Win
Goalscorers: Murray, Henry, Finn
Man of the Match: Murray

Super coach Jose Mourinho (aka Anthony) stepped into the breach vacated at half-time by Claudio Ranieri to inspire the Sharks to a fantastic win against a tough opposition.

The Lions took to the field in a magnificent new dark green strip and their pre-match warm-up drills made Claudio think this would be a hard day in the office for the Sharks. The Sharks, of course, didn’t give a toss!

The first half was end to end excitement. Pierce starred in goals with a string of great saves against a deadly centre-forward who camped himself permanently on the centre spot, but fortunately rarely got the ball as the Sharks defence was in fine form. However, for the latter part of the half their centre-forward cut a lone figure in the centre of the field as the Sharks were permanently on the attack with plenty of close chances.

Early in the game Janet got the call that Henry was at Condover while we were here playing at Seaforth. Definitely no Swiss precision there!

At half-time the key tactical switch was to substitute coach Claudio with coach Jose who then proceeded to show-off his motivational skills and tactical nous as he expertly wrung the changes.

Murray opened his account for the season with a well taken drive from well outside the box. Then the Lions equalised. Then I think Henry, having found where the ground was, scored after more fine leadup work by Murray. Then the Lions equalised again.

Finally it was Finn who settled the game but not before some final minute panic as a Lions attack ended with a shot off the post.

A very exciting game once again as all the Sharks put in a huge effort against a very strong Lions outfit.

- Report by Bernadette & Ian Graham

Seaforth Ladies U10 Champs v Forest/Killarney B
LU10 Champs had a win (2-1) versus Forest/Killarney B on Sunday 14 May at Melrose Oval.


Once again there was tremendous teamwork and it was a very exciting game. Goal scorers were Tara and Acacia. It was Acacia's 1st goal of the season!

Player of the Match - Acacia

Steve (Samantha's dad) for producing a CD of great Champs photos;
Grant, our reliable referee;
Adam, our enthusiastic coach: and
All family members and friends who come to support the team each week!

- Report by Jill Smith (Manager)

Seaforth Ladies U14/Div2 - Blues V Manly Vale
Well done, we've defeated another top team!

Captained by Hannah the girls put in a huge effort in attack and defence, showing great team commitment. Kellie wowed the spectators with her huge left boot to score an impressive first goal, and set the scene for a win early in the first half.

Good team passing by all the girls allowed Catherine to setup a pass for Kellie to score her second goal of the match. Just before half time Ali booted a great goal to put us three up, with a definite advantage.

Second half saw the girls have a bit of a rest; but after Manly Vale scored their one and only goal - the girls raised their work rate to put the pressure back on the other team. Although no more goals were scored we created many more opportunities.

Great game girls, keep up the good work next week.

3 points - Kellie
2 points each - Ali and Catherine
1 point - Jessica
Most Improved - Hannah

- Report by by Rondah and Shauna

Seaforth Ladies U16/2 V Pittwater
Lost 1-0

We played Pittwater on the weekend with an end score of 1-0 Pittwater's way.

It was an evenly matched game and we were unlucky to lose. All of the girls played brilliantly. Alana made a spectacular save in the first half and Emily bravely played her first game in goal and made some great saves.

Lucy played her best game this season with some great runs down the side and tackles. Jo and Jess did fantastic work in defence with Jess doing a wonderful header. And of course, Morris supplied some great support from the sidelines!

Great game everyone… we'll get them next time!!!

Player of the match - Jessica
Coaches enthusiasm award - Lucy

- Report by By Emily O Brien and Claire Orlov

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Reports Sat 6th/Sun 7th May 2006

Seaforth U/6 Seals V Wasps
8-0 to the Wasps

The Seals played really well again this week, however we came up against a strong team.

The first half we really felt the pressure, however we kept our chins high and played a great second half. Todd had a great game and was a strong goal keeper in the second half. What a Birthday! Well done.

Matt and Ben C had the field covered most of the game and did plenty of running. Philip peaked in the second half and showed some great moves as did Ben V, Nic V, Nic C, and William.

This weeks players of the match went to Todd, Nicholas V and Philip. Good effort guys.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U6 Bandits
A good start to the first half and some good work by Claudia & Lucas. By half time we were 2-0 down, but had plenty of shots at goal from Jake, Lucas, Claudia & Ryan. James R did well in goal and saved a couple of attempts.

The second half was camped around our goal and several good saves from Tobias, one especially stopped from point blank range.

Congratulations to the boys & girls for a good effort.

- Report by Anthony Singleton

Seaforth U6 Possums v Wakehurst Dolphins
The Possums kicked off Round 4 to a warm autumn morning on the home ground at Condover. After their victory last week the team were keen for another win.

The first half saw a superstar player emerge from the other team and the Possums were stunned by the bright spark!! Zoe did a great job defending the goal but the other team were ruthless and the score quickly shot up to 6,0. Even Adam's (Zoe's dad) diversionary tactics behind the goal could not sway the opposition.

A quick brainstorm with coach Anne at half time worked wonders and the Possums strengthened their defense in the second half. Josh, Patrick and Zoe were on the ball getting some good runs back up the field. Jack was a superstar goalie in the second preventing any goals from being made.

Imogen, Ceili, Sophie and Chloe were strong defenders with some great kicks out of their half of the field. Isabella had some fantastic diversion tactics keeping the other team on their toes.

Although no goals - the Possums stood proud with their persistent effort and fantastic teamwork. Good Luck for next week!!!!!!

- Report by Kimberley Green

Seaforth U6 Redbacks vs Manly Allambie All Stars
The Redbacks were looking to bounce back from last weeks defeat against the might of the All Stars.

The commitment showed early as Tom made a fabulous save at goal within the first minute. Unfortunately the All Stars attack was too strong and they scored a minute later and then again. Despite further attacks on goal the All Stars could not get through the Redback defense again in the first half. Olivia and Bennett had some powerful runs towards the All Star goals only to be taken out by their defense.

The second half started off with some powerful Redback attack. Josh took the ball down to the All Star half and then crossed to Tom who put the ball over to Nicky in front of goals. Nicky took advantage of the opportunity to neatly place the ball into the corner of the net.

The Redbacks continued to search for an equalizer, and with Ewan showing great commitment in goals things were looking promising. The all out attack strategy from the Redbacks proved their undoing however, as the All Stars wrapped up the game with two break away goals.

Julie had a fabulous first game and supported the attack on the all Star goal and Jasper and Hamish were strong in defense. A sterling team effort

- Report by Susan Bannigan

Seaforth U6 Panthers vs Forest/Killarney Dories
This was an impressive game by the Panthers which showed improvement in many areas that we have worked on at training.

This was another game with plenty of end-to-end play, but our first goal came following some impressive, competitive scrapping for the ball. Byron and Wayne worked hard in the pack to clear the ball before Jay slotted home a great goal. Bryan made some impressive diving saves at the other end of the field to save us following some breakaway runs by the opposition. Stirling's kicking generated a lot of our forward momentum and helped create space for us.

Eddie worked hard to pounce on any loose ball and was unlucky not to come up with a goal in the second half after he worked the ball into a great position. Ben and Zara chased and competed hard for the loose balls to keep us heading the right direction while Bryan scored our second goal after a good run with the ball. Wayne, Jay and Byron all impressed with their determination in defence.

The way we competed for the ball and challenged the opposition was the highlight of an entertaining match.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

Seaforth U6 Bears vs Strikers Rangers
Last Saturday we saw a resurgence of the Bears. After a tough 2-1 lost the previous week to Wakehurst Whales. Shin pads were readjusted, laces tightened and a plan to rebuild to former glory.

This was our first match away from home, everyone arrived ready for warm up, unfortunately Barney was our first away casualty and was unable to locate the field. With a quick kick around we were under way.

The first half saw two very even teams run the ball up and down the field. Bears kept the pressure on the Strikers goalie with many attempts. Jasper, Olivia and Tom all showed great improvement with vigour to get the ball moving to the opponents goal. Ivan kept our goals safe.

It wasn't until the second half that the Bears showed their true colours. With our goal in Tom's safe hands, positions seemed to take shape and opportunities were sought and run away with. Many a time we saw each of the bears break away and take a run with a shot a goal.

Joa, Fynn and Jack managed to get through with a goal for a three - nil victory. Olivia in the dying minutes took the ball in her stride, 9 boys chasing and ran the field. The goalie for the striker shivered with sweat but managed to save that ball.

All the team played very well and we look forward to continuing this weekend
Go the Bears

- Report by Andrew Stevenson

Seaforth U6 Crows V Pittwater Bilbies
at Kitchener, 7-0 !!!!!

"That was the best game of football I have ever seen!" Uncle Patrick was heard to have said after the game. Everyone agreed. The U6 Crows were amazing.

The game started and the Crows and the Bilbies looked evenly matched. The Bilbies had some great players. We had Callum in goal the 1st half but he didn't have to do much. This was a match of tackles and passes and Jacob was doing a great job.

In the 2nd half Alexander M. was goalie and he was ready for action... but all the action was at the other end of the field! Callum scored our 2nd goal for the game quickly followed by William then Alex G then Lily then George!

It looked like every one on the team was going to score a goal! Finlay had a shot but the Bilbies U15 goalie managed to catch that one! It didn't matter though as Alex G came through the pack with another goal!

Even though the Crows won - (by heaps) the best part of the game was the team spirit, support and enthusiasm our players show towards each other.

The U6 Crows player of the week was awarded to William who scored a great goal and whose fancy footwork inspires us all.

Player of the week, William - click for photo PHOTO: William, Seaforth U/6 Crow

Special thanks to Mark (Callums dad) for being coach for the match, you did a great job, and Lily for remembering in great detail what happened in the match.

- Report by By Adrienne

Seaforth U7 Funnelwebs V Panthers
Funnelwebs 1 Panthers 5

A hard game for the Funnel webs having 3 quick goals scored against us in the first 10 minutes. Once we the team regrouped they started to play good soccer again.

Joshua scored a great goal and generally played very well and was named the man of the match – Well done Josh !

Aidan played well in goal making a number of good saves. Ben and Connor both had a very good game running everywhere and making plenty of tackles. Beth, Timmy and Michael, played well – Passing the ball and dribbling. Brigid made some good tackles in defence. Finian had a number of strong fast runs and got involved in all parts of the game.

Congratulations on the win Panthers and well done Funnel Webs

- Report by David Kendrick

Seaforth U7 Dragons vs Seaforth Starlets
Score Dragons 4 Starlets 1
Player of the week - Carl O'Neil

Another beautiful morning welcomed the Dragons to the field with Carl in goal and only Liam missing from the team.

The boys got stuck into the game with enthusiasm with Hugo and then Jared trying for a goal. Hugo tried again and scored the first goal of the game. This encouraged the boys on and Jared and Mitchell both tried for another goal. But after a good pass from Mitchell Hugo broke through the strong Starlets defence again to score the second goal before the half-time whistle.

The boys launched into the second half with Scot in goal. We saw some good tackling by Carl, an attempt at a goal by Callum, some nice ball contact from Dylan and Kolia before a wicked "header" from Carl not once but twice, before going on to score the next 2 goals.

But just as the boys relaxed the Starlets ran the ball up the field and scored an amazing goal (even for a girl!) just before the final whistle.

A great game by a great team with the match trophy (and probably a mild concussion) going to Carl for some great headers!

- Report by Alastair Fernie

Seaforth U7 Leopards v Wakehurst Leopards
Result: 1-0 to the Seaforth Leopards - Go Seaforth U7!

This match turned out to be a tight and tense game with two well - matched teams continually using the length of the field and driving the supporters hoarse with excitement..

The game started at a fast pace with Max almost scoring in the first minute and Emerson saving a good return strike from the other team. The pace continued with Emerson and Max hammering the Wakehurst goalie no less than four times in the first ten minutes and only the good performance of the goalie stopping the Seaforth Leopards racking up a big score.

After ten minutes Kieran was brought on and the attack picked up, with the entire team involved in the action, Jadon attacking, William and Nicholas blocking well and Charlie in goal making one great save. Max, Kieran and Emerson between them took seven shots at goal in the last five minutes in a late charge, but all were stopped by the opposing goalie. At half time the result was an exciting nil all.

