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2010 Match Reports - Junior

Latest Seaforth FC Junior match reports will be placed here each week...

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Weekend 21/22nd August 2010

Under 14/1
Semi Final
Seaforth 1 Wakehurst 0

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Under 10/2
Seaforth v Avalon

With the crowds flocking into Millers Reserve in their thousands on Saturday, the Seaforth Phantoms knew this keenly anticipated semi-final was always going to be a tightly contested affair. Little did they, or anyone else for that matter, know exactly how close it was going to be. Knowing that anything other than victory would mean the end of Seaforth's remarkable 2010 campaign, the boys were fully aware of the significance of the occasion, having been put through their paces by Tim in a high-performance mid-week training session.

Tom once again assumed first half goalie duties. From the start Seaforth settled into their by now usual routine of starting the game in a routinely unsettled fashion. Whether it was a case of semi-final jitters, or perhaps their minds were on the other big sporting contest of the day (Gillard v Abbott), the boys appeared to be making life difficult for themselves by booting the ball anywhere with little thought given to passing and positional play. Who knows, maybe even Joa's hair braids were having a de-stabilising effect??

Whilst Avalon dominated the early stages, Seaforth started to find their rhythm and gradually clicked into gear, surging forward on a number of occasions. One of these attacks lead to a Seaforth corner, well taken by Rowan, who in turn found Joa whose attempt on goal was deflected by an Avalon defender off his head into his own goal. Whilst this was an unfortunate way to score, Seaforth had got their nose in front and it was game on!! One nil.

A few minutes later Ethan broke through the defence in one of his signature attacks but narrowly pushed the ball wide. The rest of the half was a see-saw affair with plenty of action, notable for the fact that Joey made not one, but two headers, almost knocking himself unconscious in the process!!

The ref blew for the halftime interval, time to regroup and for Coach Tim to review his pre-game strategy. With a thumping headache, Joey took over in goal, while Tim laid down his plans for some rock solid defence and razzle-dazzle attacks to keep Avalon at bay.

As it happened the first ten minutes of the second half was all Avalon and defend Seaforth did. Attack after attack from Avalon was met with rock solid resistance from Liam, Matt, Eliot, Joa and Will at the back, with sterling support from Nick, Harry, Rowan and Tom who all dropped back in the hour of need. Time and time again the red shirts of Avalon surged forward and an equaliser appeared inevitable. Joa got hacked down in one fierce tussle and was temporarily forced from the field. But the Phantoms, displaying true Anzac spirit, rallied magnificently and gradually once again started to fight back with some attacks of their own.

Tom was on fire on the left side, flying down up and down the wing like a thoroughbred greyhound. Towards the end Ethan broke through with a length of the field attack and, with just the goalie to beat, was cruelly chopped down from behind only metres from goal. Without any hesitation, the ref blew his whistle, PENALTY!!!!!!!!! With the game evenly balanced, Will stepped up to the spot but his low drive was pounced upon by the diving Avalon goalie and the Seaforth lead stayed at 1-0.

Avalon bounced back with some late attacks in the dying moments but when the whistle blew, the Seaforth fans erupted as the situation finally dawned upon them – like a dream come true the boys had won the match and were on the road to Cromer for a Grand-final!!!

Whilst maybe not the most attractive football the boys had played all year, it was surely the bravest. With a week to go, Tim will be furiously burning the midnight oil devising what we all hope will be a championship winning strategy against the mighty green and whites of Pittwater RSL.

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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Weekend 14/15th August 2010

Under 10/2
Seaforth v Forest Killarney

With a semi-final spot already in the bag, Coach Tim was keen to use this second consecutive game against Forest Killarney as on opportunity to fine-tune tactics and tweak team formations in preparation for next weeks big game against Avalon.

With Tom in goal in the first half, the Seaforth Phantoms, not for the first time this season, got off to a scrappy start, taking a while to put their passes together and to dominate their positions. With a massive contingent of Phantoms supporters having made the journey to Forestville, surely Seaforth could lift their game and put on a bit of a show. After a couple of early chances by Seaforth had been missed, Arttu picked up on a pass from Eliot on the right side and, passing a couple of Forest defenders, skilfully smashed the ball into the back of the net. 1-0 to Seaforth, great goal, this is what the fans had paid good money to come to see!!

From this point onwards it was clear Seaforth were the stronger side. Minutes later, after some great midfield work by Joey, Ethan broke through and whacked one home to put the Phantoms 2-0 ahead. Despite a number of other chances, it remained 2-0 as the boys headed in for half-time.

With fresh oranges and some tactical tips from Coach Tim taken on board, the boys came out for the second half looking a far more organised team. From the start everything clicked into place and it was clear to the packed crowds crammed on to the sidelines that they were in for a very special 25 minutes of football.

Harry was next to find the back of the net finishing off a move started by Liam and Matt in defence, 3-nil Seaforth. Minutes later Harry was in again, classily firing one past the tall Forest keeper after picking up on a beautiful through ball from Rowan.

By this stage it was pretty much one way traffic as Seaforth surged forward again and again. A good build-up from Christian in midfield and Nick was on hand to get his name on the score sheet as he slammed one home past the sprawling keeper.

Forest Killarney managed to pull one back late in the game but it was Tom who put the icing on the cake with a well taken goal having picked up on a cracking pass from Will in midfield. Final score 6-1 to Seaforth.

A well crafted victory, if Seaforth can maintain this form, they are looking a very strong chance of a spot in the Grand final. However, as Coach Tim was heard to say during his post game analysis, he only wants to focus on the semi-final and (in the often repeated words of Harry Kewell), 'take it one game at a time'...

For those trivia buffs amongst us, interesting to note that, for the first time this season, todays scorers managed to find the net in alphabetical order – Arttu, Ethan, Harry, Nick and Tom. Not sure if this was part of the pre-match plan or not – either way, the Manager needs to get out more!!

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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Weekend 7/8th August 2010

Under 10/2
Seaforth v Forest v Killarney

Under 10 Div 2 Seaforth Phantoms 2010
Photo: Under 10 Div 2 Seaforth Phantoms 2010

With a semi-final spot guaranteed and, for the first time in several weeks, a full strength squad, the match against Forest Killarney presented an excellent opportunity for the in-form Phantoms to fine-tune their skills and put on a bit of a show for their ever loyal fans who were once again packed on the sidelines at Seaforth Oval.

However, the opening stages were unusually scrappy and Seaforth were clearly finding it difficult to get into a groove. Maybe they were spooked by the fact that Steve Brett, the heroic coach of the last 2 games, had turned 'bad cop' and was now reffing the game, looking particularly mean in his official FIFA black strip.

The first half was a real midfield tussle until Ethan, in his trademark manner, shrugged off a couple of defenders, broke through and hammered home a stunning goal. Once in the lead Seaforth managed to settle into their stride and slowly got on top with several attacking runs from midfield and strong defence at the back. Christian, in goal, made a couple of spectacular diving stops but generally had a quiet first half. Special mention to Joey for the way he was playing, involved in everything and having a superb game in midfield.

Spurred on by fresh oranges and some fighting words from coach Tim, the Phantoms came out for the second half completely fired up and looking to put a big score on the board. Within minutes, Nick picked up on a great pass from midfield and with a signature solo run, dribbled through the defence and slammed one past the outstretched goalie.

Shortly after Will picked the ball up just inside the Forest half and he too bobbed and weaved through the defence to finish off a remarkable effort with a stinging shot into the back of the net. 3-0 and once again the Seaforth fans were going mad on the sidelines!!

