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Finals Reports 2014

Wednesday, 10th September 2014, Cromer Park
Under 13/3 Grand Final
Seaforth FC vs. Pittwater RSL FC

After a very close semi-final series, with losing to Pittwater (0-3), a narrow win over league winners Mosman (1-0) and finally a draw against Harbord (1-1), Seaforth U13/3 were through to the Grand Final for the second year in a row. The final was supposed to be played 24th August but due to the heavy rain, it was postponed twice, and finally played 10th September at Cromer Park #1, where a huge crowd was attending from the stands.

As expected the game itself was very close with both teams having plenty of chances and shots on goal. Best chance came from Seaforth’s Cooper Adam who had some good runs up the field and tested the Pittwater defence, as well as a tricky free-kick from Nick Kayik that almost passed the keeper. However, the first half ended scoreless.

Under 13/3 Grand Final - Wed 10th September 2014, Cromer Park - Seaforth FC 1 Pittwater RSL FC 1

In the second half, Seaforth kept up the pressure, which resulted in an excellent goal scored in the 15th minute by Nick Kayik after surpassing the last defender and putting a very strong kick in the left corner, out of reach from the keeper.

Under 13/3 Grand Final - Wed 10th September 2014, Cromer Park - Seaforth FC 1 Pittwater RSL FC 1

After the leading goal Seaforth fell back a bit, and Pittwater upped the pressure and had 2-3 very close attempts, one of which required a fantastic save by keeper James Hull. Seaforth also had a couple of close chances, including one saved on the line, but the ball would not go in. In the dying minutes of the game, a chance ball suddenly came flying into the Seaforth penalty area, where an unmarked Pittwater player could push it over the line with no chance for the Seaforth keeper.

The game thus ended 1-1 and both teams were declared joint winners. This is the second year in a row this team is through to the finals (last year Seaforth won 1-0) with practically the same squad of players – including some valuable additions to the team - and the fantastic coaches John Kayik and Kevin Fitzwater. Thanks to the parents for the support throughout the season and especially from the stands at the Final.

Under 13/3 Grand Final - Wed 10th September 2014, Cromer Park - Seaforth FC 1 Pittwater RSL FC 1

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Friday 12th September, 2014
Grand Final
Seaforth W14/2A vs Beacon Hill FC
at Narrabeen High School.

Following a semi final win on a windy and cold Wednesday night on 20th August 2014, W14/2 Seaforth A produced a win against Pittwater FC, to qualify for the grand final.

At half time Seaforth was down 1-0 nil, however the tide turned in the 2nd half with a sweet goal from Evie Sillar, which resulted in the score at 1-1 all level at full time. Golden goal being the outcome in extra time resulted in a super strike from Zoe Taylor which awarded Seaforth a grand final spot. Super effort from the entire team which deserved the exciting outcome.

A final that was scheduled for the 5th time due to rain for three consecutive weekends didn’t fail to deliver with a spirited and determined Seaforth team comprehensively beating Beacon Hill in the Grand Final of W14/2 division.

In conditions that were at last favourable, Seaforth opened the game with possession and aggression. They kept their composure and opened the scoring with an early goal by Sinead Peters. Disaster struck when Beacon Hill were awarded a penalty immediately after Seaforth were ahead 1-0 nil.

A brave and courageous effort by Ruby Rollins in goal prevented Beacon Hill from converting the penalty and Seaforth went into the break with a one goal advantage. The second half was peppered with a few nervous moments however fate was sealed for Seaforth when a penalty was awarded and it was converted with style by Zoe Taylor with a solid strike that hit the back of the net.

Seaforth took control with an efficient passing game and never looked like conceding. The final whistle triggered excitement and cheers from the team and vocal crowd amidst tears from a defeated Beacon Hill team. A wonderful celebration for a team with commitment, belief and determination. A deserving victory for Seaforth.

Huge thanks must go to their coaches, Alex Previtera and David Lee who instilled in them the will to succeed, work hard and the belief in themselves.

A Grand Final 2-0 nil win to Seaforth W14/2A.