In the second half Max was reluctantly put in goal by our stressed out coach and William sent back field early on as defence. Again the entire team played well and Kieran almost scored after five minutes. A corner kick shortly after this almost resulted in Kieran scoring with William, Jadon and Emerson in support. Then in the decisive move of the game, the boys moved up the field, Nicholas blocked, Emerson attacked, pass to Kieran who took the shot - and 1 up to Seaforth.

The pace picked up even more after our great goal and wound up and down the field with white throw in, orange throw in, orange throw in, across field to another orange throw in. Then followed an attack by Emerson, and a pass to Ben who had a good shot and just missed scoring.

Charlie then had a big run and goal shot, Emerson almost scored and Kieran ended the play with a shot that went wide. Emerson took the corner and William dribbled forward in attack, passed back to Kieran and again just wide! Two white throw ins followed and it was so tense that even the Wakehurst goalie left his position to join the fray. The Seaforth Leopards tightened their defence and held on to hear the full time whistle as deserving victors.

The Man of the Match award was a very close decision, but finally went to our lone goal scorer, Kieran, with both Emerson and William given mention for very good playing. Max was also commended, although as our goalie he did not need to touch the ball once in the second half - great defence Leopards! Well done again.

- Report by Greg Knoke

Seaforth U7 Dingos v Soccerettes
Another great game from the Dingos. We played the Soccerettes, who tried very hard but the Dingos scored a 9-0 win over the girls in the end.

Tyson, Ewan, Kyle were the goal scorers however, great kicks from Jackson who had his best game yet. Kyle also picked up a "Dingo Award" for Best Pass. Ewan collected Player of The Match this week.

The team are now registered for the Gala Day at Bexley North, taking up their invitation for non-Bexley teams to participate. So we are all looking forward to that.

Go the Dingos!

- Report by Jacqui Ross

Seaforth U8 Tassie Devils V Beacon Hill Roos
Tassie Devils 1, to Beacon Hill Roos 7

The Tassie Devils were on fire today, they played a solid defensive game and kept the Beacon Hill Roos on the hop.

In the first half, our goal keeper, Daniel stopped heaps of balls going in, as did Lucy in the second half, and with great tackles from Lilli, Cameron and Kelly we were able to keep the score to a minimum. Richard, Lucy and Isabel played a superb game and served as another line of defence for the team. It was a hot, hard game, and Hamish heroically provided a fresh relief for the team upon his arrival.

The second half was just as fearsome, making both teams more determined to score, fortunately, the tenacity and courage of our team put the pressure on, and just like a Roo caught in the headlights, so was their goalkeeper, when Kelly launched the ball into the goal. GO KELLY!

I was pretty impressed by the amount of skill shown on the pitch today, this challenging game not only lifted our game to a higher level, it also proved that the Tassie Devils have enormous team spirit.

Each player was awarded the "player of the match" today, with special mention to Daniel Kernaghan (Most Improved) for his goal keeping, and to Kelly Goble (Player of the match) with her outstanding goal. Well done Tassie Devils, you were great.

- Report by Rebecca Smith, Coach

Seaforth U8 Kangaroos Vs Seaforth Goannas
A beautiful day at Condover and a great start with Liam scoring a goal early in the first half. The Goannas equalised late in first half and we went for oranges at 1-1.

The game went from one end of the field to the other and everyone played extremely well and never gave up. The Goannas scored 2 unanswered goals in the second half and we lost 3-1.

The large crowd that gathered to watch this spectacular match all agreed that it was the best the Kangaroos had played all season. Seven tired little Kangaroos bounded off to enjoy the Manly west Carnival.

Best Player: Liam
Most Improved: Isabella

- Report by Lesley Tobin

Seaforth U8 Sharks vs Mosman Iguanas
Result: 0 – 0 Draw
Man of the match: Liam

Never let it be said that no goals amount to a dull game! This was a fantastic game, thoroughly enjoyed by spectators and players alike, between a top defensive team and a committed attacking team.

The Sharks went out with their normal detailed game plan (attack when we have the ball, get back when they have the ball) and had most of the attack in the 1st half but were never able to get into clear-cut goal-scoring positions due to the Lizards maintaining a constant 2 man defence that was impossible to run through and hard to get around.

Sean had an excellent game in goal and initiated one great attack from a goalkick that saw Connor race down the right wing that finished with a shot on goal. Liam was tremendous, constantly winning the ball and sending the Sharks forward in attack with nice passing. Finn and Pierce tried all their fancy footwork to get past the defence but to no avail.

At half-time the coaching staff re-assessed the situation and instructed the team to stay forward and take as many shots as possible from wherever they could. That was enough to bring out the long-range artillery units from the Sharks as they started bombarding the Lizards goal from everywhere.

Liam got the show going with a shot from closer to half-way than the goal that thumped into the goalkeeper’s chest. Sean had 2 near identical shots from miles away that shaved the right-hand post on both occasions after he’d nicely beaten his man. There was no way Jack was going to miss out on all that action as he charged onto a loose ball and sent another monstrous shot sailing just high and wide.

Probably the best shot was by the Mosman player who directed a thumping drive into the midriff of Peter Wilding on the sideline, doubling him up, much to the amusement of all players and spectators.

Murray also couldn’t resist the temptation to shoot early and sent another long-range shot wide of the post. Meanwhile, Henry toiled away trying to rely on his ball skills, rather than thumping shots, to slip past the defence.

It all ended in a stalemate but was very exciting to watch. Liam earned the player of the week for turning defence into attack and that shot on goal.

- Report by Bernadette & Ian Graham

Seaforth Ladies U10 Champs v Strikers Daisies
LU10 Champs had a big win (7-1) versus Strikers Daisies on Sunday 7 May at Seaforth Oval.

This was a fast paced game throughout, beginning with a couple of unlucky near miss goals by Tara (which both hit the post), followed by our first goal by Samantha. The opposition then scored their 1st goal and at that stage it seemed like it was going to be a very close game.

However, 3rd time lucky, Tara scored a goal. Katy and Kitty both had near missses at goals, then Bella scored our 3rd goal to make the score 3-1 at half time.

In the 2nd half 4 more goals were scored: 1 by Samantha, 2 by Bella and 1 by Kitty.

As well as the fantastic goal scoring, there was great teamwork from all our players (Tess, Tara, Samantha, Emily D, Katy, Molly, Alana, and Lauren) and subs (Emily, Bella and Kitty).

A big thank you to Gary Fowler from the Starlets for organising our 3 subs, who all played a fabulous game.

Coach's player of the match - Emily D.

- Report by Jill Smith, Manager

Seaforth Ladies U12 Devils v Wakehurst A
A very action packed game, lots of running but not many goals.

Nearly all the team turned up for training on Friday PM, under very difficult circumstances. Having Stix at the game on Sunday meant the girls put in to practice new moves, all holding their positions well.

A bit scary when the coach put 12 players on by mistake, but hey he's there to coach footy not do maths.

Well done to Olivia for a brilliant goal, there was endless attacks on the Wakehurst goal, but we just could not finish it off. Thanks to the goalies Kahlia and Chantel for getting in there and doing the job, and well done to Helena for playing her socks off, a well deserved player of the match.

Lastly the LU12 DEVILS would like to send their best wishes to little Sophie, we are all thinking of you and your family and wish you a speedy recovery.

- Report by Gail Bond

Seaforth Ladies U12/3 Champs v Pittwater
Seaforth Champs 9 Pittwater 1

The 12/3 CHAMPS made the trip north, determined to bounce back from last week's loss, and any demons were buried with a comprehensive 9-1 victory.

Pittwater never stopped trying, but the Champs turned on a football feast, with five goals in the first half and four in the second. Double figures were reached just as the ref blew full time, so #10 didn't count.

EMILY opened the scoring with just five minutes gone, threading her way through a padded defence to wrong-foot the goalie with a lovely shot. #2 came, courtesy of CHELSEA, who made no mistake after a wonderful solo run, and then AMBER was on the score-sheet, ramming home from close range after a cracker shot from XENIA had been blocked by the keeper.

The 4th goal was scored by RACHAEL W., and will live long in the memory: a 55 metre solo run, jinking past defenders and finally lobbing the ball over the goalie's head. With half-time approaching, it was REBECCA's turn to score, and she slotted home a right-foot shot after a good build-up.

Pittwater grabbed one back right after the break, thanks to a great solo run and some confusion at the back, but normal service was resumed soon afterwards. REBECCA cleverly trapped a corner, turned the ball into the goal square, and GEORGIA was on hand to finish it off.

That was the cue for CHELSEA to step up: her second goal came after a surging solo run, and she grabbed her hat-trick after great play from RHIANN. With full-time approaching, CLARE decided to move forward from fullback, and she was rewarded with a cracker from close range.

All in all, a great effort. The girls are jelling more and more each week, but they can still improve their positional play: they don't need to sit on top of each other. One final observation: it's clear they're enjoying themselves, and that's the most important thing. Well done, the mighty CHAMPS!

- Report by Digby Hughes

Seaforth Ladies U12/2A Flamingos V Pittwater
Score, 3-1
Scorers: Ciara Harding 2, Jane Machart 1
Best: Ciara Harding, Ali Mohr

Last Saturday the Flamingos staged one of the great comebacks. The score was 0-1 early on after a good goal from Pittwater, and 1-1 at half time after Jane scored a great goal in reply.

It was a different story in the second half, for although Pittwater held on gamely, the girls, following their half-time instructions, started to find opportunities with bigger kicks and aggressive running. After 2 cracking goals by Ciara, the final score was 3-1, with the Flamingos storming home at the end.

The best player award went to Ciara, who was determined, hard-working and in the end ruthless in scoring those 2 goals. Ali had a solid game in midfield and took out the other award and, while all the girls impressed as always, Kate and Georgina finished the game dominating the right and left wings respectively and deserve a special mention.

- Report by Peter Chiswell

Seaforth Ladies U14/2-Blues v Mosman

We are the first team to defeat Mosman so far in the comp. Until today Mosman have been on a goal scoring spree, amounting to 22 goals in 3 weeks, WELL DONE GIRLS; a great team effort, you should all be really proud of this achievement.

Great team captaining by Luica, when we talk to one another, great things happen. Good attacking and defence by all the girls in the first half, and once again great goal saving by Amy.

Against a strong wind in the second half, our defence held. Amy and Ali worked well together to score a great combination goal. Georgia P's positional play was excellent and with Catherine in goal - kept Mosman from scoring. With 3 girls out injured in the second half [thanks to Dr Jo from Mosman who attended to Kate]; the remaining 11 girls played an awesome game.

Keep up the teamwork girls.
Looking forward to a Mother's Day celebration win.

3 points - Georgia P
2 points - Lucia
1 point - Hannah
Most Improved - Tara

- Report by Rondah and Shauna

Seaforth Ladies U16/2 v Harbord
Win 1-0

Seaforth played Harbord in one of the toughest games all season.

We defeated the opposition (and the wind) 1 – 0, with Tory scoring in the first half. It was Claire’s first time as goalie, and both she and Alana had some great saves.

Chloe played a fantastic sweeper, whilst Jess, Elise and Sam also played excellently. Tori also had some fast break aways and near misses.

The condition of the field was working against us though, with a sand cricket pitch in the middle. All up, Seaforth more than deserved the win.

Player of the match - Chloe Ker
Coaches Enthusiasm Award - Elise Gilet

- Report by Jessica Hughes and Francesca Johanson

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Reports Sat 29th/Sun 30th April 2006

Seaforth U/6 Seals vs U6 Marlins
The Seaforth Seal played an amazing first half. Our players were well in control of the ball and scored 2 goals. Matthew scored our first goal with William quickly following with our 2nd goal.

The 2nd half we had control of the ball most of the time however we were unable to get it past their strong goal keeper.

However the Marlins came back strong. Great playing by Todd, Ben & Nic V, Liam, Matt, Ben & Nic C, William.

Score was 4-2 (to the Marlins). Just great game to watch and it was by far our best game of the season.

Player’s of the match went to Liam Burke and William Lee.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U6 Tigers VS Seaforth Dolphins
Game 3 was one of those interclub showdowns.

