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Reports 25/26th August 2007

Seaforth U6 Cobras V Narrabeen Neptunes

The Cobras were on the road for the last round of 2007, up against the Narrabeen Neptunes. The boys started out in sparkling form with a number of shots on goal before Angus slotted a fantastic long distance goal. The Cobras continued to pile the pressure on for the rest of the first half however the Neptunes' goalkeeper was in formidable form.

The second half started well with Ned taking the goalkeeper by surprise and putting away an easy goal. However all of the running in the first half had taken its toll and the Neptunes kicked into gear as the Cobra legs began to weary. The Neptunes evened the game up at 2-2 with two quick goals. For the next 10 minutes the Cobras hung on bravely repelling every attack, but eventually the Neptunes got a break and kicked the winning goal just before full time.

It was a great effort from the boys in the last game of a terrific year. The boys have improved dramatically since the first weeks of the year and are now playing as a team with some great passing between players and super tackling efforts from everyone. Tyler has done a great job with the boys this year teaching them the basic skills and Jane Peggie deserves a special mention for making sure the season has run smoothly.

Looking forward to another successful year in 2008.

- Report by Andrew Barnet

Seaforth U6 Panthers v Collaroy Cromer Strikers Kennedys

If you never did, you should
Because football is fun
And fun things are good.

The Panthers lost only two games the whole of the season.
Go ask their coach, maybe he knows the reason.
Could it be that their legs are all the same height?
Or maybe their left boots were not tied to the right?

But I think that the most likely reason of all,
Is they love having fun, and love kicking that ball.
And kick it they did, all over the park.
They'd be out there still now, if it wasn't so dark.

Last weekend they played a long-named team at Dee Why
Called the Collaroy Cromer Strikers Kennedys - oh my!
With a name so extensive, and so un-truncated
You'd expect that their players would be elongated.

But when they arrived, to our great surprise
We discovered their team was a tad under-sized.
Although long in name, it was there plain to see
That some of their players were knee high to a bee.

Those little Kennedy chaps knew they were in for a race
When the Panthers started play at a break-necky pace.
Lily breaked, Torben necked all over the place.
Conor zigged all around, Daniel zagged into space.

Wiley leapt like a lizard, Harry flew like an ace.
Lloyd dribbled with ease, William deceived with his grace.
Gabriel saved lots of goals - with a big smiling face.
(And thankfully all of their shorts stayed in place.)

To those minuscule Kennedys this was really bad news.
The Panthers had brains in their heads and feet in their shoes.
They zag-zigged and break-necked 'til both teams were spent
The Panthers were stupendous, 100 percent.

Despite that break-necky stuff (which I've mentioned before)
Though played like Brazilians, the Panthers just couldn't score.
With their heads full of brains and their shoes full of feet.
The Panthers ended the season with a goalless dead-heat.

Keep playing you Panthers and keep laughing too
Because good things will happen
And frequently do
To footballers as brainy and footsy as you.

Well done all you Panthers. What a team! What a year!
Now all of us want to give you a big cheer.
If you keep playing like this, you're bound to succeed
And that's 99 and ¾ percent guaranteed.

- Report by by Paul McGuire (with apologies to Dr Seuss)

Seaforth Ladies U12/1A v Wakehurst A

Ladies U12 Div. 1 – 26/08/07 – GRAND FINAL - SFC 12/1A v Wakehurst A at Cromer Park 1 (KO at 08.30 am)

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Reports 18/19th August 2007

Seaforth U6 Panthers V Manly Allambie Stingrays

The Panthers took on the Manly Allambie Stingrays in their second last game of the year. And what a year it's been for the Panthers' in their first ever season. To say that they have over-achieved would be an under-statement. To say that they just kicked a ball around a paddock would ignore the entertainment, thrills and joy they have created. Their season has been a roaring success.

Sub-junior football is about participation, not results. However, statistics give some measure of the Panthers season. Prior to this week's game the Panthers have won 12 out of 14 matches (86%), drawn 1 and lost only 1. They have scored 54 goals and conceded only 10, giving them an astounding for and against goal difference of + 44.

However, the Panthers soon discovered that they would not be allowed to rest on their laurels this week when the Stingrays attacked straight from the kick off, requiring Lily to pull off a fine save. Undeterred, the Stingrays came back only minutes later and struck the ball just past Lily to open the scoring. 1 - 0 to the Stingrays.