Arttu was kept busy towards the end, pulling off some great saves as Forest tried, all too late, to getting back into the game. Another great game from the entire team with solid back up play provided by Matt, Tom, Harry, Joa, Rowan, Liam and Eliot.

So, with one game left before the semis, Seaforth are starting to look like a lean, mean fighting machine. Can't help but get the feeling there’s going to be a big end to the season….

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 1 Wakehurst 2
At County Road, Sunday 8th August

So near and yet so far!

This final game of our season can probably stand as a metaphor for our year. Our young ladies gave their all against a quality opponent, we led for most of the match, and only conceded the winning goal with seconds left on the clock. But we can be very proud collectively of this team, both on the day and across the season: our ladies have improved immeasurably, as individuals and as a team, thanks in the main to the tireless efforts of Donald 'Super Coach' Ward, and I'm sure they'll take valuable lessons on to other sports and other areas of endeavour in the years to come.

To the game, and what a start! We kicked off and had the ball in the back of the Wakehurst net inside 10 seconds. It was all so simple: Brigette delivered a quality pass to Emma up front, who slipped the ball out wide on the left to Josephine. Out came the fullback, but Jo beat her with skill and pace and stroked the ball home to great acclaim.

Whoops! Wakehurst, stung into action, quickly settled down and began showing why they were ranked second in the competition going into the game. The Tigers were camped in our half, most of the time deep in the box, but nothing would fall for them. We staged one good counter-attack, against the run of play, and Briar managed two good shots on goal, both of which were well-saved. Seaforth was living dangerously but surviving; the corner count was in double figures but we went to the half-time break still a goal in front.

Into the second half, and Seaforth hearts sank early as Wakehurst was awarded a penalty. No worries, said Hannah the Heroic, who promptly made a splendid save to her right! Outstanding keeping, but something she has made almost commonplace this year. However, the weight of possession and position finally produced a dividend for Wakehurst, the equaliser coming at the 20 minute mark. So began the final arm-wrestle and Hannah again came to the fore, making a string of saves and swatting one shot away against the post but the avalanche of goal-mouth action finally produced a deserved winner for Wakehurst who scored with less than 2 minutes to go. Well played, and good luck in the finals.

And what about our mighty young Seaforth ladies? As parents, we are all immensely proud of you and your achievements this year, individually and collectively. It has been a real pleasure to associate with you and with the other mums and dads, weather permitting, during a long and at times frustrating season. And a special thankyou to Donald for being a terrific coach and getting so much out of the team. Good luck in your sporting pursuits over the summer, and I hope we meet up again next winter in the colours of the mighty Seaforth FC!

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 24/25th July 2010

Under 10/2
Seaforth v Pittwater RSL

This was the big one the media had been talking up all week. With Seaforth sitting third on the ladder, a loss against top of the table Pittwater could see a semi-final spot for the Phantoms slipping away. With coach Tim this week reclining on a sunbed in Cairns, it was once again up to Steve to weave his whiteboard magic.

With Eliot, Matt and Arttu all away and no replacements available, the Phantoms were down to 10 men for the whole game. Even the ever-loyal Seaforth fans, fearing the worst, were asking themselves how the boys were going survive this one... playing Pittwater RSL with just 10 players, surely this was going to be a one-sided goalfest??

Liam bravely volunteered to go in goal for the first half. From the beginning the team were magnificent and no way were they going to let anything get past them. It was clear it was going to be a tough gritty encounter, with both teams defending as if their lives depended on it. Ethan and Nick both came close in a first half with very few attacking chances. The rest of the team played fantastically well as a solid unit with everyone – Joa, Harry, Christian, Will, Rowan, Joey, Tom and Liam in goal – getting involved and playing a major role.

Towards the end of the first half Ethan was the victim of a late tackle, however, after the ref finally stopped play, he bravely got up and soldiered on although clearly nursing an injury.

The second half was again a rugged affair, Harry taking over in goal and being called upon to make a couple of important saves. Scoring chances again were few, with Seaforth having to put up a brick wall like defence as Pittwater attacked again and again. This was turning into a very close and tense encounter.

With the Seaforth fans besides themselves with nervous excitement the final minutes seemed to last forever. Eventually the ref blew the whistle and everyone at the ground knew they had just witnessed a historic match. Finishing level with Pittwater and a being player down was a fantastic achievement... more importantly it kept the Phantoms on target for a place in the semis.

With Tim due back next week (unless the chance of yet another holiday pops up!!), as well as more or less a full squad for the rest of the season, the Seaforth fans have every reason to expect big things in the weeks to come.

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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16/2 Ladies: Seaforth v Beacon Hill
At Beacon Hill, Sunday 25 July

Some days the best-laid plans simply don't work out the way they are supposed to, and this was one of those days. Donald sent our ladies out with strict instructions about being switched on from the start, but we conceded a goal inside two minutes. Indifferent marking gave Beacon Hill far too much latitude and we paid the price.

That soft early goal sparked a furious response from our visitors. The Seaforth ladies tightened up and began to apply pressure of their own, to the extent that we forced successive corners. But it was from the second of those that Beacon Hill swept downfield in a lovely counter-attack to grab a second goal.

The Seaforth highlight of the half was Simone's stunning run down the left from deep in her own half. She took the ball to the line at full pace and then snapped an inch-perfect cross in across the face of goal; sadly there was no Seaforth head on the end of it.

We turned up big-time in the second half, but Beacon Hill defended strongly and kept our chances to a minimum. Brooke was the closest, firing just wide from close range, while at the other end Hannah was called on to make two great saves.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 17/18th July 2010

16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 3 Frenchs Forest 2
At Seaforth, Sunday 18 July

Wow! What a game! For me, the finest performance of the season, for a number of compelling reasons. The comeback: 2-nil down, midway through the first half, and yet our young ladies came out deserving winners. The skill: Hannah produced the best save I can recall at this level of football, while one of Emma's goals was simply breathtaking. And the team-work: quality passing, ferocity in defence and hunger across the park allowed our girls to firstly mount their fight-back, and then keep their noses in front to the final whistle. Break out the vuvuzelas because this game would not have been out of place in South Africa.

It could have all gone so terribly wrong. We got off to the worst possible start, gifting Forest a goal inside 60 seconds thanks to some indecision in the box. That was a signal for Seaforth to start playing football and we dominated the next 15 minutes only to be punished again, against the run of play, when Forest's star striker gave Hannah no chance with a terrific long-range shot.

Two-nil, and now came the character test. Everyone was up for it, and it was Simone who finally put Seaforth on the score sheet with a fine individual effort at the 20 minute mark. 2-1 and it was game on, but then came one of those moments that catapults hearts into mouths and truly lifts a side. Forest made a rare raid late in the half, and a rocket was fired in towards the Seaforth goal. The ball appeared from a forest of bodies, giving Hannah little time to react, but she launched herself full-length to her right, diving wide to palm the ball around the corner. An inspirational moment that lifted the whole team as they headed into half time.

Into the second spell, and Emma made it 2-all with some individual razzle-dazzle. She collected a lovely pass just outside the box and took the ball at speed in towards the goal-line. Four Forest players were turned inside out... left turn, right, then left and right again before Emma slotted the ball home from close range. Suddenly we had a new spring in our collective step, and it came as no surprise when Emma scored again after an inch-perfect pass from Brigette.

3-2, and 20 minutes to go, but now it was our turn to soak up the most sustained period of Forest pressure of the game. We were camped in our half, most of the time right in front of our goal, but every question asked by the visitors was answered in fine style by our ladies and that resolve lasted through to the final whistle.