W14/2A Grand Final - Fri 12th September 2014 at Narrabeen High School - Seaforth 2 Beacon Hill 0

- Report and photos supplied by team manager, Caroline Cassidy.

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Weekend July 12th / July 13th 2014

Sat 12th July 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Seaforth Kookaburras

With only nine players match fit for the clash against fellow club members the Kookaburras, Coach Andrew Laird had to make the difficult decision of how best to play his one sub. He decided to play 4 and 5. It proved the making of the team on pitch A.

Far from struggling under the burden of having no reprieve during a tough game, Xavier Brady, Riley Madden, Charlie MacLennan and Jack Boys turned it to their advantage, using their full game on the field together to bond like never before.

It wasn’t long before the goals started mounting up, with Riley Madden scoring a personal best of four, and Charlie and Xavier bagging a swag of their own. Jack moved well around the pitch, passing and tackling like a pro.

It was a free-flowing game of communication and intuition, with not an ounce of confusion or tiredness to be seen.

The soundtrack to the game on pitch B could have been provided by Queen – Another one bites the dust, and another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust – as some heavy body clashes combined with a hard bare pitch to produce a few tears and the odd spot of blood.

But it was not enough to slow up Harley Brown, Luca Castellan, August Hazell, Kaelan Madden and Amalia Cook, who showed their usual focused form to put in an inspiring display of true grit and stellar skills.

Luca and Harley created holes like rabbits in a field, August and Amalia hussled and tackled hard in defence, and Kaelan once again used his big boot to advantage.

At the end of the match Riley Madden (right in photo) and Harley Brown were very deserving recipients of the Player of the Week trophies.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, Manager

Match Photo by Mel Nunn

U6 Seaforth Cougars V Seaforth Kookaburras - 12th July 2014

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Weekend June 28th / June 29th 2014

Sat 28th June 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Seaforth Eagles

With both their valiant coach and manager away for the weekend on official World Cup duties, the Seaforth Cougars donned the green bibs and took on their Seaforth Eagles counterparts. With their talent spread evenly across the two matches, the team shook off any signs of end-of-term weariness and gave their all, one more time before the holidays.

Game one saw a tough battle. The Eagles got away to a solid start. While the Cougars managed many a field-long breakaway led by Charlie McLennan, they struggled to find the back of the net. By half time, the Cougars found themselves with 1 goal vs the many from the Eagles.

But far from out, the Cougars dug deep and got stuck in. Brothers Madden, Kaelan and Riley, mounted an impenetrable defence, inspiring a speedy August Hazell, a blistering Amalia Cook and a determined Jack Boys. The team united in attack to bring the end score to a respectful one goal difference trailing the Eagles.

Game two was a different match. Luca Castellan, with the sidelines packed by generations of his family supporters, rose to the pressure to get the Cougars onto the board and stay there for the match. Strong pressure was maintained in the forwards from Harley Brown and Xavier Brown. A dazzling display of defense was brought by Eva Haughton and Billie O’Brien, with Piper Laird managing to be everywhere at once in the mid-field.

Luca and Charlie took home the trophies for ‘Player of the week’, thanking their sponsors, team mates and coaching staff, before leading their teams in devouring some snakes.

A solid effort all round. Seaforth FC was the winner of the day.

- Report by: Tim Boys, acting coach/manager

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Weekend June 14th / June 15th 2014

Sat 14th June 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Seaforth Bears

The Seaforth U6 Cougars got off to a winning start against the Seaforth Bears at David Thomas this week. It was the game that almost did not happen.

After a short practise session there were some nerves amongst the parents - was the weather going to hold off: would their child tackle the mud? But the team showed no nerves and listened carefully to the coach’s specific instructions.

The first half was magnificent. Strong tackling, excellent dribbling and some great goals scored by Luca Castellan and Charlie McLennan. Excellent defence by Piper Laird, Eva Haughton and Billie O’Brien.

A quick drink, a piece of orange and the Cougars were back on.

In the second half the Bears showed great fighting spirit and were especially composed in defence. Despite that, the Cougars continued to attack and show great skill. The level of commitment to defence and the control shown by our team was excellent. There were a number of near-goals that would have been scored by Luca, but luck just was not on our side.

