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2009 Match Reports - Junior

Latest Seaforth FC Junior match reports will be placed here each week...

If you would like to add a report, please email: president@seaforthfc.com

Weekend 7/9th August 2009

Ladies 14/2: Seaforth Seals V Avalon B

At Careel Bay, Sunday 9 August

What a game: a come-from-behind win, the team's best goal of the season, and the Seals are playing semi-finals football!

This was an outstanding result, but things were not going according to plan early in the match. Avalon took an early lead, thanks to a fine left foot shot that looped over Hannah's head, after some dithering by the Seals in front of goal.

Our ladies regrouped, dodged a second bullet moments later, and suddenly we were playing intelligent soccer. Nina and then Rhian made eye-catching runs deep into the Avalon defence, and the application of pressure led to the equaliser at the 15 minute mark. Brooke used her speed to take the ball in and shoot, then firing home from close range when the goalie could only block the ball.

High-quality passing then became a feature of the game: Ella, Aishling, Patricia, Danika and Hayley were all elegance, spreading the ball around, while Chantal, Nina and Lissa were commanding figures at the back.

Into the second half, and Seaforth continued to dominate across the park, but the second goal refused to materialise. The Seals were almost lining up to take shots, but none found the target. Xenia banged a long ball in from the left that was promising, but it went narrowly over the bar.

Avalon at this stage made one of their rare raids on our end, and it was from this passage of play that the Seals scored the goal of the season. Hannah produced a great clearing kick deep down the right; Lissa controlled the ball, ran a few metres and laid on a wonderful pass deep into Avalon territory; Xenia took control 15 metres out from the line and whipped in the cross, and Brooke was on hand to bury the winner.

Wonderful stuff, and a great credit to all our Seals and our coach, Peter, because our ladies put on the park the skills he's been drumming in all season. Aishling and Hayley were named joint players of the game: well done, ladies.

Now, onto the semis, and bring on Avalon A!

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 1/2nd August

U7: Seaforth V Bears v CC Strikers

The Bears were keen to play after a very long break.

The game started out scrappy but everyone started to show their form.

All the Bears played well. Eddie, Jordan, Cameron and Ethan all did a lot of running and scored some great goals. Sam tried hard and was so close to scoring. Benny did well and set up many opportunities for the others. Charlie had a great game and celebrated his 1st goal of the season.

However the highlight of the match was after Jayden's 1st goal after 2 years of soccer. Not sure if the highlight was his goal or the celebration after. He was still celebrating after the kick off. It was also excellent to see the congratulations from his teammates. Great team work.

Well done Jayden. He was also player of the Match.

Final Score 7-0.

- Report by Jayden's Dad

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Ladies 14/2: Seaforth Seals V Dee Why

At Seaforth Sunday 3 August 2009

10 players carried the hopes of the Mighty Seals into this important game, and they played very well indeed. However, the visitors took the points after an entertaining tussle, and that means we've probably missed out on a place at the business end of the season. No disgrace: Dee Why scored once in each half to deserve the win, but the Seals never stopped trying and were denied at least one goal by an outstanding reflex save.

Dee Why started well, using the width of the field to promote the cause, but Nina, Annalise and Xenia were equal to any attack. By contrast, the Seals were taking the direct route to goal, firing balls through the middle for Rhian, Brooke and Claudia in the forward line, and they were asking plenty of questions of the fullbacks. On the 10 minute mark the ball came in square from the right and Claudia fired a rocket into the goal, but the keeper was up to the challenge, sparring the ball away from her face from close range. Moments later Brooke used her pace to break clear, but her shot flashed wide.

The Seals were making it clear they were up for the challenge, but it was by no means one-way traffic, and shortly afterwards Dee Why opened the scoring with a nice goal from the second of two successive corners. It was now the Seals turn to soak up plenty of pressure, but they did so with aplomb and Dee Why nearly coughed up an equaliser later in the half, the keeper using her feet to kick Claudia's shot away.

Into the second spell, and the Seals started strongly again, creating one very early chance and then setting up a long-range effort from Xenia that was just side. Both opportunities were presented by Hannah, who came out of the goal for the second half and never stopped running. Patricia, Aisling and Danika were also full of running, and a Seaforth equaliser seemed to be only a matter of time. But Dee Why had other ideas, and scored the second after a rare raid into the Seals half. Our ladies refused to lie down and kept pushing forward to the end, but there would be no miraculous comeback.

Nina was the Seals player of the game, and thoroughly deserved too.

Don't forget: the team photo is on this coming Sunday at Seaforth Oval at 9AM;
- our final game is up at Careel Bay at 11.20.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 24/25/26th July

Ladies 14/2: Seaforth Seals V Brookvale

At Grahams Reserve, Sunday 26 July

The story of our season was repeated once again at Grahams on a cool and overcast morning. The Seals were forced to share the points after dominating a scrappy but exciting contest against a determined opponent, because we couldn't convert a glut of possession and position.

The home side began brightly and quickly had Seaforth under pressure, and the game was only a couple of minutes old when a Brookvale shot went perilously close. Hannah was beaten by a decent strike, but Nina had taken up a spot on the goal line, and her long left leg kept the ball from the back of our net. Superb anticipation, and the Seals were stung into action.

Annalise released Claudia on the left with a long ball down the line, but the shot went wide. Suddenly the Seals were camped on top of the Brookvale goal: Lissa had a first-time crack, Brooke (in her comeback game) was all over the keeper, and a third attempt flashed by the post after Nina, Rhian and Xenia combined.

It seemed only a matter of time before we would score, but Brookvale had other ideas: a quick break and Hannah was forced to make a lovely diving save. Back we came, and Rhian and Xenia both asked significant questions of the Brookie keeper, but the home side had the final say of the half, blasting over the bar from point blank range.

Into the second half, and the Seals soaked up an early barrage to respond in kind. Once again, we camped in their half, frequently right in the box, but the back of the net was as elusive as ever. We couldn't buy a goal, and in fact Brookvale drew one final superb save from Hannah, but the score remained nil-all at the final whistle.

Chantal, Nina and Annalise were once again very strong across the back, and Chantal was a deserved Player of the Game. Welcome back Brooke 'The Chook' from injury, and a special mention for a very brave Patricia who was forced to leave the field after taking a ball right in the face. See you back next week!