This really was a game to savour, and one that will linger long in the memory. Seaforth could've folded after conceding those early goals, but every player dug deep for each other and for their club. A terrific result for our young ladies, and for our coach Donald, because they never, ever gave up. Wonderful stuff.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 10/11th July 2010

16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 1 Beacon Hill 2
At Seaforth Sunday 11 July

This was definitely a game that got away from Seaforth. We created plenty of chances but the radar was off target in front of goal, and the visitors went home with the points.

Seaforth started brightly and dominated the early exchanges, producing two clear chances on the back of our customary quality passing. However both opportunities were missed, and Beacon Hill punished us on 16 minutes. A goal kick was intercepted out in front, and the opportunity was gratefully seized. But Seaforth came back strongly, and equalised on the stroke of half time through Emma. She latched onto a lovely pass from Brigette and her left foot shot was fumbled by the goalie who watched it trickle into the net.

Seaforth began the second half with purpose, but we found ourselves behind early. The ref had no option but to point to the penalty spot after an accidental hand-ball in the box, and Hannah had no chance in goal. We applied plenty of pressure for the rest of the match: Josephine flashed one just wide after sustained pressure, and then starred in a long run from the deep to feed Simone and then Emma, but there was no miracle at Seaforth Oval today.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 3/4th July 2010

16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 3 Avalon 0
At Careel Bay Sunday 04 July

The horror of the previous week was a distant memory for our ladies who completed a very satisfying win over Avalon. We survived early scares in both halves playing a terrific brand of football: strong and resolute at the back, committed and skilful in midfield, and dangerous up front with our strikers asking significant questions of the Avalon defence time and time again.

Seaforth opened the scoring at the 16th minute after beautiful work from Briar. She received the ball on her head with her back to goal, turned it over with a deft touch, and Simone pounced from close range.

Into the second half and our second goal came about via another piece of individual skill. Josephine started it deep in defence, beating her opponent and tearing up the sideline before delivering an inch-perfect ball to Simone; she laid it off to Brigette in the midfield, and she in turn found Emma. She displayed the skills of a ballerina: trap, turn, dribble past the fullback and then past the goalie to cap a wonderful team move. Briar completed the scoring late in the game with a left-foot shot that proved too strong for the keeper.

What a difference a week makes. Road kill one week, killers the next... well done indeed.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 26/27th June 2010

16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 0 Manly Vale 6
At Seaforth Sunday 27 June

Manly Vale served notice early in the match that it would be a difficult assignment for Seaforth. A shot cannoned off the cross bar but that was the last chance the visitors squandered. They put three past our girls in the first spell, made it 4-nil halfway through the second half, and then added icing to the cake with two late strikes that really blew out the score.

Our ladies didn't stop trying, but they were well-beaten by a highly skilled and disciplined team that amply demonstrated why they are doing so well this season. Emma went close in the first half, turning her opponent inside out and bringing a smart save from the keeper; Danika was also denied in the first spell, and Claudia and Holly both went close late in the second, but all credit to Manly Vale. Well played indeed.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 19/20th June 2010

16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 0 CC Strikers 0
At Cromer Sunday 20 June

Missing players forced a number of changes on the coach but our ladies stepped up and did themselves and their club proud on a lovely winter's morning at St Matthews.

Chantal donned the goalie's strip in the first half and Brooke took over in the second, and both proved more than adequate replacements. Seaforth applied plenty of pressure further up the park with a solid performance but the finishing was not as clinical as it has been in recent efforts and that cost us in the end. A home team handball in the box late in the game was missed by the ref, and we had to settle finally for a share of the points.

Manly Vale next weekend, so let's keep watching the world cup and getting inspiration from the football on display. Well done, ladies.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 12/13/14th June 2010

16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 7 Curl Curl 0
At Curl Curl, Sunday 13 June

Wow! Talk about being up for a game, after weeks off because of bad weather!

We made the trip out to a very cold and bleak Curl Curl and blew the home team off the park with some of our best football of the season. Our ladies turned it on: high quality passing, composure from the back four across the midfield, which delivered quality ball to our speedy forwards. And didn't they capitalise: it was 3-nil at half time, after two delightful strikes by Emma following perfect through-balls from Brigette, and Briar made no mistake from the spot.

Into the second half, and it was quickly 5-nil, with two more quick goals to Emma. The first came via a lovely pass from Josephine, and the second from an inch-perfect ball from Brooke. Brigette scored #6 from close range after a good corner, and Briar completed the scoring with a terrific left foot.

Well done, ladies… a wonderful all-round effort, and it is clear the training is paying off.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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16/2 Ladies: Seaforth 9 CC Strikers 0
At Seaforth, Monday 14 June

The good form of Sunday continued over into the Queens Birthday Monday clash against the C-C Strikers. Our ladies scored 4 goals in the first half, and followed up with five in the second, to grab their second comprehensive victory in a row. 16 goals for and none against in 24 hours, and the coach was very satisfied indeed.

Briar was on fire with four quality goals, two in each half. Claudia and Simone each grabbed two and Josephine was rewarded late in the game. Once again, the eye-catching passing was a feature of the game. Our ladies are looking for each other, creating opportunities with their steadiness on the ball and the quality of their distribution. Once again, the defence and midfield were resolute and their endeavours allowed our speedy forward line to profit handsomely.

Terrific stuff, ladies. Well done indeed.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 15/16th May 2010

U9: Seaforth Hawks Vs Wakehurst

We experienced our 1st loss for the season going down 3 goals to Nil.

It was a glorious morning to be out and about playing football. All week we knew that we were up against the only other undefeated team in the comp. Our intelligence told us that they were strong up the right side.

The car radio had "we are the champions" playing, so we sang it at the top of our lungs and I told the kids that was a good luck omen.

At the warm up we were looking good and keen as mustard to show our best game. Their coach did his warm up psych and we did ours and only Elliot fell over this week. (we are getting better drilled)

Paul put his hand up to Ref and did a great job.

We went on the pitch and faced up to the best team we have played to date.
The whistle blew and it was time to start work.

Wakehurst were on to us from the start and peppered our defences. They had a couple of shots but Henry held them out. We were only starting to settle into the game when we finally got a chance to attack them in their half. Stirling took a corner and Wakehurst cleared it to our end and put away a tidy goal. 1 to Nil

We kicked off and they were quickly upon us again so Allan smartly played safe and they got a corner. From the corner they put it into the top corner of our goal. 2 to Nil

We started to settle down and play our game and Taj had a run up the middle. Louis, Lachlan, Elliot and Ollie had a shot but Wakehurst did not give us room to move and be precise. Our backs and midfield were playing the hardest defensive game that they had ever played and were doing a fantastic job. Wakehurst put it near our goal again and Aidan cleared it for a corner.

The half time whistle blew and we needed a break and an orange. Andy said that was a tough half and was proud of the way we were battling away with them. We needed to stop them midfield and chase up the ball.

The Ref blew starting time. Wakehurst came out with all they could muster and attacked us relentlessly down the right side. Again our midfield and backs were up to the task and held them out.

Adam, Oscar and Jack closed in on their striker and shut him down.
Wakehurst got a corner and slipped the ball past Lily. 3 to Nil

Lily was now angry in goal and I am sure that she wrapped it up in glad wrap. Nothing was getting in and she was magnificent in reading their game. Time and again she held out their shots.

The ball was being belted from one end of the field to the other as both teams attacked each other. Paul blew the whistle for full time and he was red faced and sweating from all the running from each end. We shook hands with the winners and were happy to have been so well tested.

It was a very proud team of Hawks left the field. They had shown that they could hold their own with Wakehurst and with some great coaching will knock them off next time.