The Panthers fought back with fine attacking play. Wiley and Torben played particularly well. Conor had a good run down the side line. William, Lloyd and Daniel turned the Stingrays around each time they attempted a counter-attack. Gabriel and Harry kept forward momentum with some strong kicking. Despite the Panthers controlling the remainder of the half they were unable to find the back of the net.

1 - 0 to the Stingrays at half time.

Coach Haslam reached for his motivational sports quote book to inspire the team. "Just remember guys," he said as they gorged themselves on the half time oranges, "It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle." Nine blank, orange-stained, faces looked up at him. He tried again with "It doesn't matter if you try and try and try again, and fail. It does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again." "You want us to score tries?" said a puzzled Gabriel. "No, no, not quite." said the coach "What I mean is, it's a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness." "Our Mummies say we’re not allowed on the road" said Harry. "Let me try again," said the coach "I want you to go out here and have as much fun as you can."

The coach's speech worked a treat with the players skipping, dancing, running and prancing their way through the remainder of the game. They completely dominated the second half. Lily had three great attacks on goal and was desperately unlucky not to score. Wiley played like a boy possessed (which came as no surprise to his mother), showing skills and determination beyond his years. Torben struck the ball like a virtuoso percussionist. Gabriel kicked and ran beautifully, and had a great shot on goal which was saved by the Stingrays' goalie. William put on an impressive display in mid-field. The ever-smiling Daniel hit the ball with pace and confidence. Harry ran and skipped tirelessly for 15 minutes. Conor kept his goal intact for the half, preventing the Stingrays going further ahead. It was a great team performance.

As the coach's quote book no doubt would testify, "Sometimes in football you have to score goals" (- Thierry Henry). The match ended with the Panthers unable to convert their excellent play into points.

Final score: 1 - 0 to the Stingrays.

Congratulations Stingrays on a well deserved win. Well played Panthers and remember there's one more game left so, in the words of the former England Manager Bobby Robson, "Don't start counting your chickens before they hatch, otherwise they won't lay any eggs in the basket."

Player of the match: Lily
Most improved: Conor

- Report by Paul McGuire

Seaforth U7 Possums vs Pittwater

"Narrow defeat"
A clear day greeted the Possums as they once again endeavoured to match up to an all boy team.

Ordinarily, one would be nervous with the knowledge of Josh and Ciara missing from the Possums attack. However, the composure was obvious as the Possums relentlessly attacked Pittwater's goal.

From the outset, Paddy was amazing, given the fact he was in bed all week. With some terrific midfield support from Sophie, Chloe and Zoe, the Possums were able to keep the ball in the oppositions half.

Contrary to the run of play, Pittwater scored the 1st goal. Possums quickly regrouped and immediately responded with a return goal before the half time hooter sounded.

Ceili swapped keepers jersey with Sophie. Crates of oranges and jerry cans of water were quickly consumed before the Possums charged back out on to the field. Imogen, Bella and Jack seem to benefit from the half time nourishment as their presence proved to be a constant thorn for the opposition. Bella's tactic of keeping the oppositions goal keeper company looked to be a novel diversion that no doubt coach Anne has been working on at training. To everyone's shock, Pittwater scored a second goal to take a 2-1 lead which they were able to hold till the full time hooter. Both teams congratulated each other for a great game. Zoe was awarded Possum of the week

It must be noted that our guest referee for the match seemed to be showing the effects of vigneron duties from the previous 2 weeks. As a result, both teams showed their appreciation with an extra loud cheer for the Ref who also doubles as our Manager!

Next week sees the last game of the year before the Gala Day. We look forward to an another big effort before we thereafter invade the Bryant's generous offer of hosting the end of year BBQ!

- Report by Adam Taylor
Proud Father of a Possum.