Our penultimate game is at home next Sunday (August 2) at 9.50AM, against Dee Why.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 3/4/5th July

Ladies 14/2: Seaforth Seals V Pittwater

At Seaforth Oval, Sunday 5 July

The Seals left Seaforth Oval on a chilly Sunday morning with a share of the points, but this was an opportunity lost. Pittwater proved to be a committed opponent who kept us honest, but the Seals made many more opportunities and just couldn't capitalise in front of goal.

The match began brightly with the visitors providing all the early pressure. In fact Pittwater produced an early effort that proved to be the shot of the match, a long-range shot that cannoned off the cross-bar, but Hannah was seldom troubled in goal after that, thanks once again to our resolute defence.

Pittwater's forward line foundered time and again on our rocks at the back; our defensive line is really doing well, week after week. However our forwards were also finding the going tough, with Rhian's shot after a one-two with Claudia perhaps the highlight of a difficult first spell.

Into the second half, and by now the contest had become an arm-wrestle: one goal was going to decide the issue. Sadly we couldn't get it: Lissa came back from a leg injury to have a couple of cracks, Xenia's long-range effort was well-saved, and Claudia (who was named player of the game) fired wide after a nice square ball across the goal, but the ref blew full time and that was that.

Our campaign continues, with the Seals in pretty good shape for the final series, but we will need to find the back of the net a lot more frequently.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 26/27/28th June

Ladies 14/2: Seaforth Seals V Avalon

At Miller Reserve, Sunday 28 June

The Seals led top-of-the-table Avalon for most of the game, but surrendered a share of the points late in proceedings with two lapses of concentration. However, it would be churlish to deny Avalon A the win: they attacked non-stop throughout and their second goal was as good as we'll see at this level.

The match was only 10 minutes old when their coach happened to mention the visitors had surrendered only one goal all season. That was the cue for the ref to blow his whistle for a hand ball penalty to Seaforth, but the keeper was up for it and made a regulation save. Avalon A was breathing again but not for long: Rhian broke quickly down the right, with Danika in support. Claudia latched onto a through ball and had a shot, and managed to score by following in when the goalie fumbled.

A stunned silence from the Avalon supporters was replaced by howls of support, and minutes later they went awfully close. They forced a corner after sustained pressure, and the shot came in. Hannah was committed and couldn't spar it away, but Chantal stuck out a long right leg and tipped it round the post. One nil at half time.

The Seals were quick out of the blocks in the second spell, and Ella began to slide silky passes into the forward line. That pressure translated into a more aggressive stance in front of goal: first Xenia flashed wide, and then the goalie's fingertips saved Avalon. But the visitors were not giving in: one long-range effort was plucked from the sky by Hannah, but our defensive wall eventually was breached after a goal-mouth scramble; the second goal came from a square pass across the box, and the striker made no mistake from close range. A lovely goal, well deserved.

Hannah saved the Seals many times today and her team-mates nominated her as the player of the game. We're still well in the hunt for the end of the season, but we'll need to score more often (just like the Socceroos).

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 19/20/21st June

U8 Seaforth Killer Whales V Curl Curl

It was a very wet day, however the Killer Whales were ready to play.

We starting off playing a different team as the opposition had not arrived yet. Everyone played well and kept them out to only 1-0 at half time.

We were 2-0 down with 10 minutes to go. However the Killer Whales did not give up. Taj scored 2 goals to level it up and with 1 minute to go the Killer Whales scored the winner.

Player of the match James had a great match.

Well done Killer Whales another fabulous team performance.

Final score: Killer Whales 3 Curl Curl 2.

- Report by Jason Agapiou(Coach)

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U9 Seaforth Bears v Beacon Hill

Result: Seaforth Bears 7 Beacon Hill 2

A fantastic morning greeting the Bears, after a muddy, wet week - but the sunshine hadn't had enough time to undo last week's rain and the pitch was an interesting mix of grass, mud, sink holes and bunkers.

This, of course, didn't deter the Bears, who took the field with enthusiasm.

The beginning of the first half was very evenly matched, with neither side conceding a goal, and the play moving back and forward from one end of the field to the other.

Then the Bears had a break through goal and that proved to be the psychological advantage we were after. From there on in, the Bears looked fantastic. The Beacon Hill goalies did well to save many a goal but the Bears were relentless in their attack.

Some great goals from Joel (4 in total!), including some close calls with a hit on the crossbar.

Billy too, with 2 goals, had a great game and a spectacular goal off the post, and also some great defensive work helping out goalie Rory when needed.

Lewis was brilliant in defence and also came close to getting a goal too. Next time! Without Luke in defence we would have been in some trouble, with him shutting down many Beacon Hill attacks.

Another great defender, Lucas was always where we needed him and did some great kicks over the attackers and back into our midfield.

Ralph played expertly out wide and was a valuable asset through the match.

Jack showed some great skill and was always looking for a clear bit of ground to make his attack, which saw a great goal - well earned.

Alex was really putting pressure on with some powerful tackles and always seemed to come up with the ball, and occasionally a scalp!

Ryan on the wing was invaluable and took the ball back into their half at any opportunity.

Emma used that boot of hers well and found some gaps to push the ball from just outside our goals to back up to the strikers. She nearly scored a goal from just inside the half way too!

Rory manned the goals for both halves and had some great saves and very aggressive keeping, stopping the Beacon Hills strikers from getting anywhere close to our score.

Lauren had a spring in her step this morning and had a few shots at goal that were unfortunately stopped by their goalie.

Wherever you needed him, Tim was there with his great tackles. The attackers never have a chance.

Some good team work today and a well-earned win against a side that played a good positional game.

Player of the Match - Alex for stepping up the pace against multiple attempts from the opposition to penetrate our half.

Play of the Day - Emma for some good boot work in getting that ball away from danger.

- Report by Michael Wardman, Manager

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Weekend 12/13/14th June

U7 Seaforth Bears v Wakehurst Bobcats

We were going to face the Wakehurst Bobcats.

The Bears started preparing for this at training. Benny advised me we were going to play the best team in the world. So I tried to teach the boys passing, running and defending. I thought they were not listening. However it turns out they were.

A numbers of parents before the game mentioned how good the other team looked. However you never underestimate the Bears.