Bring on the Strikers Cup
Go The mighty Seaforth U/9 Hawks.

- Report by: Bruce Livingstone

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U10/2: Seaforth v Pittwater RSL

This was the game Seaforth and its growing band of followers was looking forward to... the top of the table clash with Pittwater RSL at Grahams Reserve. Would Seaforth maintain its unbeaten record and go to the top of the ladder themselves?

With a full squad again at his disposal, Coach Tim had obviously spent many hours beforehand pondering over team formation. Rowan assumed goalie duty in the first half. At the back was Joey, Joa, Christian and Liam, the midfield was made up of William, Arttu, Nick and Eliot with Ethan and Harry spearheading the attack up front. Tom and Matt started on the bench.

From the start it was clear it was going to be a tough, closely fought contest. Both teams battled hard for every ball with plenty of tough tackles. Both Joey and Joa needed treatment after some tough Pittwater tackles.

There was very little between the two teams, Joa was superb at the back with his humungous clearance kicks. Tom and Matt came on, giving Christian and William a welcome rest, but still Seaforth could not get that all important goal. Our boys were definitely the better team in the first half and had most of the ball, but just could not find the back of the net.

Going into the second half full of confidence and with the Seaforth supporters club in full cry, the boys were desparate to get their noses in front. Against the run of play the green & whites got the ball in the box and found the back of the net from a rebound off the post. 1-0 to Pittwater. Seaforth came thundering back knowing they had to get an early goal to get back into the match. Ethan, Nick and Harry all went close, the whole team were superb and playing as a tightly knit team unit. After another Seaforth attack and a goalmouth scramble one of the Pittwater defenders handled the ball. Penalty to Seaforth!! Christian stepped forward and whammed the ball high into the net beyond the keepers reach. Great goal... one all and it was now match on!!!

By now the excitement level was at fever pitch amongst the Seaforth fans, several had to be stopped from invading the pitch. Despite Seaforth making attack after attack, it was Pittwater who managed to go ahead with a cleverly crafted goal on the left side of the field.

Again Seaforth came surging back, Rowan, Matt and Tom were everywhere, Liam and Joey both solid in defence with William, Eliot and Arttu all fantastic in midfield. But it was not going to be their day... Joa made a suberb save in the dying stages, pushing the ball against the bar to prevent Pittwater going further ahead.

2-1 to Pittwater was the final score, a great game and a great, brave effort from the whole team. The boys gave it their all and should be proud of their efforts.

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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Ladies 16/2: Forest Killarney 2 Seaforth 0
At Melwood Sunday 16 May

Seaforth was willing and showed plenty of courage on a sparking Sunday morning at Melwood, but Forest deserved to win this match. The 2-nil margin was a little flattering to the home side: one of the goals came from a penalty, the second from a goal-mouth scramble, and we might well have escaped with a draw if an ounce of luck had gone our way.

Our ladies knew they were in a stiff contest from the opening whistle. Forest showed plenty of class from the forward line right through to the back four: disciplined, strong on the ball, and a lovely passing game meant Seaforth was under plenty of early pressure. One shot was cleared off the line, while Natasha probably had the best chance for Seaforth at the other end: an inch-perfect cross from Simone found Natasha at the far post, but her left foot shot went wide.

Into the second half and Seaforth lifted. Danika, Chantal, Annalise and Mel were resolute at the back; Brigette's passing from midfield was all precision, and Emma went very close after beating two players in front of goal. Play was surging from end to end but suddenly the ref blew his whistle and pointed to the spot, after a very unlucky handball. Hannah guessed correctly and dived to her right but the shot was too good. 1-nil Forest.

That goal meant Seaforth went into the last 10 minutes looking for an equaliser. We mounted some very promising raids but it was 2-nil minutes from the end after a goal-mouth scramble. We kept pushing until the final whistle but there would be no consolation goal for our young ladies who ultimately were beaten by a better team on the day.

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 8/9th May 2010

U8: Seaforth Falcons v Avalon Goannas

The Falcons were ready for a run and the Goannas seemed a tough team. Tom stood strong in goals and showed his new keeping skill and did some almighty saves. Angus seemed to be loving the challenge with Callum determined not to let anyone past him. Ned stood out with his fantastic defense with Bill showing Dad how much he has learnt. Ben with Dad as ref was not going to let exhaustion get to him and kept on fighting. Pat and Javier listened to coach Alan yell "Watch out for your side line and don't play across the goal" Bill scored the first goal and it was mighty hard as the Goannas fought back and added one themselves.

Second half was just as much action as the Falcons had a hard time trying to get the ball past the Goannas keeper. With plenty of trying Ben manage to slip one past. Ned was doing a superb job in goal and just couldn't keep the ball from flying past. With Angus and Callum looking almighty exhausted, Pat wasn't ready to give up and played the passing game with Bill and Javier. Tom was in form with that mighty kick but it was full time with our first draw for the season. 2 all. What a game boys. Players of the match went to Tom and Ned. Well deserved.

- Report by: Karen Campbell

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U9: Seaforth Hawks Vs Pittwater RSL FC Jaguars

The U/9 Seaforth Hawks have done it again and defeated the Pittwater Jaguars 2 goals to 1 goal.

It was an early start and must have still been dark when most of us wrongly arrived at Boondah and not Jackson Rd.(lemmings)

Thankfully some of our team were sufficiently beaned up on coffee at that time of morning, and quickly alerted those of us who can't read a map or ask for directions of our error.

So after the big move across the road Andy (the match day coach) got down to business and had the kids stretching and doing some warm ups. The usual psychological trick turned out to be hilarious when our forwards Elliot, Louis and Lachlan all fell over each other while running in a straight line. (oops, only bruised egos)

Aidan put his hand up to be goalie for the first half and that was the last time he moved for that half. Pittwater did not get near our goal once in the first half. From the kick off we were dominant. Our forwards had the ball to their goalie almost from the kick off.

The goalie put a good kick down the left side to Lily who ran it up the sideline across field past the whole team, then slammed it into the back of the net. 1 to nil. They kicked off and tried to pressure Stirling who put the ball across field to Henry who passed a beauty into space for Lachlan to slide one into the top corner. 2 to nil.

We continued to pressure them at every opportunity and the ball was in the firing line again but somehow the posts moved and Elliot just missed. Jack continued his good work with another big run down the line passing to Adam and Louis.

Pittwater had a run down our right side, Aiden was getting ready for a big save when Henry and Lily foiled their plans with a clearing kick. They tried to get past Stirling and Allan which resulted in them both having a run down the far side, but before they could get a goal the Ref blew the whistle for an end to the half .

Time for oranges, positional changes and the big motivation speech from Andy. Everything was going to plan. Ollie thought he might get a rest at goalie so he volunteered and ended up doing heaps of work.

It was as if a transition had taken place at the break and we didn't come back on field to win. Pittwater had worked out how to get through our defences and had us making bad mistakes like passing the ball across our own goal mouth.(ouch) It didn't take long and after a couple of attempts they got one over Ollie's head. 2 goals to 1.

The pressure on the sidelines was immense. I even went quiet for about 10 seconds.(Paul checked to see if it was a heart attack) The Mum's were wondering if the team had been "magnetised" and not "motivated" at half time as they were all bunching up to each other and not holding their positions.

Beads of sweat were running down Andy's forehead, the match day coach looked perplexed.

Oscar decided that the best way to control this situation was to fight from the ground up and kept the ball away from them. Stirling put his big boot to the ball and we were on the attack again. (we started breathing again on the sidelines)

Pittwater still had plenty fight in them and Oscar took the ball into a scrum again. Taj emerged from the melee with a run away up the middle and again their goalie was up to the task and put the ball out the back for a corner. Stirling put up a big corner and Allan got a head to it but they held us out again.