Seaforth Ladies U12/1A v Seaforth Ladies U12/1B

19/08/07 – SEMI FINAL - SFC 12/1A v SFC 12/1B at Cromer Park 1 (Kick-off at 08.30 am)

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Reports 11/12th August 2007

Seaforth U6 Panthers V Mosman Crocodiles

Coach Haslam arrived at this game appearing a little pallid from last week's loss - the Panthers' first of the season. Whilst the players demonstrated the happy-go-lucky attitude one would expect from carefree five year olds, clearly the defeat was weighing heavily on their coach's shoulders. "Sure, one loss is fine" he whispered before kick-off, "but two losses in a row and I'll get the sack." Maybe his concern was justified. Why should under 6 sport be immune from the example set by the professionals, where winning is the only creed and the coach's tenure is only as secure as the result of the next game?

The Panthers had a big task ahead of them to save their coach - the game was played on an enormous pitch, with miniscule goals. Was this a Mosman tactic to avenge their 8 - 0 loss to the Panthers in round 1? Were they out for Coach Haslam's scalp following the Mosman-refereeing furore of round 12? The stakes were high and the coaching staff's blood pressure even higher. Clearly this was a must win game.

The Panthers started strongly with Torben, Lily and Gabriel combining well in the opening minutes. Torben had a great run, which ended with the ball unluckily hitting the outside of the under-sized net. Lily then attacked with an unchallenged shot, which would have found the back of a regulation goal, but just missed the tiny target. Gabriel then chimed in with a solid strike, which was well saved by the Crocodiles' goalie. Harry, Daniel, William and Wiley played so well in defence that Lloyd, in goal, had no work to do. On two occasions in the half the Crocodiles' goalie deflected the ball over the dead-ball line. In a creative application of the rules, the Mosman referee on each occasion awarded goal kicks instead of corner kicks. The referee's inventiveness continued when late in the half, instead of awarding the Panthers a corner, he awarded a Mosman throw-in from the goal line.

Nil-all at half time.

A worrying pattern emerged in the second half, with Mosman attacking strongly deep in Panther territory. Daniel, manfully filling the goal with his small frame, kept the game and our coach alive by making several great saves. The Crocodiles mounted wave after wave of attack. The coach, at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale. Something had to be done. Someone either had to call an ambulance or order a crocodile sandwich (and make it snappy).

Games of football, like the tide, tend to turn quietly. The turning point occurred in this match when Wiley nonchalantly stuck out his foot. He trapped the ball, turned it around and kicked it into space in front of Lily. Lily grasped the opportunity and scored. With the momentum returning to the Panthers, the colour returned to their coach's face. The whole team rose to the occasion. Gabriel had a great attack which was well saved. Torben kicked strongly. Daniel continued his statuesque performance in goal. Harry, Lloyd and William kept play tight in mid field. With minutes to go Lily put the game beyond doubt with her second of the day.

Final score: 2 - 0 to the Panthers at full time.

Congratulations Panthers and well played Crocodiles.

It would be a fair to say that Coach Haslam was a little relieved with the win. Had any of the parents or players exiting the car park looked back in their rear-vision mirrors, they would have see the solitary figure of Coach Haslam, alone on the pitch, skipping the light fandango, turning cartwheels on the floor.

Player of the match: Harry
Most improved: Daniel

- Report by Paul McGuire

Seaforth U8 Panthers V Beacon Hill
Result: Panthers 3 Beacon Hill 0

A superb effort from the boys and coach Gav. The Panthers have not lost a game for months.

In the first half despite close calls by Daniel, great mid field work by Jack and Tom the scored stayed 0-0. Thanks to great defence from Asher and some amazing diving saves by Jasper in goal.

Second half goals from Shahill, Jasper and Max and great, solid defence from Barney saw a continued undefeated streak from the boys... well done.

- Report by Karley Heyworth

Seaforth U8 Leopards match report
Result: 5-0

The Leopards had a full compliment of players this week and were off to a great start.

The match was very physical and in the first half we had many attempts at goal. William, Jack, Max and Kieran all had a go whilst Bailey and Jayden applied plenty of pressure in defense.

Nic was able to ward off any of the other teams attacks with a couple of really good saves. At the end of the first half the score remained nil all.

After a pep talk from Rob the team went on to score 5 goals in the second half. Max and William both scored whilst Kieran was able to make a hat trick this week - well done! Emerson was unlucky not to score after a beautiful pass from William.

This week Max and William received a special mention after the game whilst Kieran, with his hat trick, was awarded Man of the Match. Congratulations all round.