The game started and Bears were on top from the beginning. They dominated in both attack and defence. Ethan, Eddie & Jayden played great and did some excellent running. Ethan was very unlucky not to score a fabulous individual goal.

Charlie, Sam & Jordan also played great with some good team work. Cameron played excellent as keeper and Benny scored two excellent goals in the first half.

The 2nd half was better than the first. The Bears defence was outstanding. (saving goals is just as important than scoring goals). They kept the constant attack out and a special mention goes to Eddie for his outstanding defence.

Charlie made some nice saves and Jordan was deserving Player of the match for his constant pressure and attack on the Bobcats.

All boys played excellent with some great team work and they all had a lot of fun.

Final Score:- Seaforth Bears 2 Wakehurst Bobcats 0

- Report by Jason Agapiou

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U8 Seaforth Panthers vs Seaforth Sharks

The match started at 11.30am with the Sharks kicking off.

The Sharks scored a great goal getting past Conor in goal. So the score was 1-0 to the Sharks.

Even though we tried our hardest the Sharks scored again. So the score was 2-0 to the Sharks.

After we did some great passing the ball went to Lloyd and scored his first ever goal and the score was 2-1.

After the Panthers kick off the Sharks scored a fabulous goal.

But that was not the end of the world because Lily scored a great goal. She was at the corner of the field when the ball curved into the goal. The final score was 3-2 to the Sharks.

Man of the match was Lloyd
Most improved was Lily

- Report by Lily - daughter of PMPM

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U8 Seaforth Killer Whales v Pittwater Monitors

The Killer Whales were to face Pittwater.

The girls last year were overpowered by the boys from Pittwater, so they were keen to get some respect.

It was a very strong performance by all. Taj scored some great goals and everyone else backed up with some great team work.

James, Meg and Daniel did some excellent running and defending. Lachlan scored an excellent goal and the decibel duo of Parissa and Rosie were excellent with some fabulous team work. Dominic was the deserving Player of the match who did not stop trying throughout the match.

Another excellent win by the Killer Whales.

Final Score:- Killer Whales 6 Pittwater 0

- Report by Jason Agapiou

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Ladies U14/2 Seaforth Seals v Wakehurst Tigers

At Melwood, Sunday 12 June

The Seals deserved the points today with a sterling second half effort against a plucky home team. We were the better side from the opening whistle, and 3 goals in 15 minutes sealed the win but we are still dithering a little in front of goal, and we need to pull the trigger a lot more quickly (and more accurately) when we do get in position.

The Seals intentions were made amply clear from the kick-off. The ladies were straight into the attack, and the first shot came on cue at the three minute mark. That set the tone for the rest of the half, but we simply couldn't find the back of the net. Our passing was superior, and our defensive line defused every Wakehurst attack with ease, but the goals weren't coming.

Into the second spell, and it was Amber who broke the drought at the 8 minute mark. She had her back to the goal when the ball came through on the back of a couple of lovely passes from Patricia and Georgia. She spun on her heel, turned and fired in a shot that beat the keeper on her left, and that goal was the spark the Seals required.

Lissa cracked a volley that just flashed wide, and suddenly our young ladies were hungry for more. It was only a matter of time before we scored again and it fell to Amber to deliver. She was lurking out past the edge of the box when the ball arrived: she scooped it up with her left foot and lofted the ball over the goalie's head into the net, with Xenia on hand to make sure. As the clock wound down, Rhian added the third, a lovely right foot shot that capped off a lovely pass through from Lissa.

This was a very pleasing performance. The passing effort was the highlight, from back to front: clearly the work at practice is paying off. Our backline was resolute as ever: Chantal, Annalise and Nina are very strong and deny all but the most skilful forwards.

In the midfield, everyone played a part but the Seals acknowledged Danika today as their player of the game for her skill on the ball and tireless running. And up front, it was Amber's turn to shine but goals could have been scored by any number of players. A solid effort, ladies: well done.

See you at training on Tuesday but don't forget it'll be sleep in time next Sunday:
the Seals have a bye!

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 6/7/8th June

U8 Seaforth Panthers vs BTH Barracudas

The clouds cleared and we made our way to Belrose Heights Oval - the scene of the team's worst ever loss.

Was it the same team that had inflicted such grievous scoring harm? The opposing players seemed quietly confident, but the referee's watch seemed to run to time.

The match began and soon the score was 1-0 to the Barracuda's. Could history repeat itself?

Well no. The Panthers regrouped, extended their claws and began a determined assault on their marine opponents. Lily weaved her way from one end of the field (she had to stop chatting to Torben in goal) to the other and evened the scores. One all.

The Panthers confidence leapt and Luke from maybe 20 metres thundered a drive past their hapless floundering goalkeeper. Two one to the Panthers at half time.

The second half began and the Panthers dallied with their opponents - at times running the wrong way to deliver a deft pass to set up another wave of attack. All the players lifted a notch, and at the end of a complex team movement Lily shot another goal to make it 3-1 the Panthers way.

Daniel, feeling a need to contribute to the show, made a couple of crucial saves - one involving a relaxed extension of the leg to deny the Barracuda's. Torben running like a man possessed connected with a trademark shot and nearly took the net from the posts with another unstoppable shot.

Congratulations to all the team, who have shown great leaps in their skills and passing ability. Well done coach John for your great work. Final score 4-1 to the Panthers

Man of the Match Thomas - best game ever.
Most improved - all the rest of the team.

- Report by Paul Schnitzler PMPM

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U9 Seaforth Bears v Forest Killarney

Result: Seaforth Bears 3 Forest Killarney 0

The Seaforth under 9 Bears made the trip to muddy Melwood, looking to bounce back after last weeks first loss of the season in cyclonic conditions at Seaforth Oval.

With three key members of the team away for the match, the Bears pulled together with all players having to play nearly a full match.

Ralph was handed the gloves for the first half and looked as though he could have sat down with a novel for the majority of it. He was however called into action late in the half when he did very well by coming off his line and pressuring the oncoming striker into pushing his shot wide of the posts.

Rory and Lewis were positioned well, clearing the ball away from danger on multiple occassions. The Bears were camped in the opposition half for most of the first half with Joel scoring early on. The centre midfield comination of Billy and Ryan won every loose ball and distributed well to the wider midfielders Lucas, Emma, Tim and Luke.