Sluggish from the holidays the Tigers took the field against an all boys side. The Dolphins were a tough outfit, which outclassed us and beat us about 7-0.

The coach was frustrated by star struck girls, and lack of focus by the Tigers, but when all was said and done, the Goalies Daniel & Sam saved what could have been 20 goals, and all the players showed moments of excellent play, when their minds could be brought back from holidays onto the pitch.

I am still sure we have a winning team, who will shine next Saturday, they just need a bit more guidance from the coach, and the Hulks should be scared.

- Report by Leigh

Seaforth U/6 White Pointers V Manly Allambie Incredibles
After a 2 week break, the White Pointers looked like they'd been doing some serious practicing and were fired up for a good win.

All the parents agreed after 30 minutes of pre-match training and still no opposition in sight with 5 minutes till kick off... "this could be our game today".

The White pointers proved us right only a few minutes into the second half when we scored a spectacular goal right over the head of the goalie. Most of our players fought hard to keep the ball up our goal end most of the game but we weren't lucky enough each time to score a goal.

After only 3 matches, the White Pointers are trying really hard and seem to be getting the hang of it.

Best Player: Sam Pearson
Goals scored: Tom Dubourdieu (1)

- Report by Libby Shaw

Seaforth U6 Possums v Strikers Titans
As the rain miraculously cleared, the Possums worked magic for a 5-2 victory, their first win for the season.

The first half was a 'titanic' struggle. Despite some great work dribbling the ball the full length of the field to the opposition’s goal and strong runs by Pat, Josh, Jack, Chloe and Imogen, a goal eluded the Possums.

However, with some terrific lead up work between Pat and Josh, the Possums' fortunes changed when Josh slammed the ball into the goal. With the now infamous Bella in goals at the other end, supported by Sophie in defence, the Titans only slipped in one goal by half time.

After giving the oranges a diligent work over, the Possums took control in the second half. Chloe did a fantastic job goal keeping, blocking several attempts to score by the Titans. Zoe found her rhythm with some good runs, and all the Possums managed a good sense of directional play when chasing the ball. However it was Pat and Josh who were the players of the day, Josh plugging 3 goals all up and Pat 2, and both worked hard in defence.

Well done super-coach Anne, ably assisted by Michelle – a winning streak must be imminent!

- Report by Philippa Chiswell

Seaforth U/6 Currawongs vs Pittwater Bandicoots
Score: 5-6

As the clouds parted in Mona Vale, giving way to a glorious day, the Currawongs dived on to the pitch. The taller, bigger Bandicoots quickly established themselves with a couple of goals however Scout did a fantastic job in goal keeping plenty away.

Joshua, Eliot, Matthew and Eliza ran hard and Eliot's fine footwork saw two goals scored by the end of the first half.

Whatever Phil said at half time worked because the Currawongs returned with a vengeance. Fintan did some great defensive work and Rory stopped plenty of goals. Thanks to the pitch sloping in our direction this half, the team got the ball and Joshua's determination saw him scored three goals.

His persistence saw him named player of the match but it was also nice to see other team members showing great sportsmanship. Thanks to Phil for a great job coaching.

- Report by Angela Wright

Seaforth U/6 Panthers vs Manly Vale Bears
This was a tough game under tough conditions. The pitch was damp, we had no reserves and not all our players were at full match fitness against a team with 4 reserve players. It showed the competitive spirit of the Panthers that they still had some running in them at the end of the game.

Again it was Bryan who gave the team much of its forward momentum with some probing runs, well assisted by Byron in the second half who made some attacking runs out of our defensive area. Jay worked extremely hard at the back of the pack and repeatedly swept onto any Manly Vale through balls. Wayne threw himself with determination into every challenge and competed strongly against some strong opposition attack.

Eddie put in a good performance while obviously not feeling 100% well. His time in goal was marked by some excellent saves under pressure. Zara's confidence developed during the match and her contributions in the second half were crucial in getting the ball moving in the right direction.

Also, thanks to Nicholas from Manly Vale who filled in for us and gave our players a much needed break during the second half.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

Seaforth U/6 Bandits
The first half was tough going, as we were one man down. Only Jake, Milly, Georgie & Lucas (his first game) were on the field, and Claudia in goal.

We tried hard and Claudia did well. In the second half, we had Raoul as a reserve player, who kicked a goal for us.

Jake, Lucas and Milly did really well on the field with Georgie in goal.

- Report by Martina Wilson

Seaforth U6 Crows v Curl Curl Bats
Score 2-1

Go the Mighty Crows!

Red cordial? Lollies? Drug test? Or was it the Friday night training?
The Crows were focused and firing! Alexander M, just back from overseas and jetlagged, attacked like a pro. Callum scored our 1st goal!

The Bats equalised at half-time. Alex G did a great job pushing forward from the centre. Zac scored our 2nd goal (and his 2nd for the season!) We were ahead!

Will was again reliable all over the pitch and George tackled really well. Jacob did a great job as goalie in the 2nd half and kept the bats out.

Our player of the match Finlay did a great job in defence. His boot connected with the ball consistently and he really helped keep The Bats at bay!

Thanks Crows for a great match. YOU WON!

For a photo of Finlay, please click on the link below:
click for photo PHOTO: Finlay, Seaforth U/6 Crow

- Report by Adrienne Stone (Finlays mum)

Seaforth U/7 Dragons vs Manly Vale Joeys
Result: Dragons 3: Joeys 2
Player of the Week: Dylan Jones

Today the Dragons faced the toughest match of the season and probably of their career so far.

They were down 3 team members; they were out of practice due to holidays; BUT they were also relentless - hungry for a win!

The outstanding abilities of the Joeys took everyone by surprise and early in the first half they were leading 1-0. Our brilliant goalkeeper Dylan gave his all when the Joey's ball bounded his way but the Joeys were too 'roosful' and managed to slip in another goal. Liam spent the first 14 minutes attacking, attempting, and astonishing us all with his ability to retrieve the ball. Finally, just before the whistle, he scored.

That goal was all it took to fire up the Dragons! The second half saw them dominating. Callum, Dylan, Hugo, Kolia and Carl - take a bow! Your team play was outstanding in this second half as you strove to have control of the ball, keep it out of our net, and pass it to Liam who scored an amazing 2 extra goals.

Bravo Boys!

- Report by Natacha

Seaforth U/7 Cougars V Collaroy Striker Panthers
We Won a Tough Game

Wow. What a game. Justin scored 2 goals that had been set up by the whole team and had a couple of good shots as well. Great passing Guys. Joshua scored a goal set up by Justin and Dylan he also saved another right at the goal to become Man of the Match.

Dylan played a great passing game with some big kicks and good control of the ball a couple of very close to post shots just missed. Adam had a really improved his ball control and played well.

Jake took notice and really went after the ball doing some great defence stopping the ball dead. Angelino kicked right through the middle to get the ball very close to the goal. Joshua and Ben were first class goalies keeping their eye on the ball and jumping to save it.

Ben was robbed of 2 goals due to 2 technical fouls. That kept the ref Ian on his toes. Tom was away this match.

- Report by Adrian Bartholomeusz

Seaforth U/7 Funnelwebs V Pittwater Stingrays
Funnelwebs 4 Pittwater Stingrays 3

The return of Coach Nick has worked wonders on the team. The Funnelwebs played a fantastic team game to beat the Pittwater Stingrays.

Timmy started the scoring with a great run and finishing off well with a right footed kick that went straight past the Stingrays goalie.

Brigid had a good game in goal and made a number of good saves. Finian got the next goal with his usual fast running getting him in a great position to score the goal.

Micheal played hard all game chasing the ball "like it was his own" and made a lot of good strong tackles. Ben played hard all game with plenty of running and was rewarded with a great goal in the second half. Aidan had another great game trying really hard and making some tackles and running hard after the ball.

Beth was up front and attacking the whole game, she was also making lots of tackles .Connor did plenty of work, a lot of dribbling and passing and he also got the last goal of the game.

It was a well deserved win, there was a lot of passing, tackling and really hard running. Well done guys !

- Report by David Kendrick

Seaforth U/7 Leopards vs Strikers Bandicoots
After the holidays the Seaforth Leopards came back onto the field with gusto, earning themselves a very sound victory. There were many star performances but it is encouraging to see the boys begin to use their teamwork skills which we attempt to drill into them each week!

Kiran shone in the first half by scoring the first three goals of the match. He was helped along by some great defense, especially some mighty kicks by Emerson who on a number of occasions reversed the direction of the ball by a well placed foot.

Max earned his man of the match trophy by jumping up after being quite severely kicked in the shin to score three goals in the second half. The Bandicoots were able to grab a goal and Kiran also snuck in another goal to bring the score to 7-1. Charlie also had a brave attempt at a goal and a superb run before being brought down by an injury - but it wasn't enough to stop him from finishing the game and celebrating with his teammates.

Well done, Leopards! A game well played.

- Report by Katrina Horsley

Seaforth U/7 Dingos V Strikers Mustangs
A 9-1 win for the Dingos.

Tyson Holmes is just on fire at present and scored 6 of the 9 goals. Ewan also scored and played exceptionally well. Kyle is getting back in form too for this season. The two Ryans (Gunning and Anderson) are great with the foot work and defence.

Dingos are getting much better at passing and positioning the ball, less clustering this year.

Dingo awards went to Ewan and Campbell. Campbell tried really hard and made a great effort to pass and position the ball. Well done.

Player of the match had to go to Tyson for excellent teamwork and play. Go the Dingos!

- Report by Jacqui, Team Manager

Seaforth U/7 Soccerettes V Mosman Echidnas
Although this game was officially a forfeit, the teams still played a "friendly" game.

Our girls were fantastic with everyone displaying some brilliant soccer skills. The score was 0-0 at full time but there was some very near goals kicked by the Soccerettes.

The Echnidas were always under pressure with the ball being in their half for most of the game.

Looking forward to next week because at this rate the girls will be unbeatable by the end of the season!

- Report by Tracy Wardman

Seaforth U/8 Kangaroos Vs Manly Vale Falcons
Score: Kangaroos 0 Falcons 5
Player of the week: David Rosetti

The Kangaroos came up against a good team this week. An unlucky (for Seaforth) early goal rebounding off the goal post in the 3rd minute by the Falcons set the tone for what was a challenging game right from the outset.

It was a fast paced 1st half with everyone getting a touch and trying their best. Liam Simes produced an excellent save in the 14th minute to hold the Falcons to only a 2 goal deficit going into half time.

The second half started like the first with a quick Falcons goal in the 2nd minute. Liam Nelson soon after produced an excellent save. David, Celeste, Isabella and Gemma put everything they had into the game for persistent contribution.

Liam Simes sustained a rough tackle and gets the bravery award. The reliable efforts of Michael and Evan both in attack and defence were excellent as usual.

Congratulations Falcons and well done Kangaroos.

- Report by Ivan Rosetti

Seaforth U/8 Tassie Devils V Striker Eels
The Tassie Devils played the Striker Eels with great enthusiasm.

Lilli Smith played goalkeeper in the first half and saved many goals with such finesse. She easily earnt her best player trophy with thanks also going to her big brother Oscar for guiding her in what to do, as her mother coached the team.

All players were excited to be back on the field after a break during the school holidays. Lucy F scored an amazing goal as did our chief goal scorer Cameron. We were defeated by a strong mature team 7-3.

- Report by Christine Armour

Seaforth U8 Seals vs Wakehurst Ravens
Seals defeat: 1-4

With 2 players missing and the sun beating down, this was always going to be a tough match...

Liam started off in goal but in making a fabulous save took a hard ball on his thumb, so William took over ahead of his scheduled time. Liam recovered well and got back onto the pitch but the Ravens were able to get 2 goals past the Seals defence and goalie.

Early in the second half Luke scored a great goal to pull the Seals back to 1-2 but the Ravens proved too good and got another 2 goals past us.

Special mention to West who took up her first position in goal throughout the second half - had it not been for her many great saves, the scoreline would have been very different!

Needless to say - there were many puffed out Seals by the end of it - a stirling effort by all!

Luke got 'player of the week' for scoring and for running himself all over the pitch - well done.

