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A new claim form and Insurance Information Flyer should be provided to any persons intending to claim under the FNSW Personal Injury Insurance in 2016.
Player/parents to read the claim form and flyer in full and to contact the QBE Insurance claims team on 02 9375 4874 if they have any enquiries.

A copy of the Personal Injury Insurance information flyer should be provided to all players by email or hard copy to inform players and parents about the Personal Injury Insurance and How to Claim.

To provide players and parents with quick access to insurance information and the claim form, see links below:
Link to the Insurance Website: www.jltsport.com.au/fnsw
Link to the Insurance claim form: http://jltsport.com.au/fnsw/documents/Personal_Injury_Claim_Form.pdf?201512161249
Link to the Insurance information flyer: http://jltsport.com.au/fnsw/documents/Personal_Injury.pdf?201404021228

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(To download documents below, right click on file name & choose 'Save Target As...)

Seaforth FC Policies (2017).pdf
    (pdf file, 561kb)

Personal Defibrillators now on all Seaforth Football Club Fields.docx
    (Microsoft Word file, 2.5mb)

LOTG 2016-2017 Summary for Coaches, Players & Media.pdf
    (pdf file, 978kb)
(Changes to FIFA Laws of the Game, added 5th March 2017)

SFC Code of Conduct - Coaches (2015).pdf
    (pdf file, 400kb)

SFC Code of Conduct - Players, Parents & Spectators (2015).pdf
    (pdf file, 302kb)

    (pdf file, 392kb)

    (pdf file, 127kb)

    (pdf file, 400kb)

mwfa protest.doc
    (Microsoft Word file, 145kb)

NSW Working with Children Check-1.pdf
    (pdf file, 72kb)

MWFRA Send Off Instructions.pdf
    (pdf file, 128kb)

    (Microsoft Word file, 270kb)

Seaforth Football Club CPO PolicyandProcedures.doc
    (Microsoft Word file, 40kb)

Nomination For Committee Position.doc
    (Microsoft Word file, 14kb)
*** Please note: nominations for Committee positions must be with the Secretary 21 days before the Annual General Meeting ***

Seaforth Football Club Coaching Appointments.doc
    (Microsoft Word file, 57kb)

SFC Policy - Equal Game Time.pdf
    (pdf file, 194kb)
    - updated 23/06/17

MWFA - Code of Conduct 2011 Ver 1.doc
    (Microsoft Word file, 152kb)

MWFRA - Safety Glasses.doc
    (Microsoft Word file, 51kb)

C11-002 Football NSW Heat Policy.pdf
    (pdf file, 222kb)

C11-002a SMA Hot Weather Guidelines.pdf
    (pdf file, 65kb)

C11-002b Heat Stress Index.pdf
    (pdf file, 21kb)

C11-002c Beat The Heat Factsheet.pdf
    (pdf file, 432kb)

C11-002d SMA UV Exposure & Heat Illness Guide.pdf
    (pdf file, 1.5mb)

Circular 1101 - Hot Weather Policy.pdf
    (pdf file, 304kb)

    (pdf file, 32kb)
    - FNSW Jewellery Policy

FNSW Smoking Policy.pdf
    (pdf file, 41kb)

NSW Working with Children Check.pdf
    (pdf file, 1.15mb)

0908 Racism in Football.pdf
    (pdf file, 117kb)
    - Football NSW Circular

MWFA Disciplinary Handbook
    (pdf file, 736kb)

Goalpost Safety Brochure
Goalpost Safety Regulations
Office of Fair Trading Goalpost Safety Information
Soccer Goal Standards
For further information visit the Anchored for Safety website

Seaforth Grading Info
    (Microsoft Word file, 30kb)
    - Seaforth F.C. Player Assessment and Selection info

SSG Parents information sheet
    (pdf file, 425kb)

SSG Handbook
    (pdf file, 3.37mb)

Organisational Review Master v2
    (pdf file, 27kb)

Player referee penalty program 2008
    (pdf file, 32kb)

Rule for checking the ID Cards
    (pdf file - Acrobat Reader req'd, 38kb)
    New Rule for checking the ID Cards - March 2008

Save Our Surfaces
    (pdf file - Acrobat Reader req'd, 984kb)
The Soccer NSW S.O.S Program has been designed to educate coaches on how they can make a difference to the quality of their playing surface.

    (doc file - Microsoft Word req'd, 25kb)
    - Seaforth F.C. Gear Order Form 2006

    (pdf file, 54.4kb)
    - Soccer NSW Pregnancy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions
    (pdf file, 18.7kb)
    - for new players/parents

Lightning Policy
    (pdf file, 79.1kb)
    - Soccer NSW Lightning Policy

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