The most pleasing thing about the first half was the way in which the Bears controlled the game through sticking to their positions and passing the ball round nicely.

The second half was the same as the first, with Seaforth controlling the play. The Bears did begin to go back to their old ways of bunching up from time to time, but the positional play was much better than last week.

Second half keeper Emma was rarely called on but was comfortable in goals and pulled off one fine save when a Forest player broke through our defence. Her goal kicks were exceptional, with many AFL scouts taking interest.

Joel also scored his third goal, completing his hat-trick and sealing the victory. The goal was one of best of the season, rounding a defender before placing the ball in the top corner.

Player of the Match - Lewis (great positioning in the first half as a defender and great hassling in midfield in the 2nd half)

Play of the Day - Emma (for her great one on one save whilst keeping in the 2nd half)

- Report by Joel Hill - Coach

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Ladies U14/2 Seaforth Seals V Dee Why

At Dee Why, Sunday 7 June

This was definitely one that got away from a very busy Seals team that failed to convert possession into points. Our young ladies dominated this match across the park but we simply couldn't get the ball into the back of the Dee Why net.

The early start meant both teams were battling not only each other but the cold and damp, and a rather greasy surface. The opening exchanges pointed to a very even contest, but Seaforth gradually began to wrest control.

Chantal, Nina and Annalise were rock-solid at the back, shutting down any hint of a Dee Why attack, while our midfielders and forwards were speedy and faster to the ball. That's why the concession of the first goal against the run of play came as something of a surprise: a goal kick was volleyed back in by Dee Why, the ball beating a diving Hannah to her left.

Into the second half, and Ella began to blossom on the right side. She pushed a ball through to send Rhian on a terrific run that won a corner after she put a solid shoulder into the left back; moments later, another sweetly-weighted pass saw Lissa blast a shot just wide of the goal.

It seemed to be just a matter of time before the ledger was balanced, but Dee Why scored again from a counter-attack. They broke down the right and managed to chip over our gallant goalie. 2-nil to Dee Why and the clock was ticking.

That was the signal for the Seals to throw everything into the contest. Lissa and Rhian went close: in fact, Lissa had three late chances but their goalie was equal to the challenge on two occasions and the third went wide. Hannah used her knees to deny Dee Why one final effort, and that was it.

We will learn from this, and will improve in front of goal.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Ladies U14/2 Seaforth Seals V Avalon

At Tania Park, Monday 8 June

What a performance! This was thrilling football: the Mighty Seals dominated the game, but could snare only one goal despite the weight of possession and position.

Shots on goal ran 5 to 1 in our favour and two long-range efforts thundered off the Avalon crossbar, but always in the back of the Seaforth minds was the thought that a single raid and a good shot by the visitors would mean we'd have to share the points. Hannah in goal had other ideas, and ruled the space between the sticks.

The game began brightly, see-sawing from end to end, until the Seals began to exert their authority. On 8 minutes, a screamer from Lissa blazed over the top of the bar and that set the tone for the rest of the half. All the pressure was coming from Seaforth, with Ella the midfield maestro running proceedings. Avalon's best chance came late in the half from a rare corner, but our rock-solid defence was equal to the challenge.

Into the second spell, and that elusive goal was as far away as ever. Wave after attacking wave poured down on the Avalon goal but we just couldn't finish off. Finally, with only 6 minutes left, the ball came out from a goal kick; Claudia parried it back towards the box and Ella pounced, lashing it with an elegant right foot past the goalie into the back of the net.

We lifted on that effort, and Seals shots twice cannoned into the cross-bar in the last few moments (first from Nina, then from Lissa). Both long-range efforts were outstanding, and hopefully our young ladies will now be aware we don't have to poke the ball home from close range: with this sort of fire-power, we can score from the edge of the box and beyond.

Well done, Ella: player of the match, and with a good luck grandmother in attendance.
See you all at training.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 29/30th May

U7 Seaforth Bears v Seaforth Pythons

What started as a bleak & rainy Saturday morning, turned out to be sunny and the action was HOT!

The Bears started the game with Jordan in goals, and he showed excellent skill as the Pythons attacked - not only in keeping the ball out, but also in getting it half way up the pitch with his great kicking.

It was off one of these big kicks that Benny took the ball up to the goal, but it was stopped by the Pythons goalie. However, the goalie kicked the ball towards Benny, who then quietly slipped it back past, to find the back of the net!

Our boys continued to attack the goal, with Eddy, Ethan and Charlie all trying really hard to score.

The second half started, but the boys took a few minutes to get back into the game! As the Pythons were probably our toughest opposition to date, the boys may have been surprised. However, with their ever present determination, they all stuck to the task.

Jayden was our goalie, and he was excellent at stopping the many attempts that the Pythons made to score. Under such pressure, he did well to stop the ball. Sam and Cameron showed excellent defensive skills, and all the boys continuously ran up and down the pitch, but the ball didn't cross that line again.

Cameron was awarded man of the match, and the spectators enjoyed yet another great game from this team of players! Well done, Bears! And thanks to Karl, for being the man in the middle, with the high pressure job!

Congratulations to both teams, a 1 all draw was probably the fairest result on the day.

- Report by Sally

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U8 Seaforth Panthers vs Forest Killarney Cheetahs

Winter had arrived. Warming up watching the mini twister worm its way around the quarantined cruise ships off North Head set the scene for the match at Tania Park 1.

The affable coach and players from Killarney meant another match played in good spirits. What a close one - again two evenly matched teams in the first half.

The Panthers were the first to strike - Lily again hitting a powerful shot from outside the circle. 1 - 0 to the Panthers. Shortly afterwards the Cheetahs striker mirrored Lily's shot firing a well timed bullet past the outstretched arms of a diving Daniel into the top corner of the net. One all.

The storm clouds raced in from the sea and the half time break was reduced to just a couple of minutes. The second half was as the first, with Lily saving shots whilst her team mates passed the ball between themselves to earn the accolades from the opposing spectators.

The heavens opened, and the kids and referee ran soaked, from end to end, without any goals being scored. Some players felt disgusted with the conditions they were playing in, and I'm sure a few may have pressed their parents to lobby for a roof to be installed at the local pitch.

The referee pleaded with both coaches to allow time to be called a little early but both were keen to continue. Full time blown at 30 minutes with both teams at one goal each - another great match.