- Report by Sarah S, Manager

Seaforth U8 Sharks vs Wakehurst Swans
Result: 2-0 Win
Man of the Match: Finn
Goal scorers: Finn 2

The Sharks and the referee were greeted to the field by the opposition coach with a lecture on applying a strict offside law! Deciding that quantum physics would be easier to explain than the intricacies of offside play it was pleasing to then note the Swans had no idea about it either. Thank goodness - because this was a terrific game without stopping the flow for offsides!

There was nothing delicate about these Swans as they took the attack to the Sharks and stretched the defence to the absolute limit without quite breaching it. The sole female Swan was a fantastic centre forward, pacy and skilful, and proved a constant handful for Liam and Sean.

But some great scrambling defence by both of them defused numerous attacks. Liam put in a huge 1st half performance without a break to come off pleading for a rest. Connor in the 1st half and Jack in the 2nd were standouts in goal, with the confidence to come off their goal-line numerous times to put off the opposition enough to have their shots go wide. Brilliant Mark Schwarzer impersonations!

The team showed the benefit of the holiday Coerver camp as Murray, Liam, Pierce, Connor, Finn and particularly Henry unveiled some lovely touches. On two occasions Henry raced down the left wing and slipped past the onrushing challenge with delightful skill only to have his shots slip agonisingly centimetres wide.

The performance of the day though lay with Finn who not only scored two finally taken goals, one in each half, but equally importantly, constantly raced back to help out in defence. Great commitment by him and all the team to ensure a hard-earned clean sheet!

- Report by Bernadette & Ian Graham

Seaforth U9 Dolphins V Avalon Wildcats
As the clouds parted at Avalon, the Dolphins enthusiastically took to the field.

Play was fast and consistent, and our first half goalie, Sarah, saved numerous near-goals with ease.

Georgina almost ran the turf off the field with her amazing effort; Maddie S was everywhere too, and Hannah popped up in lots of tricky spots.

All our team put in a fantastic effort, and whilst we didn't win, we certainly enjoyed the play. Thanks to our encouraging and hard-working coach Peter and our loyal band of supporters.

Gerogina and Maddie S won this week's trophies, but the whole team really deserved a trophy each for such a good effort. Well done girls!

- Report by Linda Blackman

Seaforth Ladies U/10 Champs V Avalon Bilibies
The Champs won 4-0 against Avalon Bilibies on Sunday 30 April, at Careel Bay, with an impressive hat-trick by Tara in the 1st half, followed by another goal by Samantha in the 2nd half.

All the girls played well and it was a terrific start back from the holidays!

Best player - Tara.

- Report by Jill Smith, Manager

Seaforth Ladies U/10 Little Devils v Belrose/Terry Hills Raiders
Venue Bambara Rd
Result: 1-1
Seaforth Scorer: Laura Stewart

"A game of two halves" would accurately describe this game!.

B.T.H. Raiders started the game the stronger, and for long spells our girls were under siege. We have recently moved to start playing in positions, but this largely went to the wall as we instigated a 7-0-1 formation!

With BTH Raiders also playing with the advantage of a slight down hill, and the luxury of having two subs (we had no subs for this game) we were quite relieved to go in just 1-0 down at half time.

The coach made substantial tactical changes at half time, moving Rory Tredinnick, Kaylor Choy and Laura Stewart into defence, and moving Siobhan Anderson into midfield. The changes immediately paid off.

The second half saw a much stronger performance from Seaforth, with Siobhan Anderson and Emily Anderson (no relation) dominating midfield. After another penetrating attack from Siobhan Anderson, Laura Stewart levelled the score mid way through the second half.

From then on Seaforth were on top and Siobhan Anderson, Rory Tredinnick and Laura Stewart all came close to getting the winning strike.

- Report by David & Sarah

Seaforth U/12/2A Ladies Flamingos V Avalon
Score: 1-1
Scorer: Sienna Macken
Best: Ella Farley, Saskia Hartog

The top-of-the-table clash between the undefeated Flamingos and Avalon teams lived up to expectations. Both teams played to a standstill for a thrilling 1-1 draw.

After conceding an early length-of-the-field goal, a younger but skilful Seaforth team had to overcome an extremely well drilled Avalon unit. Both goalkeepers (Sophia and Jacinta) performed heroics while our defenders constantly repelled spirited attacking raids.

Ella and Saskia were brilliant in defence but were by no means on their own - Brooke, playing in her first game, hammered back some balls with considerable gusto.

Our attack was well structured and persistent, but struggled to pierce the Avalon defence. In the end it took a shot by Sienna, another new recruit, to level the scores.

After that, it was a tense, tight battle, with a draw the fair result. We’re looking forward to more games of this calibre.

- Report by the Chiswells

Seaforth U/12/3 Champs V Curl Curl
Curl Curl 1 Seaforth Champs 0
Sunday April 30

So close but sadly, the 12/3 Champs suffered their first loss of the season on a very sandy pitch at Curl Curl.

We were down to just 10 players, thanks to school holidays and other commitments, while our skilful opponents had a full complement of 14. Our girls looked longingly at the sideline, as the Curlie ladies were subbed on and off, but the Champs battled on in the heat and dust and were very gallant in defeat.

The only goal came early in the second half, and it was a well-taken effort. The ball was swung in from the left, across our goal, and their striker made no mistake with a first time effort. Luckily for us, Rhian displayed amazing poise and composure in the goal, using her feet to deny Curl Curl on at least two more occasions.

A very solid effort all round. Our girls were strong across the back, and in midfield, and our forward line did its best with limited opportunities. We will learn from this and bounce back. Well done ladies!

And a special mention for Annalise, who played like a terrier in her first game back from a broken arm, suffered at training.

- Report by Murray Olds

Seaforth Ladies U/14/1B V Curl Curl
A nil all game is often indicative of a hard fought match, and this game was no exception.

In the first minute of play, Sarah Ludowici gave Curl Curl a scare with a close goal.. Jodie Wall's kick is incredibly powerful and she put this skill to good use time and time again, along with Chloe Roberts and Lauren Smart - amazing strength girls!

Kate Haverfield has rare tenacity - her determination is remarkable! Catherine Pearce & Emma Atkins put enormous pressure on Curly with their terrific ball skills with Katie Becker working hard to support them. Towards the end of the first half, there were two really great attempts by Sarah L. and Emma A at goals, followed by a strong attempt by Curly-well saved Lucy Rothquel!

The second half was dominated by Emma Atkins' strong performance - congratulations 'Player of the Match'! Loz Winton's defence remained consistantly strong, with some great runs by Holly Pears.

A very close call to both sides called for fantastic goalie skills - good job Katherine Pearce! Lauren Smarts defence stayed strong and true and in the last minutes of play, she stopped what surely would have been a Curly goal - well done! Also fine performances from Eugenie Eldridge & Olivia Slip - wonderful team play with great passing.

Many thanks to Tony Pearce for volunteering to ref. (again!). It would be terrific to have a designated ref. Turn up to one of our girl's games. Three games played, three refs. absent. Thanks also to our terrific coach John Eldridge.

- Report by Sandy Wilson

Seaforth Ladies U14/Div 2-Blues V Curl Curl
Captained by Kellie, Seaforth Blues played an awesome 1st half at Curl Curl No 5 - (what a pitch or beach or Whatever!)

Our goalie in the 1st half, Amy Wright [turning pro next season] put her body on the line for her team and made some amazing saves. (Noted by spectators, the opposing team and the Ref)

Kellie scored our only goal early in the 1st half giving our team the lead. However, Curl Curl fought back and scored 3 goals before the end of the game.

Many thanks to the 2 girls who reserved for us from the Under 12's -Rachel Waller and Rhian Greyling. Two amazing young players, they certainly matched it with the older girls.

Good work Hannah in goals in the second half, great communication with the team.

Thanks to all the girls who played, for their huge effort after two weeks off because of the school holidays. See you all at training on Wednesday.

Amy - 3 points
Lucia - 2 points
Kate - 1 point
Catherine - Most Improved

- Report by Rondah McKellar

Seaforth U16/2 Ladies V Avalon
Draw 2.2

A very close game against Avalon. Not the best game we have ever played but we held together well.

Chloe had some great corners and attempts at goal. Fran and Emily both scored with the last goal in the final few minutes. Congratulations to Fran who has scored in all three of our matches this season!

Great team effort from everyone.
Player of the Match - Francesca.

- Report by Sophie Billsborough and Elise Gilet

Seaforth Ladies U18/Div 1 Blues V Pittwater
A tough outing against Pittwater, we will learn from this game, especially our desire to be the first to the ball.

We never gave up, and the second half effort was better than the first half.

There were some very good performances. Lauren was outstanding in defence, Emma in goal (has the scars to show), Karrie, Eloise, Elmo, Marissa, Karina and Kate never gave up trying to make something happen.

A special mention of thanks for those who made a special effort to get to the game, as we needed all players and a couple we could rotate off the bench.

- Report by Keith Andrews
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Reports Sat 8th/Sun 9th April 2006

Seaforth U/6 Bandits
The match started with a breakaway and goal from Ryan followed by another with such a tremendous start we relaxed into the game with a strong performance.

The second half saw an improved game with lots of time near the opposite goal and lots of goals saved by Milly.

- Report by Rod Joyce

Seaforth U/6 White Pointers 2 v Seaforth Bulldogs
Another game of trying really hard by the White pointers. Facing up to a cold Saturday morning was no deterrent for our keen players.

Will took the role of goal keeper very seriously, managing to bat off a couple of early attempts by the Bulldogs but it wasn't long before the other team scored. Ethan & Thomas worked well together, getting the ball out of the pack and Tom scored the first goal for the season, totally deserving Best Player award.

Charlotte was goalie in the second half and despite not feeling well did a fantastic job. At one stage, we had the opposition totally confused early in the 2nd half as Lucy broke away from the field and scored a goal for the other team... nothing could take away the joy from her face after it hit the nets!!!!!!

All players showed lots of enthusiasm and plan to practice lots over the holidays.

- Report by Libby Shaw

Seaforth U/6 Panthers vs Mosman Falcons
We had another great game this week against a well-drilled Mosman team.

Byron and Ben made some great saves during their time in goal, while being peppered by the Mosman attack and both contributed well when they had a chance on the field.

Our scoring was opened by Bryan and his trusty right boot when he slotted one past the 'keeper and Stirling backed this up with our second goal amongst some frantic end-to-end play from both teams. The third of our goals was a great team effort, and was a result of the Panthers scrambling and competing strongly for the ball.

Zara had an excellent first match and threw herself into the contest for any loose ball. Eddie, Wayne and Jay all made some exciting breaks and also worked hard in turning the ball around in defence.

Although Mosman started the match very strongly, it was most impressive the way the Panthers never gave up, finished with a lot more energy and they were rewarded by some deserved late goals.

- Report by Bill Inglis

Seaforth u6 Seals vs Forestville Kingfish
Score: 1-1

We played really well this week. There was an obvious improvement in our game. In the first half the Kingfish scored one goal. Liam Burke was a fierce goal keeper.

In the second half Seals scored a goal after many misses we finally aimed the right direction. Well Done.

Benjamin Campbell played an incredible game showing some great leg work. While Matthew Dennison kept the Kingfish from scoring in the 2nd half. Amazing play by all players this week.

Players of the week went to Ben Van Dyk for most improved and to Benjamin Campbell.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U6 Bears V Stingrays
Under 6 Bears win 8 - 1

Under 6 Bears continue the rampage of the season. Last week jitters were set aside and this week the team took to a fast and furious pace in a game of break aways and persistence.

All the team was present, and we welcomed Olivia and Ivan to their first match with the team. Straight away Ivan was engaged with determination and some great field play. Olivia bravely took on the challenge of 11 boys, without even a blink. She lined the ball up and kept it going forward. However it was Joa who set the mood and stormed from the pack, ball on his toe and sealed our first goal for the match, all in the first minute.

The Stringrays, quickly replied, Tom held them off with a couple of fantastic saves but they eventually got through his defenses. Well we had a game on our hands. Two minutes in and it was 1 each way.