Go the Mighty Leopards

- Report by Jane Peggie

Reports 4/5th August 2007

Seaforth U6 Echidnas V Avalon Marlins
Result: Marlins 6 Echidnas 0

WOW, this week was tough. Those Marlins really knew how to play, and made it hard for even our star striker Allan to get a goal.

Our team played a really good game defending and attacking where we could. Well done to Olivia and Allan our goalies this week, without their great saving it could have been much worse.

We had a full compliment of players who all tried really hard. Josh was our player of the match. Congratulations Josh.

Better luck next week Echidnas.

- Report by Alicia Beachley

Seaforth U6 Panthers v Collaroy Cromer Strikers Milligans

In their short, illustrious, football careers the Panthers have learnt many valuable lessons. Sportsmanship, the importance of fair play, how to fight back from behind, playing as a team and winning with good grace are all subjects this team has already passed with flying colours. As chance would have it this week the Panthers were due to learn the most important lesson of all.

The Panthers started strongly, with Torben getting the ball from the kick-off and running it down field. He was unlucky not to score with a good strike, which was well saved by the Collaroy goalie. Collaroy responded with a great attack, only to be stopped by Lloyd. Gabriel had a shot, which just went wide of the post. Collaroy brought it back to the other end, forcing a great save in goal by Conor. Torben retaliated with another solid assault which was saved. The side-line spectators were in danger of giving themselves whiplash as they watched the see-sawing action with the players sprinting from one end of the field to the other. William, Lloyd and Lily showed beautiful passing skills. Daniel, Wiley and Harry played sublimely in defence.

Nil-all at half time.

The second half provided no relief for the players or for the sore-necked spectators, with the evenly matched teams trading attacks and counter-attacks. Lily had a couple of great attempts in the half, which were both well saved. Torben played strongly and was again unlucky not to score. Conor and Wiley defended well. Harry played tightly in mid-field. Late in the half William in goal was put under enormous pressure by Collaroy's attacks. With only minutes to go he pulled-off a fantastic save, stopping a lightning fast Collaroy strike. As the referee lifted his whistle to his mouth, with the game hurtling inevitably towards a nil-all draw, Collaroy struck the ball from ten metres out and found the back of the Panthers' net just as full-time sounded.

Final score: 1 - 0 to Collaroy.

It was the Panthers' first ever loss. The Panther'Parents looked shocked. Coach Haslam went a little pale. How would the team respond? Would they know how to handle defeat?

Proving that you should never under-estimate a 5 year old, the Panthers ran off the field with the same wide, beaming, smiles they have on their faces after every game. They were smiles that exposed the pure pleasure of participation, the joy of joining-in, the triumph of trying your best.

Well done Collaroy on a great win, and congratulations Panthers on proving that success is not just measured on the scoreboard.

At the team's post match de-brief Lily was heard to say "It doesn't matter that we lost. Someone always has to lose." "Unless it's a draw" said Harry. "Or a tie" said Conor. To which Gabriel added "Yeah, it's not about first, it's about fun." "Good point Gabby" said Daniel "Just imagine how much fun we'll have when we thrash 'em next season."

Player of the match: Lily
Most improved: Gabriel

- Report by Paul McGuire

Seaforth U7 White Pointers vs Mosman Kookaburras
10.45 Sat August 4
Seaforth U7 White Pointers defeated Mosman Kookaburras 2 - 1 at Georges Heights.

The White Pointers were challenged today by a team as skilful as themselves. Tom was joint player of the day with 2 fabulous goals & wonderful ball skills. Sam was equal player of the day & was literally "on fire".

Lucie chased that ball to the goals. Ethan & Will attacked & defended with speed & competence. Eliza's speedy legs intercepted many balls. Oliver had some strong tackles & nearly scored a goal. Marlow & Charlotte were great goalkeepers.

Thanks Gavin who stood in for Greg as coach & Libby as usual managed everyone beautifully from the sideline.

A great game!

- Report by Kelly Pearson

Seaforth U7 Bandits VS Manly Vale Crocodiles
Result: Bandits 4 - 1

What a terrific morning, bathed in sunshine ended in a successful win by the Bandits.

Lucas worked the ball very well in the early part of the game, with 2 great saves by Claudia as GK. Great footwork by Ryan ended in our first score followed by another fast goal by Isaac.