A great match. A really good performance by an impressive side.

- Report by: Andrew Laird, Coach

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Weekend May 31st / June 1st 2014

Sat 31st May 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Mosman Titans

With the sideline heaving with his own personal cheer squad, there was plenty of pressure on Jack Boys to put on a good show on Saturday when the Cougars took on the Mosman Titans. And the nimble mid-fielder more than delivered, hussling and sidestepping his way to his best ever match and earning himself one of the Player of the Match trophies.

The other player who put on an impressive performance was August Hazell, who battled it out in a Titanic struggle with a skillful opposition. He too walked away from the game in possession of a trophy.

And it isn’t a game without Luca Castellan and Charlie McLennan chalking up a long list of goals. Both players also impressed with their exceptional ball skills and awareness the game. They were joined on the scoreboard by Harley Brown and Ollie Nunn, who targeted the back of the net like heat-seeking missiles.

Piper Laird and Eva Haughton provided great support to the attacking strikers, pouncing on any wayward balls and feeding them forward with confidence.

Kaelan and Riley Madden were both unlucky to miss out on having their names on the scoreboard, after a couple of near-misses.

On the ball, Xavier Brady showed great focus and a steely-eyed commitment that must surely make the opposition think twice before attacking.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, manager

Match Photo by Mel Nunn

U6 Seaforth Cougars V Mosman Titans - May 31st 2014

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Weekend May 17th / May 18th 2014

Sat 17th May 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Mosman Dragons

It was a confident and cohesive Cougars team that laced on the boots this week against the Mosman Dragons.

Coach Andrew Laird was particularly impressed, noting that the standard of play, compared with previous matches, was “better overall”.

He was particularly impressed with the increased level of aggression shown by daughter Piper, Eva Haughton, Billie O’Brien and Amalia Cook.

Ollie Nunn and Charlie McLennan knocked in some stunning goals, while Riley Madden scored his first hat trick. Jack Boys also impressed, and was only just denied his place on the scoreboard by some tight Mosman defense.

August Hazell made a welcome return to the field, bringing with him some hot Mexican moves and some new tactics, which he shared with team mates Kaelan Madden and Xavier Brady.

Harley Brown showed his usual tenatious attacking skills, while Luca Castellan proved what an all-rounder he really is with his brilliant turn in defence.

Billie O’Brien and Piper Laird were well rewarded with the coach’s Player of the Match trophies.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, manager

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Weekend 10th / 11th May 2014

Sat 10th May 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Seaforth Dolphins

They may be club mates, but there was no sympathy shown by either side when Seaforth’s U6 Cougars took on the Dolphins in a spirited but fair match.

An early head clash didn’t slow Harley Brown, who went on to not only feature on the scoreboard, but also come to the notice of his coach, who awarded Harley Player of the Week.

Piper Laird kept her head up and her boots swinging despite being blocked from what would have been a stunning first-half goal, while Billie O’Brien, Eva Haughton and Jack Boys applied strong and consistent pressure through the mid-field.

Luca Castellan, who has more zigs and zags than a Blue Mountains railway, put in another stunning display and proved a true team player, distributing the ball well in attack.

Over on the other pitch, the joint recipient of the coveted Player of the Week title, Amalia Cook, earned herself a new moniker - the Smiling Assassin - due to the fact that behind her happy demeanor lurks a lethal killer instinct.

Together with Xavier Brady and Charlie McLennan, they showed true grit against a strong opposition.

Kaelan Madden had a kick like a mule when clearing from the back, while twin brother Riley displayed some quickstepping footwork that wouldn’t be out of place on a dance floor.

Meanwhile, despite rumours of interest from a US club, talented sweeper Ollie Nunn proved his heart was all Cougar with an aggressive and powerful performance.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, manager

Match Photos by Mel Nunn

U6 Seaforth Cougars V Seaforth Dolphins - May 10th 2014

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Weekend 3rd / 4th May 2014

Sat 3rd May 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Manly Vale Mermaids

Goals were few and far between when the Cougars faced off against the Manly Vale Mermaids thanks to a few wayward shots but more importantly, the blistering defence from both sides.