Their goalie put the ball down our end so Adam, Jack, Henry, Aidan and Allan worked it to Elliot for a shot only to be foiled again.

The Ref blew full time.

Ollie wiped the sweat from his brow and we were relieved to get away with the win.

The Hawks were stoked to get their FOURTH WIN IN A ROW.

What a nail biter, I think we lost a few feathers this week pulling out the Jaguars claws. It was red exhausted faces and big white smiles at the game debrief. (we had to work hard for this win)

We all hope that the COACH MAKES TRAINING THIS WEEK so that we will be ready to take all the ammo out of the Wakehurst Gunners next week.

Go The Mighty U/9 Seaforth Hawks.

- Report by: Bruce Livingstone

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U10/2: Seaforth v Mosman

Following the recent stunning run of victories, and with the boys sitting in second place on the ladder, the crowds are now rolling up at Seaforth Oval in record numbers.

The signs were good and for the first time this season the 10/2s fielded an entire squad with the luxury of having 2 subs to call upon. Joa was picked to in his favourite goalie position, the defence was Liam, Christian, Matt & Joey, the midfield was Tom, Ethan, Harry & Will, whilst Eliot and Rowan (back wearing his 'lucky lime' boots) were deployed up front.

The first half was a rugged affair, perhaps not the flowing, champagne football from the last couple of games, but the boys still managed to get on top and dominate the early stages. The Mosman goalie was the busiest player on the park and having fended off shots from Rowan & Eliot, he was unable to stop a scorcher from Will who pounced like a tiger on to the rebound. 1-0, great start. Tom was on fire in the midfield, whilst Joa resigned himself to being a spectator for the first half.

Arttu and Nick came on as first subs and were immediately in the thick of the action. After a great Seaforth build up, Ethan picked up on a loose ball and slotted one into the bottom right corner. Within minutes he had picked up his second to make it 3-0 to Seaforth. He then went onto complete a remarkable first half hat-trick after booting it in straight off a scorching corner from Christian.

In the closing moments of the first half, Mosman mounted a series of attacks and only some monumental defence from Matt, Joey, Christian and Liam kept the visitors at bay.

Although going into the break 4-0 up, the boys were treated to some harsh words from Coach Tim who was looking for improvement in passing and positional play.

Shortly after the break, Nick hit the post after he and Tom had split the defence wide open with their awesome running. Seaforth piled on the pressure resulting in a number of corners. From one of these Harry found the corner of the net to make it 5-0. Seaforth were immediately back on the attack after Tom put a ripper of a pass through to Rowan whose scorching shot went just over the bar.

Mosman came fighting back with Matt in goal called upon to make a couple of acrobatic, diving saves. After picking up on one of Matts great drop kicks (he's clearly been practising with the Sherrin!!) Tom picked the ball up in midfield, bamboozled the defence and was only denied by a superb save from the Mosman keeper. Seaforth were given fresh legs with Will and Ethan back on for the final session, although late in the game Mosman picked up a well deserved goal to make it 5-1.

Just before the final whistle Harry picked up on a cracker of a pass from Liam, shook off a couple of defenders and coolly slotted the ball past the goalie to make it 6-1. Great work Seaforth.

The boys came off the field tired but happy, knowing that there is only 7 sleeps to their top of the table clash with current leaders, Pittwater RSL.

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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U14/1s: Seaforth vs Pittwater A

Both out-sized and out-numbered, this sunny Saturday saw Jody sending his team of Seaforth Spartans into a clash against the Pittwater A titans. They trekked through the cloud of pessimism and despondency that hung on the sideline of Seaforth 2 (I believe it blew in from Balmoral).

The initial 10 minutes showed a team lacking shape and organisation. However, Adam lifted our supporters' spirits with a brilliant goal, assisted by George, showing not only speed, but telling Pittwater that yes, we are better than you, and he's a lot faster. Just before half-time, an assist from Adam saw Matt Giles put the ball in the back of the net.

Half-time. Seaforth were two-nil up. Pittwater had had all the ball and most of the field position, but no answer for our back four and super goalie who made their strikers look lackluster. Our gaffer spoke uncharacteristically quietly to our team in their huddle, no parent daring to approach in fear of breaking their concentration.

Off a Tom Jason assist, Matt Giles lofted another ball over the goalie's head, top of the net, not long into the second half. Nice goal, Matt. Now, Seaforth were 3 up. Pittwater sent wave after wave of attack up the field, but our midfield was too strong, and on the few occasions they broke through, Charlie, Tyler, George and Joe, (the Fab 4), were just unpenetrable.

Fifteen minutes to go and as no game is complete without some "Timmy" Newcombe magic, Adam slides the ball back to Tommy in the midfield. He dodged and weaved through their defensive line. A change of speed, a dodge of foot, and a long perfect pass, completing the triangle, to Adam, who placed the ball neatly in the top of the net. A Premier League quality goal and "good night Pittwater". In the last ten minutes we almost scored two more goals, and Pittwater scored a consolation off a rare defensive lapse.

To pick one player out is impossible, the whole team needs commendation. Yesterday, these young Spartans announced to the competition that last year's premiers are back and are, once again, the team to beat, so bring it on.

- Report by: Mark Newcombe

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Ladies 16/2: Seaforth 3 Avalon 0

At Seaforth Oval, Mothers Day: Sunday 9 May

The Seaforth ladies returned to the winners' circle on a glorious Mothers Day morning, posting a 3-nil win over Avalon. The margin looks impressive, but the visitors applied plenty of pressure and looked capable of scoring at any time. In the end, resolute defence, some wonderful goal-keeping from Hannah and quality passing and finishing proved decisive.

Avalon began brightly and applied all the early pressure. Seaforth appeared to lack composure on the ball and it was some time before the ladies could settle into a rhythm but when they did, the fireworks started. Simone threw in a threatening free kick after Josephine had won the foul thanks to her aggression on the ball; we forced a corner, which Avalon struggled to control; and then the pressure finally paid off. Emma took a free kick about 25 metres out and produced an elegant right-foot shot that flew past the keeper. Positively Beckham-esque in execution! And we took a two-nil lead into half-time moments later, when Brigette laid on a lovely pass from midfield and Brooke finished off from close range.

Into the second half, and Avalon came out firing once more. Seaforth did well across the back to hold them out, applying the necessary steel via a string of robust one-on-one challenges, while Rhian went close at the other end. Our third goal came a little against the run of play: Avalon won a corner, forcing Hannah to come up with a terrific save. From the goal kick, the ball was relayed through the midfield to Josephine, who laid on an inch-perfect pass to Claudia on the halfway line. She used her pace to beat the fullback and then fired in a rocket on the run from 25 metres, giving the keeper no chance.

Avalon was not finished: a wicked curling shot late in the game drew a diving save from Hannah, and the ball was cleared off our line in a goal-mouth scramble before the ref (thanks, Gerard!) finally blew full time.

All in all, a solid win against a willing opponent, with the quality of our passing a very pleasing feature. Clearly the lessons of the training paddock are being applied on the field. Well done, ladies! (And thanks to all the mums for coming out on your special day).

- Report by: Murray Olds

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Weekend 1st/2nd May 2010

U8: Seaforth Falcons v Mosman Whales

Our third game for the season started out strong with Tom full of beans and using his mighty kick to show the Whales that we mean business. Brinn was ready to hold out any attempts of goals and Pat started out having another mighty game. Bill and Ben played hand in hand to scored the first two goals. Angus was proving to be a man to be reckoned with while Callum was not shy on the ball. Javier had many attempts to score but Ned was wanting to achieve the same goal.