Great team work by Tobias, James, Millie and lots of effort played by James W. The confidence was definately riding high thoughout the game which resulted in our 3rd goal played by James W.

Wow! what excellent team work and a fabulous game by all!!!
Keep up the good work.

- Report by Kris Hallett

Seaforth U8 Dragons vs. Mosman Tassie Devils
Result: 2-1 loss for the Dragons

The Dragons started the game with a quick goal (a record perhaps) within seconds of the kick-off, courtesy of Carl.

However, it was the Mosman Devils, in their sky blue outfits, fully fitted for 2x15mins of tough football, who took the measure of our courageous Dragons, scoring a goal in each half.

Our defense was tenacious with the entire team moving back in chorus to defuse each threat. In attack, Hugo was relentless with Mitchell sent forward as a striker. Jared kept the dives and tackles going, Scotty kept pushing the ball in the opposition territory, while Kolia was fending off the repeated assaults of the visitors. If only Callum had scored that goal in the last minute!

Quite a game really against a highly motivated team.

A shame we're only 3 games from the end of the season.

- Report by Maroussia Bermann

Seaforth U8 Leopards vs Mosman Possums

A great match was played by the Seaforth Leopards against pretty tough odds. All players put in a great effort with a couple of near misses at the goal early on and some excellent tackles by Jaidon, Emerson and Max.

Unfortunately despite this the Mosman Possums scored a goal in the first half and it was 1-0 at half time.

Undeterred the Seaforth Leopards powered forth in the second half. Nick made a good save in goal and Jaidon had real fire in his belly, running and tackling all the way up to the other end of the field and just missing what would have been a brilliant goal! Then the other side matched it with another goal leaving us 2-0 behind.

Fortunately within minutes Emerson scored a goal. A nail biting last few minutes wondering whether the Leopards would manage another goal and make it a draw.

It wasn't to be but it must be said the Seaforth Leopards played a super game and clearly all their hard work of the season has paid off!

- Report by Nanya Nyssen

Seaforth Ladies 12/3 Stingers V Brookvale
Result: Stingers 1 Brookvale 1
At Grahams Reserve, Manly, Sunday 5 August

The Stingers were playing for a place in the semis when they met Brookvale at Grahams on a cold Sunday morning. Brookvale came into the game as the runaway leader of the division: 11 wins, and only 2 losses this season, and a tremendous for and against goal difference, but the Stingers really stepped up to deserve a share of the points.

The Stingers had the better of the opening exchanges, creating a couple of early chances, but Brookvale is a formidable team. A solid defensive line kept denying our strikers the chance to get a shot away, and so good were the clearances that the speedy Brookvale forward line was always dangerous.

But we were keeping them out, despite the corner count running against us. Every time the ball came in, the Seaforth defence was equal to the task. Everyone took a turn to ease the pressure, as Shannon flooded the goal with defenders. Lauren and Clare stopped attack after attack, and our speedsters like Bec and Gia and Belle and Imogen survived on the scraps. Smart passing ensured our forward line had enough to live on, but we just couldn't put a decent shot on their goalie. And, as so often happens in football, we paid the price for failing to convert our chances, coughing up a long-range goal right on half time. One of their speedy forwards broke away and her shot didn't give Emily a chance.

Into the second spell, and we were off to a bright start once again. But a good diving save from the Brookvale goalie thwarted us early on, and more strong defence kept denying our forward line the luxury of an easy shot. Emily was everywhere after surrendering the goalie's gloves, but it was Georgia who pulled off the save of the game, stopping a shot that was rocketing straight towards her face.

Great stuff, but the clock was ticking down and we were running out of time to grab the equaliser. One moment, please, said Xenia. She'd been mobile and threatening all game, on the left hand side of the forward line, and she was on the spot to convert an inch-perfect corner from Rebecca. The volley was hit with absolute precision, giving the goalie no chance, and hit so hard it could easily have crashed through the back of the net...

A terrific effort by the Stingers today against the best team in the competition. It was Brookvale's first draw of the year, and we thoroughly deserved to share the points. Well done, ladies, a great effort.

- Report by Murray Olds

Seaforth Ladies U12/1A v Seaforth Ladies U12/1B

Seaforth Ladies U12/1A v Seaforth Ladies U12/1B at Seaforth Oval - Sun 5/8/07 (Kick-off at 11.30 am)

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