Charlie McLennan pulled off what must surely be the save of the season so far when he charged down field and managed to get a last-minute toe to a ball that was all but chalked up to the Mermaids.

Working hard against a solid opposition, Luca Castellan, Harley Brown and Riley Madden combined forces for a great passing game, while Eva Haughton and Amalia Cook moved the ball well through the centre of the pitch to put the Cougars in a good position for a couple of well-earned goals.

The coaches tried a little something different on the other pitch, with the teams facing off five on five. But the extra opposition proved no obstacle to Xavier Brady, who wove in and out of players using particularly deft footwork, while Ollie Nunn proved a power boot with his long-range clearance kicks.

Piper Laird and Billie O’Brien were solid in mid-field, while Jack Boys and Kaelan Madden provided great cover defense at the back.

Congratulations to Charlie McLennan and Xavier Brady (see photo below), who were each awarded Player of the Week for their outstanding performances.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, manager

Match Photos

Charlie McLennan and Xavier Brady who were each awarded Player of the Week for their outstanding performances

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Weekend 26th / 27th April 2014

Sat 26th April 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Manly Vale Emus

Player numbers might have been low on the final Saturday of the school holidays, but the level of enthusiasm was the total opposite as the Seaforth U6 Cougars took on the Manly Vale Emus.

With not a sub in sight, the eight Cougars who took to the field really had to dig deep to find the energy to make it through the match with only a short half-time break. But they proved a fit and formidable foe for the Emus.

Charlie McLennan and Harley Brown used the holidays for some extra training at the Football Factory, and it paid off, with them showing great control and working the ball well around the entire field. Both boys easily found themselves on the score board. As did the nimble-footed Luca Castellan.

South paw Ollie Nunn proved himself once again a reliable workhorse, while Xavier Brady dazzled with his bursts of speed up the centre of the pitch.

Billie O’Brien showed everyone the meaning of Girl Power with her aggressive tackling and tenacious spirit.

Riley and Kaelan Madden took home the Player of the Week awards, as well as a couple of well-earned goals between them.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, manager

Match Photos

U6 Seaforth Cougars V Manly Vale Emus - April 26th 2014

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Weekend 12th / 13th April 2014

Sat 12th April 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Manly Vale Angry Ants

The wet morning didn’t dampen any spirits with the Cougars keen to get onto the pitch to show the Manly Vale Angry Ants how they got their name.

Luca Castellan once again showed he has a knack for getting the ball in the back of the net, knocking in goal after goal, and easily moving around the Ants’ defenders. Adding to the Cougars tally were Harley Brown and Charlie McLennan. Kaelan Madden and Eva Haughton showed a good understanding of the game by moving well into position in both attack and defence.

On the other pitch, Riley Madden knocked a couple into the net, as did Ollie Nunn, who also proved a natural in defence, blocking shots and feeding the ball upfield with skill and determination where August Hazell, Billie O’brien and Jack Boys could go on the attack.

Our two recipients of the Player of the Week award were Ollie Nunn and Luca Castellan. Congratulations guys.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, manager

Match Photos

U6 Seaforth Cougars V Manly Vale Angry Ants - April 12th 2014

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Weekend 5th / 6th April 2014

Sat 5th April 2014
Under 6
Seaforth Cougars V Manly-Allambie Gunners

This might have been the first game of the season, and the first competitive game for all players, but the U6 Cougars did not let nerves get in the way of a great performance.

It was a challenging game, with the Manly-Allambie Gunners proving tough competitors.

But all the hard work at training seemed to pay off, with the Cougars more than up to the physical challenge and knocking in plenty of goals.

Luca Castellan made a number of stellar breakaways down the wing to grab some well-earned goals, while Kaelan and Riley Madden used some twin’s intuition with great short passing through the midfield.

On the second pitch, Harley Brown and Piper Laird exhibited many impressive bursts of speed in attack, while Jack Boys backed up well in defence and Xavier Brady confused the opposition with his lightning fast footwork.

All in all a great start to the season, with Eva Haughton receiving the coach’s award for Player of the Week for her solid performance on the pitch.

- Report by: Nadine Meehan, manager

Match Photos

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