The game progressed with outstanding ball skills from Fynn and Jack, who kept the pressure up on the Stingrays. It was good we had extra players to give everyone a rest. Players came on and off with red faces and cheers from the spectators. Just as the first half was coming to the end, Joa again forged his way through the pack and kicked in a monster kick for a 2 - 1 lead

After a well-earned orange and 'pep' talk from (our new very impressive coach) - Matt, they were back, and what a second half! The team took turns to impress the spectators, breaking free and slotting home another 6 goals! We had Jack off his right foot across the goals, Barney driving a solid kick home, Tom out of nowhere boots a winner, Jasper wasn't going to hang around either, he tricked them all and danced his way through for a goal and finally Jack and Joa put the final nails in the coffin. It was a great win.

Once the team had been given the all clear from the drug testing, celebrations were in order. Mums and Dads all left feeling proud of this team, that seems to be loving the spirit of the game.

Well done Bears!

- Report by Andrew Stevenson, U6 Bears Manager

Seaforth U6 Dolphins V Brookvale Marlins
Another great win & start to the season 5 or 6-2?

In the first half there were some great dives and saves by goal keeper Mitchell Hodge and some good saves in the second half by goal keeper Angus.

Everyone was great at attacking and worked well as a TEAM! Raoul, Taj & Mitchell got the goals while the rest of the team ran their hearts out backing them up to help set up the goals. Tuatai, Will, Max & Tom were all great in defense.

Overall a FANTASTIC start to the season. Keep up the GREAT teamwork boys!

- Report by Debbie Hodge

Seaforth U6 Tigers vs Brookvale Sharks
Game 2 was at Graham's Reserve against the fearsome Brookvale Sharks. A late start saw us with a full squad of 9, in spite of Ruby feeling a bit unwell. The Sharks were a more physical side, bigger than us and ready to stretch us all the way.

Ruby was our impenetrable defence in goal and Robert, Sophie, Sam, Daniel and Sienna got us away to a determine series of attacks, but big kicks down to our goal kept us goalless.

Time to inject new legs and Cate and Jessica went on to replace Robbie and Sienna. Joel was by now champing to get on the field, so with no score after 8 minutes, Joel was unleashed.

Sam and Joel got working with Cate and Sophie to pepper the goal area, but to no avail, with Ruby banishing any attempts the Sharks made with the long counter. Continual rotation kept the players fresh with Robbie adding some grunt to the physical game, until the welcome half time break.

The coach collected his charges, reminded them to have fun, as well as oranges kindly provided by Sam (Ruby's mum). A second half strategy of speed to counter strength was put in place and the Tigers took the field once more.

Daniel started, kicking to Sophie who passed it wide to Joel, accelerating past a player left sprawling, past a defender and GOOOAL! The coach always believes the best form of defence is attack, and attack they did.

Jessica and Sienna provided a rock solid wall of defence even as the team tired, while Cate had run after run, Joel continued to slot another, Sam, almost dead on his feet kept bringing the ball up. Sophie had some near misses and Daniel must have believed the Goalpost had moved. Ruby was unshakeable in spite of some fierce counter attacks, in spite of running a fever.

Worn out but elated, the team congratulated the Sharks at the final whistle and promised to keep training, to come back even stronger after the holidays.

- Report by Jonathan

Seaforth U/6 Currawongs 8 vs Curl Curl Rats
Score 8-0

Playing their first game at their home ground, the Currawongs showed what a difference a week can make. Bounding on to the pitch, they attacked from the start and showed that a week into the season they already know which direction to kick the ball.

This was a great game of teamwork: Scout, Joshua and Rory ran hard and took the ball up the field while Fintan, Eliot and Eliza managed some great finishes in getting the ball over the line.

Lily, playing the first half in goal, made a great save early on and the team finished the first half with a few goals under their belt.

Despite their huge efforts early on, the Currawongs obviously loved their first taste of success and returned to the second half with huge smiles and plenty of energy. Whenever one lost the ball, there was often another player to take it up which meant goals were a real team effort.

It was difficult to pick a player of the match because everyone tried so hard but Eliot was awarded the trophy for his great running and persistence which led him to score three goals.

- Report by Angela Wright

Seaforth U/6 Possums
A beautiful sunny day greeted the much anticipated grudge match at Boondah.

The team was briefed to forget the long season to date and focus only on the match ahead and not the much needed break during Easter. The coach was worried that niggling injuries could be a deciding factor.

A great game ensued with no clear winner emerging until the final whistle. All the team played at the highest level with a thrilling goal to Isabella after some smart lead up work by Josh, Jack, Chloe, Patrick, Sophie, Ceili and Imogen.

In the end the team performed well and will be able to rest their worn hamstrings to make a final assault on the title in the business end of the season.

Enjoy Easter Possums but don’t forget training tomorrow. Big Ed is coming to make a special guest appearance. Eat as many Easter eggs as can and don’t forget lots of nice presents for Mummy and Daddy.

For the record – final score 1-8
Go Possums.

- Report by Peter Russell

Seaforth U/6 Crows v Wakehurst Sharks
It’s 8.10am and Coach Gary is firing up the Crows!

8.30am kick-off and the Sharks score a goal first up. They wouldn’t be able to get anymore past our half goalie Callum. His saves and dives were spectacular.

Zac and George both had a shot at goal but it was Lily who burst from the pack, dribbled the ball down the pitch and SCORED! The only girl on our team truly displayed GIRL POWER!

Half-time score 1 – ALL.

It’s the second half and the Crows kept trying for another goal. Alexander M, Jacob and Will all had a great run with the ball and Finlay was good in defence.

Alex G was doing a great job as goalie in the second half and we thought the match would end in a draw. But then the Sharks scored a goal on the whistle (again)!

Congratulations to our 2 players of the Match: Lily and Zac
(click below to see them in action).
click for photo PHOTO: Lily tackling the Sharks
click for photo PHOTO: Goalie Callum pre match warm-up

Thanks Crows for an exciting match. We all really enjoyed it

- Report by Adrienne Stone

Seaforth U/7 Leopards vs Melwood Falcons
In an exciting match on Saturday 8th April the Seaforth Leopards U7s were defeated by the Melwood Falcons.

The match started well for the Leopards with an early goal scored by Kiran Wilkes. This was soon replied to by the Falcons despite a valiant effort from Jadon Horsley in goal and some nice defensive play by Max Nyssen.

Kiran scored a second goal about half-way through the first half and things were looking good for the Leopards until late in the half, when the Falcons evened the score.

The second half saw Charlie in goal pulling off no fewer than 4 great saves under a lot of pressure and earning himself man-of-the-match. Great attempts by both Kiran and Max kept the pressure on after half time but 2 more goals scored by the Falcons as the second half wore on earned them the victory.

- Report by Mel & Cathy Dennett

Seaforth U/7 Pelicans vs Pittwater Bluebottles at Kitchener
Score: Pelicans 0 Bluebottles 3

The Pelicans showed a good outing of general skills for their second game of the season.

A thrilling first half saw a magnificent full field run by Emerson, and two great kicks from the goal circle by first half goalie Nicholas. Thomas, James and Luke ran like the wind and spearheaded and couple of near misses. Despite fantastic defence moves from Lucas, Will and James, the Pelicans felt the Bluebottles sting with a late first half goal.

Luke Byrne was goalie for the second half and once again proved his skills in that position with some great saves. Thomas showed some stylish moves in bringing the ball back into play with some decisive kicking. Nicholas, Emerson and James showed attacking prowess and Man of Match Lucas Crott was everywhere, running, kicking and defending like a pro.

- Report by Therese, Pelicans manager

Seaforth U/7 Soccerettes v Kingfishers
On Saturday, 8 April, the Soccerettes played the Kingfishers at Frenchs Forest in a very evenly contested game.

The action flowed from one end of the field to the other. Both teams had many opportunities, even though there would have only been about half a dozen shots at goal throughout the whole game (with the Kingfishers being successful twice).

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of the game was the improvement of all the players from the first game, particularly the newcomers to the team.

- Report by John Bardsley

Seaforth U/7 Dragons vs Narrabeen Piranhas
Result: Dragons 2 Piranhas 1
Player of the Week: Jared Lee

The Dragons were tested this week as they faced the strong defensive power of the Piranhas.

The boys went out on the field strong and confident expecting an easy win like last week. Within minutes they realised that the Piranhas meant business so they rallied to set up an early lead. Kolia and Mitchell attempted two successive strikes keeping the Piranhas' goal keeper on his toes. A minute later Mitchell powered through and scored!!

From then on the Dragons maintained possession and despite some great kicks and passes by Dylan and Hugo (and what appeared like a scrum at the net) the Piranhas' defence was too good. Then, just moments before half time, the Piranhas' "glaring fury" advanced at apace toward Jared in goal and they equalised.

Jared was not going to let one goal upset him and in the second half he went at the ball again and again breaking any plans that the Piranhas had at scoring. He wasn't alone though. Callum served up some amazing kicks and passes and Carl consistently sent the ball literally flying back to where it was needed.

Liam, Kolia and Hugo were always there to receive it and after several attempts and a good set up by Mitchell, Liam scored!! The Dragon Mums and Dads and Scott could not contain themselves.

This was a tough second half. The Piranhas' strength did not falter despite having suffered a couple of nasty injuries. Oooooooouch! They came at our goal in the last few minutes but Dylan was a star repeatedly protecting it and passing the ball back to centre.

Whistle blew - phew!

- Report by Natacha

Seaforth U/7 Funnelwebs 1 Collaroy Strikers 6
The Funnelwebs came up against a tough team today, but all the kids keep trying even though they had a few goals scored against them.

As you can imagine by the score line the funnel webs goalie’s got to see plenty of action, Ben Clinton was the first half goalie and had made lots of great saves and because of that he is Player of the Day. The only goal we scored was by Joshua Holmes , a good goal well done Josh.

Connor had a great game, he did a very tricky move when taking a free kick - pointing one way (to trick the opposition) and then kicking the other.

Finian and Beth all had good games with plenty tackling and running they were unlucky not to get a goal each.

Timmy had a good second half making some tacklings and a few big kicks. Michael went well in the goal in the second half and also stopped a large number of possible goals. Brigid had a couple of kicks in the second half .

Well done to everyone

- Report by David Kendrick

Seaforth U/7 Crows v Avalon Barracudas
Having lost our very first game last week 18-0. We are extremely proud of the girls this week, even though we lost 6-0 the girls played fantastic.

Ella West and Ella Chambers were on fire, with Ella Chambers getting the "Girl of the Match" award. Hannah and Gabby both did a great job in goals.

We can feel a goal is coming!!

- Report by Debbie Murphie

Seaforth U/8 Killer Whales 5, Wallabies 0
Well after an slow start last week the Killer Whales played beautifully on Saturday at Condover Oval.

Some really good tactics and team work were displayed, with Rory kicking 3 goals and Shaun 2 goals. Aiden displayed some great team work with help in setting up some goals.

Some great kicking by Lachlan, Nelson, Macsen and Max. Artie's looking really good on the field having only joined the team from Rugby this year.

Happy coaches smiling on the sidelines, great weather, great day.

- Report by Jane Curtis

Seaforth U/8 Tassie Devils Vs Brookvale Marlins
Tassie Devils were defeated by the Brookvale Marlins.

Hamish Sainsbury received player of the match and Isabel Armour well deserved best and fairest award.

Eden did a great a job of saving many goals whilst being the goalie and Lucy kicked off well, once again a memorable fun game was had by all.

- Report by Christine Armour

Seaforth U/8 Seals v Avalon Leopards
Seals win: 2-1
Go the Seals! With only our second match of the season we notch up our first win!

The first half action was fairly even matched, producing lots of enthusiasm and excitement from both teams - the Seals conceded one goal to the Leopards with Vern in goal.

After half time, Matt B in goal saw very little action as the Seals raised their play a level to deliver some really attacking form! There were a number of attempts at scoring, with Vern and then Luke getting 1 each past the Leopard's goalie!

Vern got 'player of the week' for scoring and for much improved listening at training.

Special mention to Lilly who had to fly solo without West - go girl!

- Report by Sarah S, Manager

Seaforth U/8 Kangaroos v Seasiders
Loss 0 - 8

The Kangaroos came up against a tough team today and they kept on battling without any reserves until half time. There was a lot of running and tackling, and our Kangaroos bounded throughout the match making remarkable saves and giving the Seasiders a run for their money.