Well done Panthers

Person of the Match - Lily
Most improved - Conor

- Report by Paul Schnitzler PMPM

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Weekend 16/17th May

U7 Seaforth Bears vs Beacon Hill Cheetahs

Chicago has some stiff competition being called the windy city, it is Seaforth Oval that gives them a run for their money!!! A very sensible kickoff of 10am saw the Bears take on the Beacon Hill Cheetahs.

We were missing Jordan through illness so Sam started in goal in the first half and The Bears started attacking straight from the kick off. During this time all the boys had fantastic time on the ball and Jayden, Ethan, Eddie, Cameron, Charlie and Benny all at some stage had magnificent individual runs. The first half score was 4-0 to The Bears and could have been higher if not for the fantastic goal keeping efforts from the Cheetahs goalie who saved many a chance.

The second half saw Benny in goal and a change of goalie for the Cheetahs wasn't making it easy for the Bears to find the back of the net too soon. However the Bears soon stepped up their pace. The Cheetahs were really getting into it but brilliant defense and passing from Sam, Eddie, Charlie, Ethan, Cameron and Jayden denied them any chance to score. Again, there were several amazing and sublime individual runs resulting in fantastic goals from Eddie, Cameron and Ethan. The final score for the Bears, 11-0.

Man of the match was Jayden, who was a clear stand out during the whole match.
Big thanks to Ref Dave, too.

Well done Bears, on another great and fun game.

- Report by Shelbie Newson

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U8 Seaforth Killer Whales Vs BTH Dolphins

On a very windy saturday morning at Seaforth oval the Killer Whales took on the Belrose Terry hills Dolphins.

The Heffernans had bet high stakes on the game and were looking forward to claiming a sausage sandwich for the whole family if victory was successful. (Scott's coaches son from the Belrose over 35's was in the Dolphins side.).

It took a while to get the first goal even with the wind in our favour. My mouth started to water as our New Zealand recruit eventually scored one of 3 goals.

At halftime the score was 3-0 to the Killer Whales but with the wind against us in the 2nd half our defence was going to have to hold.

It was scoreless 2nd half, the Dolphins unable to capitalise on the wind advantage and the final score remained 3-0.

Well done to the Killer Whales.
Needless too say the Heffernans enjoyed their sausage sandwich's.

- Report by Scott Heffernan (Gambling not encouraged)

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U9 Seaforth Bears vs Avalon

Avalon attacked the Bears early on in the game but our defences were solid. The Bears soon got the upper hand in the match and never let up.

A constant barrage of attacks inevitably led to goals and once the Bears started scoring, there was no going back. Poor Avalon had no chance, despite some courageous goal-keeping on their part and a few runs into our backs.

Once again the Bears performed fabulously with everyone stepping up to contribute to the result.

Play of the day was a sensational pass from Jack to Joel to set up the 7th goal.

Player of the Week was Tim for exemplary tackling and passing everywhere on the field.

Billy scored 4 goals, Jack 2 and Joel the last 2.
Bears 8 Avalon 0 !!!

- Report by Michael Wardman. Manager

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U/14/2 Ladies Seaforth Seals V Collaroy Cromer Strikers

At Seaforth Oval, Sunday 17 May

The mighty Seals were the toast of Seaforth Oval on a splendid morning when champagne football led to tipsy parents carousing on the sidelines. The Seals produced their best display of the season and they thoroughly deserved the victory, constructed on the back of a much-improved passing effort and crisp finishing. But the visitors earned plenty of admirers for the way they stuck to their guns: their heads never drooped, and they kept Hannah very busy in the second half.

The Seals signalled their intentions early. Brooke broke past the defence on the back of a good through ball to score a lovely opening goal after just five minutes, and it was 2-nil only minutes later. Another fast break split the Striker's defence wide open, and Amber was on hand to tap in from close range.

The Strikers were stung into action, and their talented forward line began creating opportunities, but Seaforth grabbed number 3 after 20 minutes: Amber took control of the ball in midfield and fed Claudia on the left. She sprinted past the fullback and took the ball to the line before passing across the goal, where Xenia converted from a couple of metres. The same move worked delightfully just before half time: this time, Patricia laid on a terrific pass to Rhian who was lurking on the left; she blew past the defenders at speed before passing into the box, and Claudia banged it home.

Four nil at half time, but it was 5-nil less than a minute into the second spell. A quick break from the kick off, Amber fed Claudia up front, and she took the ball in to the box. The goalie fumbled the ball, and Claudia was able to fire it home from close range as she followed in. And more pressure created #6: one of the visitors handled in the box, and Xenia stepped up to grab her second with a blistering penalty shot to the goalie's left.

We still had half an hour to go, and it was during this period of the game that the visitors really came into their own. They mounted raid after raid and Hannah was forced to make a string of fine saves, the pick of them probably a superb dive to her left to turn the ball around the corner. Eventually she was beaten by a rocket, but the ball cannoned off the post and that was it.

This game wasn't all about scoring goals. Everyone looked for someone to pass to; clearing kicks went booming out of the danger zone from Chantal, Lissa and Nina, while Ella, Danika and Hayley were busy and creative in midfield.

The Seals voted Brooke their player of the game, and she was a deserving winner of the honour. Thanks to all the parents who took turns on the BBQ and canteen; I misread the email and thought they only needed 4 people, so apologies to all concerned. I will do the fruit next week when we take on Manly Vale at David Thomas Reserve at 11.20AM. Till then, take care. Murray.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 9/10th May

U8 Seaforth Panthers vs Brookvale Chargers

A glorious autumnal morning greeted us at the Graham Reserve Mini 1 pitch. The team was focussed, missing only the coaches son, who was searching for corporate sponsorship from the "Golden Arches" marketing brigade.

The teams seemed evenly matched - another close match in store.

Conor in goal made some great saves and his team members rallied around to help him out. After a searching run Luke thundered a trademark 30 footer past their hapless goalkeeper. 1-0 to the Panthers.

The team had only tucked their shirts in and pulled their socks up at the kick-off, for the Chargers to sneak one past our defences. One all. Lily tried a long range volley and some deft head work but to no avail. One all at half time.

The second half was as the first - even - with a few missed opportunities, but again William, Daniel, Torben, Lily, Luke, Conor and Torben tried their hardest. The Chargers scored two more to make the score 3-1 their way, as the final whistle sounded.