Second half the Falcons were on a high and Tom came soaring out of nowhere to score a goal. Ben and Bill were at it again with Bill scoring another two and one to Ben. Ned and Angus were trying so hard and Callum was showing us why he loves soccer so much. Brinn was on guard and defending was his main game, while Pat was standing cold in goals and wishing some action would come his way. Our final SCORE was 6-0. Player of the match was awarded to Brinn and Pat. Well done guys.

- Report by: Karen Campbell

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U9: Seaforth Hawks Vs Manly Vale Dragons

The Seaforth Hawks have done it again by defeating the Manly Vale Dragons 3 goals to Nil.

It was a somewhat confusing morning weather wise, light rain and then sunshine.

The Fashion Goddesses from Seaforth were out in their Saturday morning all weather best - rubber boots and cheering voices.(yes Di. I will get back into my box)

Half of Adam turned up to tell us about wet weather bike riding and what not to do on a falling camber. (fall off)... get well soon.

I promised not to sledge the Ref (John) But sometimes a promise has to be broken and this may prove to be one of those occasions.

Manly Vale looked good at the warm up.

Andy did his usual by quickly checking out their strengths and weaknesses and setting our team to counter anything that they could offer. John blew the whistle to start the game and it was business time.

The ball spent most of the time in their half and Henry had a couple of goes but the cross bar kept getting in the road. Then Louis slipped a beauty past the keepers toes. 1 to Nil.

We got a break down the far side and crossed for Oscar to shoot but their goalie got in the road of what would have been a great goal. It was starting to become evident that Manly were playing some lousy tactics by hitting, punching and slide tackling our kids.

The Ref had his whistle in his pocket and kept it there.

A couple of tears and stiff upper lips put paid to that, and we showed very good sportsmanship by not lowering ourselves to that level. Well done kids, we showed that we were there to play.

Lachlan got even and slammed one that hard into the net it almost burnt a hole - 2 to Nil. Stirling got a free kick but just missed the corner of the goal. Manly got a break but could not penetrate our fantastic backs and midfield.

Ollie went for a run down the side, only to get cut off at the ankles again and was hurt. Jack, Lily, Adam, Henry and Stirling had a couple of shots but their goalie was working overtime and holding us out. At long last John pulled his whistle out and called half time.

The Hawks came to the sideline looking like the U/7s as they were all about 2 inches shorter from Manly chopping them so much around the shins. It was a bruised team complaining of being continually fouled who ate oranges and shared stories of spilling blood on the pitch at half time.

We went back on the field confident that the Manly Vale Dragons were in for a lesson as only the Hawks know how to deliver. From the starting whistle it was get out of my face, and we were out playing them all over the field. When Manly Vale had possession they could not break our line.

Elliot, Lily, Taj,Adam, Allan and Jack had a shot but their goalie was good and looked like Swiss cheese he had so many holes in him. (we were wearing him out) Manly had an offside shot at goal but Aiden saved the day.

Taj took a corner and passed to Lachlan who put it over the top for another goal. 3 to Nil We were getting tired and started to play a bit sloppy up front. (next week coach) The Dragons were out of puff and we had put out any fire in them.

When John blew the whistle for full time it was a battered and exhausted Hawks who left the field as valiant knights. The Dragons were a smouldering carcass, totally defeated.

An outstanding show of sportsmanship and a deserved win to the Hawks.

Go The Mighty U/9 Hawks.

- Report by: Bruce Livingstone

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U10/2: Seaforth v Wakehurst

With the Socceroo selectors rumoured to be lurking in the bushes at Seaforth Oval keen to finalise squad selection for next months World Cup, the boys were obviously itching to show off their skills. With Christian away, the excitement of the return of Tom D was somewhat tempered by the late withdrawal due to illness by Eliot.

The reality of the situation was that Seaforth had no substitutes and were playing on the biggest/widest pitch in the world!

With Rowan in goal in the first half, Seaforth were on top from the start. Within 2 minutes William scored his first goal of the season, whamming a left footed strike past the diving goalie. Great start. Shortly after Harry intercepted a goal kick & found the back of the net before Wakehurst realised what had happened. 2-0 and Seaforth were on fire. A great build up from Liam and Arttu on the left hand side resulted in a near miss.

The whole team was playing really well, Tom, Joa, Matt and William in defence, Arttu and Liam in midfield and Ethan, Harry, Joey and Nick up front. Wakehurst were lucky to go into the break at only two down, with some great work by Nick in particular down the left wing.

Coming out for the second half the Coach kept everyone in position, the only change being Joey going in goal and Rowan going up front, with Rowan immediately in the action when, after combining with Ethan he fired one at goal only for the keeper to save and Ethan smashed in the rebound. Great team work and 3-0 to Seaforth.

Nick was next to strike, picking up the ball from a corner, dribbling past the defence and slotting into the left corner. 4-0 to Seaforth.

Some great passing and crosses from the wings meant Seaforth were creating lots of scoring chances (although they did miss a penalty) with Joa, Matt and William getting the chance to move upfield. Harry got a second goal, picking up on a great cross from Tom. Minutes later Ethan made it 6-0 after some impressive midfield work from Joa and Matt. Shortly before the final whistle blew Harry completed his hat-trick after some great work on the right side.

7 nil and the players were completely knackered. A superb team performance with everyone making a fine contribution, even the goalies Rowan and Joey who did not get a single touch of the ball between them.

The Seaforth fans filed out of Seaforth Oval in their thousands, happy in the knowledge they had just witnessed a once in a lifetime performance.

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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U14/1: Seaforth v Wakehurst

As the young men of Seaforth's U14/1s rose from the depths of sleep today, they met a harsh, steamy morning at Seaforth Oval, up against a platoon that hailed from Wakehurst, a platoon which had already scored 22 goals in 4 matches, a platoon who had a titanic thirteen against our tiny ten, and a platoon who were on top of the table, known to be unbeatable.

As all who were present at this match are aware, our young men played brilliantly. Inspiringly. Underdogs with such astounding team spirit!

I've watched many years of club football, and I have never seen a better coaching performance. The iron will of our "gaffer" and his resolute confidence in his team showed in his leaving an injured, yet key, player on the bench. He altered the entire team structure in a mere training session, some players out of their customary positions, and replaced his tactics with a simplistic plan which they followed to the letter.

On Thursday night, Jody said to me: he was going to play a lone striker, and a defensive structure. Our best chance of scoring would be a runaway goal (thank you Adam), or a header off a corner (Kudos Tom Jason and Timmy Newcombe). Either he has a crystal ball or he knows these boys.

On behalf of the parents and team, "Thank you Jody for your patience and leadership. Our boys could not be placed in better hands. And if that is the high point of the season, it was a great one."

- Report by: Mark Newcombe

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Weekend 24/25th April 2010

U8: Seaforth Falcons vs Pitt Barracudas

The Falcons were warmed up for our second game of the season. Javier was first up in goals and was ready to drive at any ball that came his way. Pat played an awesome first half, and did Ben. No ball was getting past them. Callum was ready for a run up the centre and Bill was ready to add to his goal tally for the season and scored to goals. Good work. Tom and Ned had endless energy and were strong players on the field. Brinn was determined to have a crack and goal but was unlucky, but Ben's goal soared straight over the keepers head.