There was plenty of action at the Seasiders goals, however Evan & Michael thrilled us with their fantastic saves which kept the score line from blowing out. Their relentless efforts earned Evan player of the match and Michael most improved.

Well done to Celeste, Isabella, David, Gemma and Liam N. - they tried their hardest, but were outgunned on the day!

- Report by Annabel Nelson

Seaforth U/8 Sharks v Mosman Cobras
Result: 4-0 Win
Man of the Match: Pierce
Goal scorers: Henry, Sean, Connor, Pierce

The 4-0 score line was not reflective of the difficulty the Sharks had in cracking a resolute defence. While Mosman offered no real attacking threat, struggling to break out from their own half, they nevertheless made it difficult for the boys to get through by placing a defensive curtain around their goal.

Henry did get the show rolling early again with another well taken shot but then was dramatically sent from the field by the officious referee (aka Stefan) to remove some jewellery threatening the safety of the opposition. After much frantic tugging and yanking to remove the offending leather neck piece a trusty Swiss Army knife was brandished to consign Henry’s prized (since birth!) necklace to the dustbin!

On with the game and Sean worked a nice move to slot home the second. Then birthday boy Connor worked a beautiful move down the right-wing with Pierce and a few others to blast home (off the far post) an absolutely cracking goal. Hysteria on the sideline as Magda celebrated!

Murray had a very quiet half in goal as Liam, Sean and Jack wouldn’t allow any balls to get past them. Liam did produce a fantastic header from a high ball that descended from an immense height.

After half-time Mosman really tightened up their shop and while the Sharks had heaps of attacks they struggled to get that final shot on goal. Finn did great work to constantly get the ball forward and had a hand in a classic final goal.

While mum and dad swanned around some fancy-pants Italian resort Pierce continued his fantastic form in the midfield with some delightful touches. From a throw-in on the left the ball went to Finn who passed the ball to Pierce, just outside the box, with a sweet back-heel he beat his man and planted the ball in the back of the net. Man of the match material for that and his great form in the midfield.

- Report by Bernadette & Ian Graham

Ladies U/10 Seaforth Champs v Beacon Hill
The team played another spectacular game on Sunday 9 April 2006 with a score of 0-0 against Beacon Hill at Seaforth Oval.

Tess, our super-sweeper, was the player of the match, but all our players performed really well.
Tara and Samantha did some great tackles and kicks;
Acacia, Molly and Emily ran like the wind;
Nathalia and Lauren were our great goalkeepers; and
Kate and Alana had terrific debuts for the season.

The team are certainly living up to their name!

- Report by Jill Smith (Manager)

Seaforth U10/5 Division vs Pittwater
Score: 0-0 draw

What a great 2nd game to the season, despite a nil all draw. Pittwater was leading for the first 10 minutes of the game, but then Seaforth took over and was leading from then on.

Some great near misses in the second half by Seaforth, which made the game really exciting. All players really tried hard and Seaforth was just unlucky to not have scored.

Man of the match was Lewis who was always there at the right time to keep the ball well away from our goal. A great match, with Jessica getting the ball off the opposition on countless occasions.

Looking forward to the next game, with such an enthusiastic team. Well done to all players.

- Report by Margot Mooney

U11/2s: Pittwater 3 Seaforth 2
Seaforth stepped up a gear for this game and needed to against strong opposition. The match was played in a competitive, sportsmanlike and energetic manner by all players, providing great entertainment for the supporters of both teams.

With a game under their belt, Seaforth played a much more organised game with some excellent passing plays. All players put in good efforts but special mention goes to a few. Thanks to the fab four from the U11/3's - Cobi, Ryan, Kurtis and Lachlan - who helped us out after their own game so we could field a full squad.

Lachlan in particular played a blinder in goal, making some heart stopping scrambling saves and impressed both sets of supporters with a magnificent tip over the bar to save a well hit penalty and keep the game at 0-0 well into the second half.

Ross chased everything down in defence and Will showed some nice touches working the ball out of defence.

Inevitably a bit of fatigue must have set in for both teams and mid way through the second half Pittwater banged in three in short order and we replied with two tenacious efforts. Tom hit one through the keeper and a little later John took the ball inside the box, and held off a strong challenge to hit a hard left footed shot past the on rushing goalie, goal of season so far!

It got a bit hectic but I think the score went 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 with the ref blowing up as we were pressing hard for the equaliser, which would have been a fair result all round. Well done Seaforth.

There is plenty of scope for further improvement and I am predicting a win next time out.

- Report by Mike

Ladies U/12 2A Seaforth Flamingos v Manly Vale
The Flamingos won a tight game on Sunday with strong positional play and some ruthless finishing in front of goals.

Jacinta led the team strongly, Sophia was dominant and Ciara caused problems whenever she had the ball. However, it was most pleasing that once again all the girls played their part.

Special mentions for Jacinta, who managed to send a ball into orbit with a kick Barry Hall would have been proud of; Siena, who looked so intimidating in goals that no-one dared go near her; Georgina, who showed some deft skills and excellent manners in her first game; and Ali, who is playing strongly this year.

- Report by Peter

Ladies Seaforth U12 Devils v Avalon

Firstly thankyou to Jade Bond (Ladies open) for standing in as manager for me today and to Stix(coach) for a job well done. That done time to mention the all important players.

Once again it was an early start at Careel Bay, and as per usual Avalon were not going to make it easy, it is always a good game against this team as we seem to be evenly matched.

The first half we were all over them, but tired a little in the second half with endless attacks on our goal.

Well done Gia for keeping them out even after an accidental kick to the head and to Jaimie for a great goal and for being player of the match.

- Report by Gail Bond

Ladies Seaforth 14/2 Blues v Forest/Killarney
An extremely tough match was played on Seaforth 1 against Forest/Killarney.

The girls played well captained by Kate - Good Communication! Both Kate and Lucia did a great job in goal to keep the score low. Kellie and Ellie combined well in attack to put pressure on the opposing team.

What would we do without Georgia P in defense with her kicking skills?

Unfortunately Forest/Killarney was the better team on the day and won the match 4-2. Let's go for a win next game and keep up the good work girls!

3 points - Georgia N
2 points - Ellie
1 point - Kellie
Most Improved - Amelia

- Report by Shauna Mouldey

Ladies Seaforth 14/1B v Pittwater at Seaforth Oval, 0830
Well the full time score from this game was 4/0 Pittwater's way but this was not indicative of the standard of play exhibited by our great girls.

Firstly, many thanks to Tony Pearce for doing a superb job as ref. and to the early risers in the David Waller team for putting up goal nets that truely resembled a work of art!

But now for the game. Holly Pears played goalie in the first half and did a sterling job under intense pressure preventing what could have been another 3 goals to Pittwater. The opposition was strong, but our defence, particularly by Lauren Smart and Chloe Roberts was remarkable.

And then... an unstopable goal by Pittwater. Recovery was swift, with Katherine Pearce brilliant time and time again. Jodie Wall played with such strength and determination! And then another close call with the ball fortunately misfired by Pittwater sailing right over the crossbar. Whew!

In the second half our goals were manned by a very brave Chloe Roberts. There were several moments early in the half which were a bit spooky. The ball sailed across the Pittwater goal mouth and then a short time later over the top of their net! [I nearly needed the 'heart start kit'!]

But we then retaliated with some very skilled goal attempts by Kate Haverfield and Sarah Ludowici fueled by a fantastic team effort in the set ups by Holly Pears, Lucy Rothquel and Lauren Winton.

Pittwater went on to score another three goals, but our girls never gave up. There were many other fantastic moves executed out there, especially by Eugenie Eldridge, Lauren Adams-Findlay, Emma Atkins, Katie Becker, Genevieve Clarke and Olivia Slip.

Congratulations to Jodie Wall elected player of the match! A job well done! Thank you also to our terrific coach John Eldridge.

- Report by Manager, Sandy Winton

Ladies Seaforth U/16/2 vs Curl Curl
Win 2-0

Another win for Seaforth, playing on a "sandpit" of a field.

Jo giving awesome kicks, especially one thru to Fran who took it up and scored our first goal. Followed by Sophie scoring from her corner kick - oh yeh!!! - go Sophie and Fran... Tory playing her first game having some great shots at goal.

Alana in goals 1st half, nothing getting past that girl, and Laragh in goals for the first time in 2nd half keeping the score at 2/0. Nice Work. Once out of goals Alana had some huge shots at goal, unfortunately none found the back of the net.

Some nice headers from Big Claire, Alex, Alana. Our defence was strong thanks to non-stop work from Alex, Claire, Jo, Chloe. Elise and Lucy were non stop hassling wearing down the opposition. Little Claire was everywhere, and we had some awesome crosses from Chloe, Tory and Sophie.

Basically it was great play from the whole team - nice work girls.
Player of the Match: Alex Springfeld.
PS: Thanks to Tom (Lucy's brother) for being linesman.

- Report by Sam Waller and Alana Wilson

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Reports Sat 1st/Sun 2nd April 2006

Seaforth U/6 Currawongs vs Wakehurst Dolphins
Wow, what a great start to the season. All the Currawongs showed great skills and put plenty of energy into their first game.

Unfortunately the Dolphins have a young David Beckham on their team who managed to score a few goals despite the hard defensive work of Fintan and Joshua.

Scout, Lily and Rory ran their hearts out and took the ball up the field, testing the opposition. However, it was a sprint by Eliot and then a final finish by Fintan which scored the Currawongs their first goal.

In the second half Eliza was goalie and managed to stop plenty of goals going through. Her efforts saw her named player of the week.

- Report by Angela Mollard

Seaforth U/6 Redbacks vs Curl Curl Mermaids
Score: Redbacks 8 Mermaids 0
A great start to the season with the Seaforth Redbacks kicking off against the all-girl Curl Curl Mermaids at Abbot Road.

Plenty of running and brave action from the Mermaid goalies against a wall of kicking Redbacks legs! Nicholas Bannigan and Bennet Frerck donned the goalie gloves this week for the Redbacks.

Opening goals were scored by Bennet, Hamish & Tom with Nicholas and others continuing to score in second half. Sadly a Mermaid had to leave the field after a major stack. Some great passing and teamwork in spite of most strolling onto the pitch for the first time.

Coach Tim Bannigan rotated the players calmly although it took quite a bit of calling to get players to come off! Great enjoyment all round from the players, proud older brothers and sisters and parents alike watching these youngest of players find their feet.

- Report by Maggie Shepherd & Kirsty Nicholl

Seaforth U/6 Panthers vs Avalon
This was a fantastic start to the season with every player showing what they have learned so far in training.

Bryan, Stirling and Jay all scored goals and it was a real team effort to achieve them. Byron did a great job of turning the ball around when Avalon was attacking and Eddie and Ben chased hard the whole game.

Wayne and Jay both made some spectacular saves during their time in goal. Zara showed real team spirit and we can't wait to have her on the field next week!

This was a wonderful start by the Panthers against a team with some strong players.

- Report by Bill & Katie Inglis

Seaforth U/6 Possums vs Manly Tigers
What a great start to the year for the Possums. In a close match the Possums just went down 4 nil in a game that could have easily seen the scores reversed except for some titanic saves from the Manly Tigers.

Josh Lewis, Patrick Hickey and Jack Tetley had the crowd biting their fingernails as they continually peppered the goal with shot after shot in the first half.

Chloe Green, Sophie Chiswell and Imogen Bryant provided terrific support to the strikers with clever passes and kicks down the line.

Ceili Harding made the goal her fortress with some spectacular saves and long kicks. Isabella Russell fell over shortly after arrival needing instant medical attention.

The start of second half saw a dramatic wind change directly in the face of the poor Possums. Josh Lewis tried valiantly against the Tiger barrage saving all but a few that would have made Harry Kewell proud.

Isabella Russell returned in the second half with heavy concussion and had difficulty maintaining stability constantly accidentally bumping players and picking up the ball. She fought on heroically until the pain was too much.

Overall, easily the game of the season to date with many positives to work on. See you Wednesday. Go Possums.

- Report by Peter Russell

Seaforth U/6 White Pointers vs HS Cheetahs
Coach: Greg Hurst
What today's first game lacked in high scoring spectacular goals from the White pointers was made up for by sheer enthusiasm from 9 very excited 5 year olds and their cheer squad on the sidelines!!