Another great effort in a closely fought crusade.
Well done Panthers

Person of the Match: Lily
(I love the way the opposing coaches etc think Lily is a boy - she likes it too I think!)
Most Improved: Daniel

- Report by Paul Schnitzler, PMPM

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U8 Seaforth Killer Whales V Collaroy Cromer Strikers

The killer Whales travelled to Cromer for the clash with the Strikers.

The first half was a one sided affair with all the attack being done by the enthusiastic Killer Whales. Unfortunately It was not reflected on the scoreboard due to some great saves by the Cromer keeper who repelled about 8 quality shots on goal. The half time score was 1 nil Seaforth.

The second half effort by Seaforth was as relentless as the first but their busy goalkeeper was getting tired and quick goals to Taj (adding to his first half score) 2, James, Rosie and Dominic rounding off a great win 5-1 after they snuck a goal through the normally rock like defence midway second half.

Meg got the best player vote. Well done team.

- Report by Dave Slennett (Rosie's Dad)

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U14/2 Ladies: Seaforth Seals V Pittwater

At Kitchener Park, Sunday 11 2009

Tough, low-scoring encounters have been par for the course so far this season, and this Mothers' Day showdown at Kitchener was no exception. The mighty Seals made most of the running and had several clear-cut chances to score, but in the end we had to settle for a draw. Definitely one that got away.

Both teams began brightly, throwing themselves into attack, and the play flowed from end to end. Ella provided an early test with a right-foot volley, but the best early chance fell to Pittwater and it came via a penalty in the 7th minute. The ref ruled one of the defending Seals tripped a home team player in the box, and Hannah found herself alone in goal staring straight out at the Pittwater striker. But the cool resolve of our trusty custodian proved equal to the task: the ball was hit straight at her, and Hannah saved the day.

From that moment, the Seals began to gain the upper hand. The missed penalty seemed to drain some of the spark from the Pittwater line-up, and Seaforth gradually upped the pressure. This was applied right across the park: at the back, Chantal marshalled a rock-solid defence, feeding the ball into the midfield where Rhian and Danika were running wild, and our attack was asking plenty of questions.

This was the pattern up till half time, and it continued into the second half. We created many more chances but could not find the back of the net, while the few attacks mounted by Pittwater came to nothing.

The mighty Seals were not disgraced, but we will need to work hard on our striking and composure in front of the opposition goal. The handful of clear-cut chances we created should have been enough to finish off Pittwater: in the end, a draw was a fair result.

Chantal was a deserved player of the match, as voted by her fellow Seals; well done, Chantal. And next week, we are at home to Collaroy Cromer. See you at training.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 2/3rd May

U7 Seaforth Bears V CC Pythons

The Bears had to play at St Mathews Farm against their arch rivals Collaroy/Cromer.

It was going to be a tough match and it started that way. The Pythons played some good football and got an early goal.

Bears were down 1-0. However the Bears did not give up and just before half time Benny scored a nice goal to level the scores.

The Bears started out strong in the 2nd half. Benny scored another excellent goal to give the Bears the lead. Now it was going to have be a great team performance to keep the lead.

Which they did. Eddie, Charlie, Jayden, Sam and Jordan ran everywhere with excellent defence and attack, which help set up the win. Cameron was magnificent in the 2nd half. He was asked by the coach to defend, and he kept the Pythons out.

Player of the Match Ethan was the stand out. He put himself as keeper in the 2nd half and made many tremendous saves during the 2nd half.

Great Win Bears. One to remember.
Final Score 2-1 to the Bears

- Report by Jason Agapiou

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U8 Seaforth Panthers vs Avalon Bobcats

Parents stopped the pantry stocking and mask hoarding to follow the Panthers up to an H1N1 free Tania park.

It was too perfect - no wind, a beautiful vista and focussed children. Something was missing - opposition.

The renamed (by the coaches son) 'Avalon Hubcaps' had been managerially misdirected to Seaforth Oval. They arrived 15 minutes late, disturbing a keenly fought fathers/sibling vs Panthers match (the score forgotten) and the game began.

An evenly matched contest with the Panthers showing their determination and fighting spirit - Conor, Torben, Lloyd, William, Thomas, Luke, Daniel all attacking and defending brilliantly. Lily in goals made some great saves and the scores were locked at 0-0 at half time.

The second half began like the previous half, until Lily slotted in a neat left footed chip to make the score 1-0 the Panthers way. Torben in goals cleared any close shots with his booming kicks and a victory seemed certain.

The referee, clearly humming some Stevie Wonder tunes to himself blew full time, not realising that Lily had scored another goal through the edge of the net. 2-0 to the Panthers.

Another great team effort - well done.

Man of the Match - William
Most Improved - Conor

- Report by Paul Schnitzler PMPM

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U8 Seaforth Killer Whales v Avalon Cool Kids

It was a beautiful sunny day and the Killer Whales were to play the Cool Kids.

It was a scrappy start and the Killer Whales dominated from the beginning. However they just couldn't get through the defence of the Cool Kids.

An excellent goalie save just before half time by Parissa kept the scores level at half time.

The Killer Whales started the 2nd half much better. Taj came out and scored 2 quick goals and the Killer Whales started to play excellent. Lachlan, Daniel, Dominic and James ran all over the park and played great in defence and attack.

Meg, Parissa, and Renee also ran well and had many excellent kicks on the ball. Rosie then scored the third goal with a great strike in the top right hand corner. Rosie's effort earned her player of the match. Taj then finished the game with a fabulous individual goal.

Another win for the Killer Whales

Final score: 4-0

- Report by Jason Agapiou

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U9 Seaforth Bears v Mosman Tigers

Result: Seaforth Bears 7 Mosman Tigers 1

The Seaforth under 9 Bears have notched up their third win for the season from only three starts!

Rarely troubled at the back, the Bears went on a rampage in the first half, going into the break 5 nil up. Joel and new striker Ryan both scored twice in the first half, after some nice lead up play all the way from the defence. First half 'keeper Lucas was solid as usual, not conceding or looking like conceding a goal.

The most pleasing thing about the first half was the way in which the Bears worked as a team and the midfield of Emma, Lewis, Tim and Alex worked hard to create chances for the strikers.