Second half Neddy was out to prove that he has some speed and running down the side line he cross the ball to Javier to score a goal. Tom's many attempts proved that with persistence and his powerful kick that the ball would finally go in. Ben was looking bored in goals and Pat was playing some of his best footy. Bill went on and scored another 2 goals with Brinn defending the Barracudas were finding us hard to beat. Callum was looking bored and wanted a challenge but with the final score being 7-0 he would have to wait. Great game Falcons, you are always improving. Player of the match went to Pat and Pat. Great effort boys.

- Report by: Karen Campbell

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U9: Seaforth Hawks v Mosman Jaguars

Seaforth U/9 Hawks played Mosman Jaguars at Seaforth for an outstanding 4 goals to nil WIN.

Everyone arrived early to set up (Thanks to James, John and Paul) and view the opposing team.

Our team spied out the Mosman team and Andy decided to play a psychological trick on them by our guys running as a team in a straight line across the field. We looked so impressive that Andy got the Hawks to do it again.

The Hawks warmed up and were kicking the black markings off the ball. (we were on fire) Paul put up his hand to Referee (brave)

From the opening whistle it was on, and the Hawks were clearly dominant in both attack and defence. After about 10 minutes of hard work across the park we got a break and our team got the ball to Lachlan for a hard earned goal.

Mosman were fired up and attacked us relentlessly. We were tested a couple of times by the few outstanding players in the Jaguars team. Our midfielders, backs and goalie were fantastic and kept out Mosman right up to half time. 1 to nil, the scoreboard did not reflect our hard work.

Time for a change in tactics and a few positional changes to confuse Mosman further (sneaky coach). Mosman played well for about 10 minutes and then it was all over red rover.

The Hawks decided to step up a notch and rip up the park, we scored two very quick goals with breaks down the sides and Louis was going for a strikers hat trick. Jack decided it was time to open his account and slammed home a beautiful goal. Stirling and Ollie had a couple of shots from out wide and knocked the paint off the goal posts but just missed out.

Lily, Taj and Henry held up the back of the field and continually put the ball into play for our midfielders, Oscar, Aiden, Allan and Adam whose passing was exceptional. Elliot and Lachlan got plenty of ball up front and that showed in the score.

Paul blew the whistle for full time and the Mosman Jaguars were licking their wounds all the way back over the Spit Bridge.

Another outstanding team effort and it was beaming smiles and white teeth everywhere.
Hawks Power Again.

- Report by: Bruce Livingstone

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U10 Div 2:

After the 3-3 draw against Avalon way back before Easter, the boys have just played 3 games in 10 days and are already looking a good chance for honours at the end of the season!!

Game 2 – Sat 17 April v Manly Allambie

Clearly the ref had bought himself a new whistle – and he was going to use it - with 3 penalties, two of which looked a touch on the dodgy side...

The first half was a tightly contested affair, with most of the action happening in the midfield. With Liam in goal, the Seaforth team were determined not to give anything away and played hard for every ball. Nick latched on to a loose ball just inside the halfway, shimmied away from a couple of Allambie defenders and fired a low bullet like shot into the left corner. Great goal, 1-0 Seaforth.

The end of the first half was action packed, Ethan got smashed in the shoulder while competing for a high ball. He came off for a breather, but no sooner than he was back on the field he whacked a powerful shot against the post. Minutes later, William was unfairly wrestled down in the box, Arttu narrowly missed with a hard driven penalty going just wide.

Reinvigorated by fresh oranges and fresh tactics from Coach Tim, the boys came out firing in the second half. Rowan was in goal and Liam had reverted to his preferred position up front. Harry, Joa and Joey controlled the midfield. Against the run of play and much to the disgust of the Seaforth fans massed on the sidelines the ref awarded (not sure what for?) a penalty to Allambie. They converted and it was 1-1. Game on!!

A second penalty to Allambie (this was getting ridiculous) was awarded and duly missed, the effect of this being to fire up our boys for a big finish. From a corner Christian went close, shooting narrowly over the bar. Seaforth piled on the pressure late in the game and were rewarded when Liam scored a brilliant goal from the edge of the box, looping it over the goalie’s head into the top right corner.

2-1 to Seaforth and a well deserved victory. Special mention to Matt and Eliot for great work in defence .

Game 3 – Sat 24 April v Beacon Hill

With Joa in goal in the first half, and Joey, Eliot and Harry at the back, Seaforth were always going to be hard to score against. Once again the boys gave their all, ran for everything and, with only one sub available (Tom still being caught up in a volcano in Iceland), the Coach was getting worried that everyone would make it through to the second half.

Make it through they did, with Joey inheriting the orange goalies jersey and doing a superb job. Scoring chances were few with the deadlock finally broken by Harry getting the ball outside the opposition penalty area and smashing first time into the corner past the sprawling Beacon Hill goalie. A superb strike and 1-0 to Seaforth.

Shortly after Ethan latched on to a cracking pass from William and slotted one off the post into the net only for the ref to rule him off-side. The wild celebrations from the loyal Seaforth fans were quickly cut short!! Seaforth retaliated by piling on more pressure with Rowan, Liam and Nick all making strong runs, with Arttu, Matt and Christian dominating the midfield play.

With a number of corners late in the game, both teams threatened to score but in the event Seaforth managed to stay ahead until the final whistle.

A hard earned victory and Seaforth are already shaping up as a tightly knit unit. Full credit to the Coach.

Game 4 – Monday 26 April v Collaroy Cromer Strikers

As the growing army of Seaforth fans descended upon St Matthews Farm Reserve, the question on everyones lips was whether the boys would be able to back up less than 48 hours after the epic battle against Beacon Hill. Would they have enough petrol in their tanks to survive what was shaping up to be an unseasonly warm April morning??

Eliot took goalie duty in the first half but did not see too much early action as Seaforth dominated the opening stages with Liam and Nick up front ably supported by Rowan, William and Matt in midfield . The Seaforth fans went into a frenzy when after only 5 minutes Arttu latched onto a cracking cross from Ethan and smashed a great goal into the right hand corner. Great goal, 1-0 to Seaforth.

The boys piled on more pressure and then had to withstand a barrage of attacks from Cromer. Christian, Joa, Harry and Joey in defence played really well, with Eliot making a couple of brave saves.

Seaforth managed to get a break against the run of play with Rowan streaking down the left wing (his lime green boots setting the early pace in the seasons fashion stakes!!) and putting a pinpoint cross at the feet of Ethan who made no mistake slotting the ball into the back of the net. Gooooaaaalll!! Seaforth were two up (very appropriate for Anzac weekend!!) and eagerly looking forward to their half time refreshment.

A late surge in the first half from Collaroy resulted in a bit of a goalmouth scramble and after some toing and froing Collaroy managed to get one past a brave, diving Eliot.

2-1 at the break and plenty of encouragement from the Coach. The second half saw the increasingly vocal Joa (does he ever shut up??) back in goal with Seaforth playing really well, creating several scoring opportunities after some clever build-ups and plenty of passing between each other. Harry and Arttu both went close after some nifty work by Nick, Liam and Christian and as the game neared its conclusion the Seaforth fans went into a nervous frenzy as the boys had to withstand some late attacks to hold onto their narrow lead. Great work in defence from Joey , Matt and William.

Finally the whistle blew, 2-1 to Seaforth and their loyal fans piled onto the pitch unable to contain their excitement. What a nail-biter. Coach Tim is already starting to display a few grey hairs!! With Tom D due back next week, the team appears to going from strength to strength.