Greg, our super coach gave them a thorough warm up, the whistle blew and they were off…….it was clear from the start that the Cheetahs had a bit more match practice but Seaforth did not give up for a second.

Tom & Will were skillful & speedy when they got the ball & more than once came close to scoring.

Oliver & Lucy guarded the goal magnificently, managing to stop 3 or 4 attempts each, then had fantastic runs on the field. Lucy was thrilled to be finally playing "real soccer"

Marlow was tenacious and taking every opportunity to defend the ball. Charlotte and Eliza were reliable players, always in the pack when needed and showing lots of promise for the season to come.

Ethan is fast and during the 2nd half had all the supporters cheering him on as he beautifully guided the ball to the edge of the goals and almost scored.

Sam played a determined, enthusiastic game and was a reliable team member.

You know we're in for a great season when, despite scoring, every team member walks off the field with a grin…………..well done White Pointers on your first game ever!!!!!!!!

- Report by Libby Shaw

Seaforth U6 Bandits vs Jets
A fun first game for us. We all tried hard and had a really good time, but we came up against a very good Jets team.

Milly, Georgie, Claudia, James W & James R played well on the field, with Ryan & Jake saving lots of goals.

With more match practice, I'm sure we will improve heaps.

- Report by R & W Alexander

Seaforth U6 Tigers vs BTH Foxes
For these under six superstars it was their first big day, their first official match in club colours with a referee!

The morning was blustery but that did not deter Robbie from making an early start with the warm up runs, scoring three goals before the rest of the team even arrived. The other players arrived and after socks were distributed, and shirts were donned, there was just time for a team photo and 'Go Tigers'.

The pace of the game against the BTH Foxes was furious with Ruby making early inroads, Cate taking the ball up and Daniel crossing for a near miss. The Foxes stuck back and Mike the referee (Thanks Mike) had to show Sophie our top defender where to take the goal kick from.

By now the Chelsea scouts were getting excited as Cate passed up to Sam, then Cate, back to Sam and a shot 'Goooal' the strong Foxes defence no match for the skills of the Seaforth Tigers!!

After the restart, strong running from Sophie saw the ball narrowly miss the Foxes goal. Sophie was spelled for a few minutes and Jessica rushed into the defence.

The counter from the Foxes was ferocious, but Ruby’s speed and Daniel & Jessica's defence and expert keeping from Joel saw the opposition held out once more. With a few hectic attacking manoeuvres and more good work from Cate, that saw another Goal, the Tigers were fading. Please let us have a half time break (note to coach, more fitness work) and so the half time whistle blew.

After half time with refreshing oranges by Louisa, thankyou, Jessica moved into the goals, Daniel took a break and Joel readied for the famous Joel & Sam strike force.

After some to and fro the Foxes attacked, two attackers with only Jessica standing in their way. Our star keeper, in spite of being intimidated by the boy's size stood firm. Still no goals for the Foxes, and Daniel took over the keeping.

In spite of tiring and struggling against a 5-man defence strategy, in the 24th minute Ruby passed up to Sophie, across to Cate who ran around the defender, slid the ball to Joel in space and Sam took the cross from Joel and scored. Then it was just solid defence until the final Whistle saw congratulations and cheers all round. Well done the Under 6 Tigers!!

Less observant spectators may not have seen the game this way, but that’s how it looked to the coach.

- Report by Jonathan

Seaforth U/6 Bears vs Kites
Under 6 Bears win 5 - 0
Under 6 Bears had a cracking start to the season. Moments of doubt as to whether we would have a team on the field were quickly swept aside as 6 enthusiastic Bears took up their positions.

The pressure was quickly applied to the Kites. With the Bears tightly packed offering full support to each other, Tom pulled out a corker and slotted a right footer in for our first goal at the 5 mins mark. The mood was set.

Continuing the campaign, we saw strong footwork from all the team, Jasper kept the pressure on with continually pushing the ball towards the oppositions goals. Suddenly there was a break and Fynn forged ahead with ball on his toes and pushed it through for our 2nd goal.

With Jack securing goals, Joa managed to pull free of the pack and slide home a sweeping shot in for the third goal just as half time was called.

After a few oranges and shin pad adjustments, the second half was under way, Fynn took care of the goals while Barney and his pack launched shot after shot towards the opponents goals, we saw some great saves from the Kites goalie, however Jack managed to puncture the opponents guard twice and seal the victory with two more goals.

A great match was had, and the game ran like clockwork thanks to the great refereeing from our co - coach Bruce (Joa's Dad). Our latest recruit Ivan watched on and is eager to join in next week with Olivia who was unfortunately too unwell to play.

All players are looking forward to their 2nd match next week against our home club U6 Stingrays. Well Done!

- Report by Andrew Stevenson

Seaforth U6 Seals vs Strikers
It was a great first game.

The Strikers/Territories scored 3 goals in the first half.

In the second half the Seals kept them at bay and they only managed to get one goal past Ben Van Dyk.

Matthew Dennison played well, stopping the ball many times and Nicholas Campbell steered the ball well into our direction.

All the players had a great game. Well done.

- Report by Karen Campbell

Seaforth U/6 Crows vs Manly Allambie Rockets
Coach Gary Giles

As the courageous Crows ran on to the pitch the crowd roared. The season had started!

The teams looked evenly matched from the beginning with possession of the ball changing constantly. The Rockets scored a goal early in the 1st half but the Crows came back with a great goal from Alex G.

Its 1 all at half time and the Crows supporters were very excited – not to mention our players!

The 2nd half whistle blew and with Lily in goal there were some amazing saves! Zac did an amazing job tackling and then George had a shot at goal. The Crow fans all leapt in the air triumphantly but the rugby referee decided that it wasn’t meant to be. When the game was nearly over the Rockets scored! Fulltime score 1-2

It was a great 1st game and thoroughly enjoyed by players, parents and grandparents! Alex G, Alexander M, Callum, Finlay, George, Jacob, Lily, Will and Zac all played with such enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Alex Giles our Player of the Week. He scored the 1st goal of the season and played with such determination the whole game. Well done Alex!

For a photo of the U6 Crows, please click on the link below:
click for photo PHOTO: Seaforth U/6 Crows

- Report by Adrienne Stone

Seaforth U/6 Dolphins Vs. Beacon Hill Tigers
Well done to the U6 Dolphins - what a beginning to their first ever football season!!!

And a win to boot!

Great goal scoring, goal keeping, defense and attack by the whole Dolphin team. Many thanks to Anita and Matt helping out on the field.

Here's to a fun season ahead.

- Report by Pip Lodder

Seaforth U/7 Cougars vs Curl Curl Sonics
Well done Boys, on your first game of the season.

You had the ball for most of the game. Justine was goalie for the first half, and did some incredible saves.

Tom, new to the team was goalie in the second and work really hard to keep the ball out. Dylan did a run all the way up the field to score the goal of the match.

Ben and Joshua have both improved their tackling through the summer and did some great defence, they also missed a couple of goals hitting the goal post.

Adam and Jake held the ball from getting through with some big kicks. Angelino was a standout with some great defending and great focus to get the ball forward and got Man Of The Match.

Thanks to Frank for being such a nice friendly fair Ref.

- Report by Adrian Bartholomeusz

Seaforth U/7 Soccerettes
First game of the season got off to a slow start for the girls.

The competition this time was too great. For many it was their first game ever.

So better luck next time. Great goal defence by Cate and cheers to Sophie for her kicking.

- Report by Janne Forman

Seaforth U/7 Funnel Webs vs Avalon
A great start to the season with the Funnel Webs winning 4 - 0 against Avalon at Careel Bay.

There has been a huge improvement in the teams skill level over the last year, there was even some passing for the first time (Well done Nick all that coaching is paying off !)

Finian had a great game getting 3 goals. Conner scored the other goal with a very well kicked ball. Aidan played really well doing lots of tackling and kicking.

Micheal and Timmy both played very well in goal and did not let any past. Brigid played the best game I have seen her play - lots of kicking and tackling.

Beth had a great game with plenty of dribbling and she was unlucky not to get a goal.. Both Ben and Joshua had solid games and did a lot of work in the midfield.

A great game. Well done team, keep it up.

- Report by David Kendrick

Seaforth U/7 Leopards vs Strikers
First match of the season!
Result: Leopards 10 Strikers 0

The Leopards got off to a great start to the season with Kieran scoring two goals early in the match. Max scored the third goal after a long run with the ball up the field following a pass from Emerson. Max and Charlie continued to shoot at goal several times without success. At the end of the first half it was Leopards 3, Strikers 0 with Nicholas having a quite time as Leopards goalie.

The second half of the game saw Emerson as goalie with a powerful save in the opening minutes followed by Kieran intercepting the ball from the Strikers and scoring his 3rd goal followed soon after by his 4th goal.

Some skillful mid field passing by William and Nicholas to Jaydon saw Jaydon score. A combination of passes and attacking play from Jaydon, Ben, Charlie and Max gave Max his second goal. Three additional goals from Kieran took the Leopards to a final score: Leopards 10, Strikers 0.

Go Leopards!

- Report by Nick Ryder

Seaforth U/7 Falcons vs Brookvale Terriers
The new look Falcons took to the pitch in a fever of excitement. So did the Brookvale Terriers.

We were off to a great start with two early goals - one each for Jamie and Joey, and some courageous work in goals by young Will. Our new Falcons- Kevin, Rory and Nicky showed great enthusiasm from the outset, whilst Alexander was strong as ever in defence and Jack and Domenico looked as if they meant business in attack.

After the break the Terriers showed that they too were after that first match win - coming up with 4 goals, whilst we netted one more. Score 4-3 to the Terriers.

Looking forward to Round 2.

- Report by Virginia Macken

Seaforth U/7 Panthers vs Beacon Hill Leopards
Score: 1-1

In a lively first round match, the Leopards had majority possession in the first half and after a few great saves by rookie Seaforth goal keeper William De Laine, they scored the first goal of the season.

The Panthers were undeterred and used good passing skills for the equalizer scored by Callum Sowden in the second half.

Whilst both teams were slowing the pace by the final whistle, there was still some good play and excellent saves by Ben Booker.

Congratulations to both teams for a close opening match and good sportsmanship.

- Report by Catherine McNeil

Seaforth U/7 Dragons vs Brookvale Stingrays
As we headed for the pitch with a team that was one man short, Hugo in Qld, Kolia away, Scott's broken arm and then Callum the birthday boy coming down with the flu, we thought the odds were against us for our first game of the season. However the swift negotiation of our manager and the coaches wife saw the Dragons filling the gap with 2 players from the Seaforth White Wolves 'Rory and Oliver'.

With the added strength of the White Wolves the Dragons saw strong possession of the ball during the first half (thanks for that line Natasha) and after 4 or 5 failed attempts from Liam Michael he put away the first goal of the game and of the season. This was quickly followed up by a brilliant goal from Mitchell Delezio which ensured that our opposition knew we were serious about winning.

Through-out the game Jarrod was highly involved in the center field, tackling, kicking and passing (and helping the opposition up when they fell over) to provide great support to his team members and a number of further goals. The game moved on to see some great play between Dylan, Oliver and Mitchell in the center field that ended in Liam (who was almost standing inside the goal posts) taking a beautiful pass from Mitchell to kick a goal, nice team work boys.

Some interesting plays around the goal area, Rory (which I'm sure was half the size of anyone else on the field) saved a great kick to goal from the Stingrays and I have to say I would be surprised if the Stingrays little girl goalkeeper didnt have a headache for a week after the stop she made with her head off Mitchell's boot.

The play of the day definitely went to Karl O'Neil who dribbled down the length of the field ducking and weaving around 4 or 5 of his opposition putting his boot into an almighty kick that went up over the heads of the remaining players between him and the goal posts only to miss the goal by mere inches!

The game saw great support from Scott on the sidelines feeling every tackle, pass and goal, cheering his team mates on to the victory they couldn't have achieved without him.

A great start to the season with an 8-0 win. Man of the Match: Liam Michael. Thanks again to Rory and Oliver.

- Report by Tracie Michael

Seaforth U/8 Tassie Devils vs Seaforth U/8 Seals
The Tassie Devils played their first match of the season with such enthusiasm.