The second half was a tighter affair, with Mosman scoring first. Man of the match Billy then twice scored from around 15m out to seal the victory. Credit must be given to Lauren up front who by pressing high up the field created space for Billy by dragging defenders along with her.

The solid defensive lineup of Ralph, Rory and Luke, all did very well with some great tackling to shut down the all the attacking raids thrown at them by Mosman.

Lets hope we can have another win next week!

Player of the Match - Billy (great ball control all game and a hat-trick)
Play of the Day - Joel (for his second goal running from within his own half)

- Report by Joel Hill - Coach

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U/14/2 Ladies Seaforth Seals V Avalon A

At Seaforth, Sunday 3 May 2009
Result: Seals 0 Avalon A 1

A lovely morning greeted the Seals after the long trek north, but we couldn't grab a point from a very skilful Avalon team that threatened throughout the game.

We started brightly, and applied all the pressure for the first 10 minutes. However, once Avalon settled down they turned on a lovely brand of football that had our ladies stretched to the limit. We were able to mount a few raids, but we were pretty much camped in our own half and Hannah was required to pull of a string of great saves to keep the score sheet at nil-all at half time. Some robust last-ditch defence from our backs also was enough to put off their speedy forwards at the business end of a raid.

Into the second spell, and Avalon was once again quickly onto the attack. Georgia was the new goalie and (like Hannah in the first half) she found herself under plenty of pressure.

A string of fine saves raised our hopes but the weight of possession finally proved to be too great and a strong shot after some defensive dithering gave the home side the lead at 15 minutes. The Seals never gave up, and might have equalised late in the game, but the shot went wide.

No disgrace in losing to a very good team, but we will have to work out a way to clear the ball more efficiently and aggressively from our danger zone in front of goal.

I nominated Rhian as our player of the day: she never stopped running, and made a thorough nuisance of herself. But my thoughts turned to our two goalies on the way home, and Avalon could easily have won by 3 or 4 without them, so it is only fair that Hannah and Georgia should share the honours with Rhian today.

Next week, we are up against Pittwater at Kitchener #2 at 11.20. See you all at training.

- Report by Murray Olds

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Weekend 11/12th April

U/8 Seaforth Killer Whales v Mosman Adders

The Killer Whales were to travel to Mosman to face the Adders.

The match was even in the first half and everyone tried hard on the oversize field, however the Adders managed to put through 2 goals.

Half time score 2-0 to the Adders.

The Killer Whales were now ready to play in the 2nd half and had adjusted to the field. Taj managed to put through 2 nice goals to bring the score 2-2. Excellent defence and attack by all the girls, Rosie, Meg, Renee and Parissa kept the pressure on the Adders. Their fresh legs managed kept the Adders scoreless in the 2nd half. Dominic then scored a great individual goal, this put the match in our favor.

Lachlan ran all over the park and his defence in the 2nd half helped set up a great win.

Man of the Match Daniel was tremendous in the 2nd half and his saves were the clincher for the Killer Whales win.

Well done Killer whales. It was a excellent team win.
Final Score: Seaforth Killer Whales 4 Mosman Adders 2.

- Report by Jason Agapiou, Coach

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U/9 Seaforth Bears V Wakehurst Knights

On a beautiful Saturday morning, the Bears gathered together at Seaforth, hoping to bag another win, this time against the Wakehurst Knights.

Wakehurst applied an incredible amount of pressure on the Bears early on but our defense was rock-solid, and 1st half goalie Alex wouldn't let anything in. But it didn't take long for the Bears to tire of playing in their own half and Lewis brought the score to 1-0 up after a great kick at goal.

Not satisfied with that narrow lead, Joel scored our 2nd goal off a great throw-in. The Knights regained focus and swarmed the Bears in defense and got the score back to 2-2 just at the end of the 1st half.

Billy kept up his goal-scoring record by picking up a goal early in the 2nd half and goalie Ryan made sure Wakehurst never had a chance of levelling.

Another great performance by the Bears with some excellent play from all the team, such as brilliant clearing kicks from back Alex, midfield work from Tim, forceful attack work in the goal area by Lauren, and some solid tackles from Emma.

Player of the week: Ryan
Play of the Day: Lewis
Final Score: Bears 3 Wakehurst 2

- Report by Michael Ward

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Weekend 4/5th April

U/7 Seaforth Bears v Manly Allambie Redbacks

Another great start to the season for the Bears. The boys have not lost their touch.

All the boys played excellent and dominated the opposition in both defence and attack. A special mention to Man of the Match Benny who scored many long range goals.

Looking forward to another excellent and fun season.

Final Score:- Bears 9 Redbacks 0

- Report by Jason Agapiou, Coach

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U/8 Seaforth Hawks vs Seaforth White Tigers

This match was a good start to the year, with every player getting involved in a close match, although we did have most of the run of play.

We started a little sluggishly in the first half, with Jay and Byron the only players who started with much intensity, chasing balls and tackling hard. Once we all started getting involved, we dominated field position in the first half, with Eddie and Stirling in particular getting into space and hammering good shots to challenge the opposition 'keeper. Jordan started this season the way he finished last year, by being our key in defence, either tackling hard from head-on, or ferociously chasing down any opponents who threatened to break away.

The second half was a much more open affair, and the opposition started with a bang, by hammering a shot off the crossbar. Wayne, as second half goalie, was called on to make numerous saves, but turned play around with his long clearing kicks. Michael relished being released from goals with a high work rate in the mid-field in both defence and attack. Ben was involved in everything in the second half, chasing and tackling, neat passing moves with Byron and finding position for shots on goal. The only goal in a tight game came when Jay thumped a ball high into the net giving the goalie no chance, after lead up work from Stirling.

Well done Hawks, on a solid start to the season that we should be able to build on.

- Report by Bill and Katie Inglis

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U/8 Seaforth Panthers vs Mosman Caimans

It was with some trepidation that the Panthers prowled up to Georges Heights Oval - Mosman in the first round! Surprisingly the parents and children were low key. The referee did not think he was an English Bobby. The match began - two evenly matched teams removing the webs and rust from the summer layoff.

First and second blood to the Caimans - then we heard Julia chortle to her brother "Bend it like Ungemach" and he did a swerving dipping ball into the back of the net. 2-1 to the Caimans - we were still in the match.