- Report by: Eddie Chilcott

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Weekend 17/18th April 2010

U8: Seaforth Falcons vs Wolf Spiders

First game of the season and the Falcons were ready to soar, with Callum in goals he was determined not to let the Spiders score. Angus and Ned have come a long way and proved to be solid player. Ben and Pat had so much energy to burn and were not going let the Spiders get past them, and in return Ben scoring our first game for the season. Tom and Javier passing skills showed how much they have learnt and proved to be important team members. Unfortunately the Spiders slipped one past us and Bill was not happy with him and Ned playing the passing game Ned scored an amazing second goal for the Falcons.

Second half Pat stood strong in goals and Javier was itching to get a goal, and with patience and determination he scored our first goal for the second half. Tom and Ben full of energy had a number of attempts but with the help of the whole team Bill scored two more goals. Ned was still on a high from his goal and his smile told the story. The Spiders slipped another one past Pat and he needed to grow an itch to stop from going in. Angus has proved that he is a valuable part of our team and did some great defense with Callum. Our final score was 5-2. WELL DONE Falcons!

Players of the Match went to Bill and Callum. Congrats guys.

- Report by: Karen Campbell

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U6: Seaforth Cougars vs Manly Allambie United Meteors

April 17th 9.15am kick-off at Millers Reserve

Match 1
It was an action-packed first match of the season for the Cougars and Meteors.

All players had a great start to the season especially Molly and Will, who were very busy throughout the match. Possession was fairly even between the teams but the Meteors made more of their chances.

Molly from the Cougars showed great ball skills to score many of the Cougars goals. Will also impressed with some great attacking and defensive play. Timothy and Rachel did a great job with some strong free kicks for the Cougars and Louis showed promise in defence, standing in the goal to stop a couple of potential goals by the Meteors.

The Meteors proved to be the stronger team, with an impressive tally of goals.
Well done to all the players.

Match 2
The Cougars cheery enthusiasm for the game more than made up for their lack of training opportunities. The match was fast and fun with everyone doing their bit.

Jave was delighted with all goals scored and clapped the opposing team enthusiastically, while Tyler made his mark with some impressive slide tackles.

Ryan showed some exciting elusive dribbling and noone could get the ball away from Laura, she was everywhere! Kian proved adept with some sly dribbling towards the goal and Millie's strong support from the sidelines was very encouraging.
A great first match!

- Reports by: Laura Abley & Desiree Halse

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U8: Seaforth Hawks V Mosman Whales

First game of the season and the Hawks were on fire.

A 9-1 result reflects well on the Hawks domination over the opposition throughout the match although the Whales were no slouches with some very skilful & accomplished players on their side.

The Hawks did extremely well through their never-ending commitment to tackle and attack the ball making sure they had the lions share of possession.

Also very good to watch were the excellent passing skills. Many of the 9 goals were a direct result of the brilliant team work, passing and support play.

Both Matt and Nick had stellar performances both scoring a hat-trick of goals and running themselves silly all over the park from kick off to final whistle. Also excellent contributions from Nathe, Asher and Rory all sharing the remaining goals.

And a special mention goes to Rory for some excellent goal-keeping early in the first half
– those saves set the scene for our attacking platform for the remainder of the match.

But, as the coach said, the whole team really deserves man-of-the-match and each player really put in a big effort.

Well done the Hawks and let's keep it going all season!!

- Report by: Greg Taranto

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U8: Seaforth Bears v Curl Curl Dolphins

The Bears are back in town.

First of all I like to welcome our new recruits. Tomi Piisila & Tom Harrison-Brown.
I hope they have fun in this great team.

The game on the weekend was a very competitive match. However the Bears dominated the Dolphins in most areas. The Bears were too super keen and fit.

Great 5-1 win.

Well Done Bears. Player of the Match Tomi Piisila.

- Report by Jason Agapiou, Coach

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U9: Seaforth Hawks V CC Strikers Bandits

The U/9 Hawks played the CC Strikers Bandits for their first game of the season, and did us proud with a 2 goal to 1 goal "WIN".

We turned up early and our Coaches Andy and Adam were brimming with enthusiasm.
The kids were chafing at the bit to get into a new season. At the warm up some of the kids could even touch their toes. Their greatest concern was that the field is a lot bigger this year.

The starting whistle had the adrenalin pumping (also on the sidelines) and entire Team worked very hard. The Bandits created a lot of pressure and the kids worked tirelessly to hold them out. We overcame the pressure and held our positions, then through the good work of our backs and midfielders put the ball in place for our strikers to get a very hard earned goal prior to half time.

Our Coaches hard work was paying off and the kids were starting to click as a team. At half time our goalies changed over and everyone earned a 1/4 of an orange and a long cool drink.

The second half saw a runaway goal to the Bandits (against the flow of play) and we were facing a 1 all draw. On the sidelines the pressure had all our hearts missing a beat.

Our Hawks turned to attack mode a punished the Bandits defence tirelessly. It was time to stick in the talons and finish the Bandits off.

With 2 minutes to go we got a break down the left side and crossed to a beautiful strike which left the Bandits goalie wondering what had just happened.


Everyone was ecstatic with our fantastic start to the season. The Kids said they are now ready to take on Manchester United (but they will have to wait until next week).


- Report by Bruce Livingstone

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U9: Seaforth Eagles v Harbord Falcons

Great start to the season with a 2-0 win.

The Eagles dominated Harbord from the start and was an impressive win.

This is the first time we have played together and the Eagles will improve on this.

It should be a fun year and all players seemed to enjoy themselves. Special mention to Benny from the U8s for helping us out and scoring an excellent goal.

Player of the match which was picked by Scott and went to Parissa. Her ball control and positional play was a highlight of the match.

Good Luck Eagles for the rest of the season.

- Report by Jason Agapiou, Coach

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Ladies 16/2: Seaforth v Curl Curl

At Seaforth Oval, Sunday 18 April 2010

Our young ladies got their season off to the best possible start with an emphatic 5-1 home win over Curl Curl. We dominated across the park, monopolising possession and turning that glut of ball into goals. But Curlie had just 10 players resisting a very skilful Seaforth side enjoying the luxury of a deep bench, and the weight of numbers (and a very warm morning) were telling factors in the end.

Seaforth was quickly into stride, our speedy and skilful forward line feasting on a steady stream of ball from our mid-field and backs. We pressed forward from the opening whistle, and it came as no surprise when Natasha opened the scoring after just 8 minutes with an audacious long-range shot. Claudia made it 2-nil moments later, slotting home a pass in from the left, and she grabbed the third close to half-time from a terrific set piece: Emma pushed a long ball in from a free kick, Josephine headed across the face of goal, and Claudia buried the ball from close range.

3-nil at half time but any complacency was quickly shattered just 30 seconds into the second spell. Rhian had no chance of pulling down a ball that soared high over her head into the net from a long way out, but that set-back served only to fire up the home team. Raid after raid rained down on the Curlie goal; Briar went closest, an elegant left-footer flying off the post, before Holly scored #4. This was a great effort: she trapped a delightful pass from Danika, beat her marker and then fired a high curling shot over the goalie. The final goal was a testament to the non-stop team effort: Jess collected a pass from Chantal and took the ball up the right side; a lovely pass through to Claudia who scored from a ricochet after a courageous goalie blocked the first shot.

This was a very good first effort from our young ladies. Plenty of on-the-ball skills were on display, and our defence was strong across the park. 5-1 the final score, and a fair reflection of the game.

Dominique (Nina's mum) has volunteered to start our orange roster from next Sunday. For simplicity, could we please go to the top of our team list for the next round of orange duty? (That means the Ashcrofts can be the orange boys/girls for the Monday game, and we simply roll down the list for subsequent matches?) Hope that's OK…

Claudia is away over the ANZAC long weekend. Can any other absentees please advise Donald at training?

- Report by Murray Olds

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