They played the Seaforth Seals who were very evenly matched with both girls and boys in their teams.

The Tassie Devils ended up winning their match with Cameron Hodge scoring both goals.. The final result being 2-1

Cameron won player of the match and Kelly Goble won best and fairest.

Well done to coach Rebecca Smith for bringing it all together.

- Report by Christine Armour

Seaforth U/8 vs Kangaroos vs Forest/Killarney Tigers
Kangaroos get the jump on the field!
The Kangaroos have struck form early in 2006, with the intense off season coaching program (surf, holidays, ice cream) paying dividends. 1-0 after twenty seconds, 2-0 after two minutes, 3-0 by half time, and 8-0 at the finish, what more needs to be said? Well quite a bit actually.

Highlights include - a great first game by new team member Gemma (the talent program has worked wonders); goals to David (2, including one screamer), Michael, Liam Nelson (2, including one trademark "scoop"), Gemma, Celeste, and Liam Simes (long range shot in the final seconds); and the most pleasing aspect was the number of goals that came from good lead up work and passing by others (including twice by Michael).

One game down, and watch out....this mob is on the fly!

- Report by Bill Simes

Seaforth U/8 Sharks vs CC Strikers Snappers
Showing how keen everyone was in this World Cup season there was a full contingent of players 20 minutes before kick-off. Unheard of! Unfortunately for Liam and Pierce they were last there and scored the goalkeeper jersey for game #1.

If the Sharks have to face regular opposition like the Snappers it will be an action and tension packed Saturday morning. This was a classic confrontation of talented individuals against a talented team.

The Snappers had a number of tall, skilful and fast individuals who looked like they might win the game single-handed. But the Sharks showed great teamwork in their passing and defending and variation in attack to break them down.

Henry got the show rolling with a blistering shot from the edge of the box that flew into the top-left corner. But the Snappers quickly levelled. With the usual Wilding cheer squad roaring him on Pierce carried on his form from the final game of last season to dazzle the opposition with some wonderful midfield runs and scored the next goal from a beautifully worked passing move.

Just before half-time the Snappers showed they weren’t going away and scored a cracker to level it up. Liam had had a busy time in goal but did unveil a huge drop-punt that reached almost to half-way. Sean showed desperate defending to stop a number of Snapper attacks.

After the break the Sharks tightened up their defence with Jack, Liam and Connor all shining. Jack was magnificent and consistently won the ball to get it moving forward again. He showed tremendous persistence to win the ball back from a broken down attack and then break through the midfield to score #3 with another cracking shot.

Finn was well rewarded for his efforts with a neatly taken goal, with his back to the goal he turned it past the on-rushing goalkeeper. At the death Murray charged through from half-way and with just the goalie to beat slipped it agonisingly wide. 4-2 it ended.

Jack won man of the match for his huge effort in midfield to get forward in attack and back in defence and that great goal! Quality goals by both teams in a very exciting game!

- Report by Ian Graham

Seaforth U/8 Wildcats vs Curl Curl Wildcats
The Wildcats versus the Wildcats - what an opening match! The boys were full of enthusiasm and keen to go.

Oscar and Jack were awesome in goal with some spectacular saves. Zach scored a hat-trick with William D taking the score to 4. Hayden played a great offensive game keeping the ball up at the net.

Hugo was fearless, sustaining a few minor injuries for his skillfull tackling. Blaney played a great mid field game with some fancy footwork.

At the end of the day the Curl Curl Wildcats had the edge on us, with a final score of 8 to 4 in their favour.

- Report by Ali & Steve

Seaforth U/9 Bandits Vs Beacon Hill Stormers
Win 4-0

Huge effort for our first game by the whole team - Well done to everyone.

Fantastic goals by William (2), Alex and George. Great goalkeeping by Tom L and Hugo.. Brilliant attack and defense by Luke, Adam, Tom D, Henry, Sam and Cal.

Looking forward to a wonderful season together for the first time. Thanks to our coach Jim for all his efforts.

- Report by Pip Lodder

Seaforth Ladies U/9 Dolphins Vs Narrabeen Panthers
Loss 0-5
Best Players: Sofia Liguori and Holly Gunther

The Dolphins had an impressive start to the new season. While we didn’t score a win, the girls were far from disgraced on their first outing on the big pitch and longer format.

Our goalies – Anna and Claudia - performed extremely well and it was a solid defensive effort all round. Special mention to Sofia, who put in a very strong effort in defence in the first half and in a more wide-ranging role in the second, and to Holly who popped up everywhere to help.

In fact all the new Dolphins – Holly, Ciara, Madeleine and Tara - slotted into the team extremely well. It’s great to have you. Great work also from last year’s girls who all played strongly – Emily and Maddie in defence, Sarah and Georgina in the mid-field.

Thanks to our refs, Keith and Carl, and to the loyal and devoted coaching assistants.
Onward and upward!

- Report by the Chiswells

Seaforth Ladies U/10 Champs vs Pittwater Starlets
Seaforth U10 Champs won their 1st match of the season on 2 April 2006 with a score of 1-nil against Pittwater Starlets at Seaforth Oval.

It was a spectacular game with outstanding performances and great efforts by all of our players - Tara, Tess, Samantha, Acacia, Molly, Emily, Nathalia and Lauren.

The winning goal was scored by Samantha, who managed this even though she was playing in defence!

Next week we will have a full team of 10 players (with Alana and Kate joining us) so we look forward to a really great season!!!

- Report by Jill Smith

Seaforth U11/2 vs Mosman
What a great venue for our first game of the season. With the hubbub from the nearby Mosman market the atmosphere in that amphitheatre was palpable as the 2006 season got underway.

Though out muscled by more physical opponents and somewhat outplayed by a well organised team, we showed good character and our scrambling defence, whilst not pretty, proved effective.

It was a shame then that towards the end of the first half one of the Mosman players found a way to circumvent our energetic defenders with a speculative lob from the edge of the box which slipped in under the bar. It would have taken a Mark Schwarzer to have saved that one.

That proved to be the only goal in the game. Despite intense pressure they could not find the net again.

All our players worked hard and no one went missing in action but special mention must go to a few: Luke and TJ for taking a half each as Goalie. Both guys did a great job and had plenty to do. In the second half TJ's bravery in making numerous saves from the feet of Mosman's marauding forwards was outstanding.

Panudet came off at the end of the game, a lather of sweat and a beaming smile. Jason got a corked thigh in the second half and hobbled off in genuine pain, it must have been bad because it was all of about two minutes before he was running back out again!

Tom was perpetual motion for the whole game. When the ball would not come through to the forwards he came back, made the tackle in defence and took off towards the opposition's goal with the ball at his feet.

Mosman are not fielding an 11/1 team in the comp this year so this was effectively their 11/1 side. Considering we did not have our full squad out there, a 1-0 result was not too bad. With a bit of experience playing together under out belts the return leg will be a game to look forward to.

- Report by Mike

Seaforth Ladies U12 Devils V Beacon Hill
What a start to the season. A 5-0 win. This team is going all the way this season.

The Seaforth defence let nothing through, and the strikers attacked non stop. Goals from Chantel, Adri Kahlia and Livy, lots of setups from Gia, Sally and Jaime made for a very enjoyable game.

Thankyou to Cat and Gemma for taking turns in the goals, always nerve racking, but especially the first game of the season.

A special thankyou to the parents for all being on time and for cheering the girls on in a positive manner and specially Adri and her parents for being patient and helpful.

Well done Olivia, player of the match.
Go the Devils.

- Report by Gail Bond

Seaforth Ladies U12/3s Champs vs Collaroy-Cromer Strikers
Seaforth Ladies U12/3s Champs 5 Collaroy-Cromer Strikers 1
A great start to the year by our young champs, who deserved their big win to open the season.

Our girls attacked from the kick-off, and only good goal-keeping denied them early on. However, Amber cracked them open at the back at the 15 minute mark with a left-foot shot in front of goal, and Chelsea grabbed the second with a touch of magic from the first corner of the season 5 minutes later. Such was our dominance that goalie Claudia didn't touch the ball in the first half.

> A nice positional change by master-coach Digby brought instant results just after half time. Rhian was moved into the forward line, and grabbed goal number 3 with a long-range effort. Our girls were pushing forward by now, but this enthusiasm brought us undone when the Strikers sent a long ball through and they scored from a wonderful solo run.

3-1 but our girls weren't finished yet: Amber slotted home her second after a great through ball from Emily, and then Rebecca went on a great run before setting up Chelsea to grab her second.

One of the best features of the game was the selfless way the girls passed to one another. Time and again, someone would make a half break and then lay the ball off to a team mate. Wonderful stuff.

Next week, we're playing Forestville-Killarney at Seaforth at 0830.
The full draw will be through sometime this week. Be at the game half an hour early, and if you can't play, please let DIGBY or me know as soon as possible.
Thanks, and well played everyone.

- Report by Murray Olds

Seaforth Ladies U12/1s Stars vs CC Strikers
The "Stars" shone brightly from one end of the field to the other in a glowing start to the season, resulting in a 0-0 final score.

Having mostly arrived from last year's U10s, our girls took a short while to adjust to the size of the field AND the size of the opposition but within minutes were dominating the game.

Alex and Issie simply dazzled as they attacked the ball with super force, Bella and Eliza flew around the field like shooting stars and passed beautifully, Nina, Felicity, Billie and Holly worked brilliantly with their new team-mates.

Maddie, Taylah and Mia were as solid as meteors in defence and Jess and Jodie had a half each eclipsing every attempt at goals and sparkling on the field.

We were unlikely not to score but were absolute "stars" against a very competitive CC Strikers.

- Report by Janelle Parish (Eliza's mum)

Seaforth Ladies 12/2A Flamingos vs CC Strikers
Win 4-0
Goal scorers: Jacinta Mallon (2), Jane Machart and Siena Macken.
Best player: Jacinta Mallon.

The Flamingos had their first game on a full sized pitch on Sunday, and also gave away a significant height advantage to the CC Strikers, so it was pleasing to see them prevail with such a skilful and controlled game.

Especially gratifying was the way they used the extra space and moved the ball forward with an intelligent passing game. Jacinta had a great game and thoroughly deserved the best player award, but it was hard to pick because – without exception – the girls played exceptionally well. Well done Siena too, for scoring in her first game.

Go Flamingos!

Thanks to super-coach Frank, and to Stefan who stepped in at the last minute to replace a missing referee.

- Report by the Chiswells

Seaforth Ladies Division 1 Reds vs CC Strikers
April 2, Seaforth Oval

It was a baptism of fire for the girls today as they discovered what it means to be catapulted into Division 1. CC Strikers were larger and more athletic. To their credit, our girls played well. They didn't panic and all held their positions.

Jodie was particularly effective, chasing down balls all over the park and constantly probing opposition territory. The two Laurens, Winton and Smart, proved most reliable in defence and managed to continually draw the opposition away from our goal mouth. The mid flankers, Katherine and Katie also kept the Strikers on the back foot with several effective raids. At half time we were only one goal down.

An early goal in the second half by Kate saw us draw level, and in with a chance. However, CC Strikers seemed to notch it up a level and it became evident our girls lacked a little match fitness towards the end of the half. Katie was brilliant in the goal mouth, working very hard with some great saves, though the Strikers still managed to put three goals past her.

Final Score: Strikers 4 Seaforth 1. Player of the match - Lauren Winton.

- Report by John Eldridge

Seaforth Ladies U16/2s vs Curl Curl
A fantastic start to the season from our new and very fired up team.

After a quick (and lucky goal) from Curl Curl, Seaforth was in action with two goals from Francesca and one from Emily. The pitch didn't allow for great soccer but the passing movements from the girls showed signs of greater things to come.

It was a scratchy start from the back four (Emily, Alex, Jess and Jo) but after conceding the early goal they soon became the force I knew they would be.. The midfield (Fran, Laragh, Chloe, Elise and Sophie) excelled themselves and laid the platform for this great start.

Alana and Claire (our U/14 star) were fantastic in goals with Alana proving to be just as potent as a forward. Jean (Sam) and Pedro (Lucy) bustled their backs upfront and sent the Curl Curl back four packing.

A great display by all. Player of the match: Sophie.

- Report by Maurice Springfield

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