A half time talk from Coach Haslam focussed the troops - in the warm up he thought the team had been fed red cordial since the early hours of that day.

The second half began like the first with the teams trading attacking servos - the Caimans the first to strike. Late in the second half Luke thundered a ball past the Caiman's goalkeeper (who would not have looked out of place in an U16 team) to make the scores 3-2 to the Mosmanites.

Unfortunately the time ran out, but I think the score line reflected the essence of the match.
A great start by the Panthers - well done.

Man of the Match - Torben
Most Improved - Luke

- Report by Paul Schnitzler aka PM squared

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U/8 Seaforth Killer Whales v Beacon Hill Eagles

A great start to the season. The Killer Whales played excellent.

The new combination of last years girls with the new boys were just too good and had a lot of fun together.

Rosie, Parissa and Meg who did the hard yards last year enjoyed the big win and played excellent. Rosie even scoring a couple of goals. Lachlan and Daniel also played great. Daniel was terrific in defence and Lachlan scored a great long range goal.

Taj was the Player of the Match and totally dominated the opposition. Taj scored 8 nice goals.

Looking forward to an excellent and fun season.
Final Score:- Killer Whales 10 Eagles 0

- Report by Jason Agapiou, Coach

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U/9 Eagles vs Curl Curl Youth Leopards

We have had only two practices and the day before the round one game was the first time all the children had been together, but what a bunch of champions we have here... despite a slight oversight by the team manager (waking up!!)

The team was rearing to go on Saturday morning and had the nets up, oranges at the ready, boots laced,a ref rearing to go, a Saturday coach stepping in to do the subbing on and off (very difficult when you don't know the children... and the manager hasn't turned up for the start of the game to give you a sheet with all the names on... Thank you David Poole, an amazing job).

A bunch of cheering parents, siblings and pets on the sideline, we were underway for the season.

The end result was not reflective in how the children played and the amount of possession the Eagles had, as we went down 3-1 with an awesome goal by Sinead (the first of many by the looks of her skills!).

Man of the match to Max for his amazing play throughout the game. Well done Max, and indeed each and every player... they all played hard and I can hardly wait to see how they will go once they get to know each other!!

I am proud to be your manager, you are a super bunch of players.

- Report by Cindy McCullum

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U/9 Seaforth Bears V Brookvale

Result: Seaforth Bears 8 Brookvale 2

The Seaforth Under 9 bears have sent a fierce warning out to their competitors with a comprehensive victory over Brookvale down at Passmore.

It wasn't all flair though, as the Bears defence was unlocked twice in the first few minutes by some neat work from Brookvale's number 2. The raids were made by some clever runs down the line dragging several of our defenders out, leaving first half keeper Ralph stranded against several oncoming Brookie players ready to attack the crosses.

The Bears soon wised up to the Brookie game plan, and went forward with midfielders Jack, Lewis and Lauren linking nicely with Joel up front bring the Bears back to 2 all.

The rampage continued in the second half with Billy twice running the ball from within our own half and calmly slotting the ball past the Brookie keeper. Tim caused further worries for the Brookie defence, at one stage dragging in five of the opposition to try and shut him down!

Special note has to be made to the solid defensive lineup of Ryan, Alex, Rory and Luke, who went for the whole second half without looking like conceding a goal! The four boys at the back ensured that second half keeper Lucas was rarely troubled, although he did look very comfortable between the sticks.

Man of the Match - Joel (a nice hat-trick to start the season)
Play of the Day - Billy (for his second goal which could possibly get him a run for Manchester United)

- Report by Joel Hill, Coach

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U/9 Seaforth Magpies vs Brookvale Magpies

Result: Seaforth Magpies 3 Brookvale 0

A very nervous start to the season, as the team slowly turned up. Our first hiccup was not having enough players! Lets throw in Saxon from the U7's into the goalie’s position!!!!Thank goodness for siblings!

It turns out, that although Saxon played a brilliant 5 minutes, James got through the traffic jam of the parking lot, and was sent in to sub. Thank you Saxon.

The game went by in a blur, as I tried to remember all of the children's names. The excitement of the first goal, the way the children positioned themselves on the field. It was as if they knew exactly what they were supposed to do on this huge playing field. The dad's that got in there to be a coach for the day. (Not sure if they know the game rules)

Tom, Tobias, Yohaan, Gabriel, Jacob, Amy, Zoe, Jenson and James played so well together. It was like they had played together before. We, as parents watching were very proud.

I have gone on too long about our own team. The Brookvale Magpies played a brilliant game also, and are a force to be reckoned with. They challenged us at every turn, and kept us on our toes.

It looks like it could be a very exciting season, and I know we are looking forward to it.

- Report by Tania Taylor, Manager

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U/14/2 Ladies Seaforth Seals V Wakehurst Gloworms

At Seaforth, Sunday 5 April 2009

A beautiful morning to start our new season, and the oval was a picture. So too the result: a 1-nil win to the Seals to begin the campaign, and hard-earned by a tenacious and committed team that never gave up.

This was a game of two halves. The Seals began brightly and applied all the early pressure; after half time, it was the turn of the Gloworms to apply the blowtorch, and our ladies responded magnificently.

We took our time to settle down, but Seaforth was dominant in the early exchanges. At the back, Chantal, Annalise and Xenia were solid as can be, shutting down just about all the Wakehurst attack, and Hannah in goal was only called on to make one save, a terrific effort midway through the half. She accomplished it with skill, catching the ball on the full to defuse a rare Wakehurst threat.

The midfield was busy and creative, feeding the forward line, and it was really only a matter of time before all the pressure paid off. Brooke fought for space after a through ball on 22 minutes, and she used her pace to take it in and beat the keeper. 1-nil and that was the score on half time.

Into the second spell, and we started well: a lovely ball from Hannah set Brooke free, and she took off on a wonderful 40 metre run but the shot went narrowly wide, thanks to some excellent defending.

Then came the change: Danika was hit flush on the nose by the ball and had to go off, and Wakehurst came to life. Suddenly Georgia was involved in everything in the Seaforth goal, and she made save after save to deny a hungry Gloworms forward line. As one stage they had the ball in our net, but the ref called play back for a hand ball.

The full time whistle finally came, and the Seals had well and truly earned the points. Excellent first-up effort, ladies... well done.

The coach's player of the game: Danika.

- Report by Murray Olds

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