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click here for more info about the MUFC School Holiday Camp

Click the below link to register!
» School Holiday Camp Online Registration

Here is a step by step guide to assist you with the registration process
» School Holiday Camp Online Registration Guide

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FREE Grassroots Expo at Cromer Park

Football NSW in conjunction with the MWFA are again presenting a FREE Grassroots Coaching Expo at Cromer Park on Thursday, 2 March 2017.

The Expo is designed specifically for coaches training 5 to 9 year old players.

The course will not only provide you with a Grassroots Certificate, but will also be aimed at stimulating coaches and parents to think about their behaviours, enjoying the game and developing a growth mindset to coaching and teaching.

These Expos are practical and provide coaches and parents with ideas on how best to run their training sessions.

» To register click here - Grassroots EXPO Cromer Park

Date - Thursday 2nd March - 6pm to 9pm
Venue - Cromer Park 1

Please dress for a practical session.

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Click here for info about Coaching Resources for the Football Community

For more information, see » www.ffacoachingresource.com.au

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Please see the 2018 Seaforth FC grading schedule in the below file:

2018 Grading Dates v03.pdf
    (pdf file, 192kb)

More information about the Seaforth FC grading process can be found » here

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Dear Coaches

The season may be drawing to a close but there is still time to brush up your skills ready to do it all again next season!

The final centralised workshop for the season will be held at Cromer Park on Monday 28th August 5:30pm-7:00pm.

The workshop will be focused on managing player behaviour in your session and will give you as coaches the necessary tools and skills to effectively manage player behaviour in your training session

Registration is online via this link:

Please donít hesitate to contact me for further information.

Christopher Adams
Community Coach Development Manager
Manly Warringah Football Association
M: 0416 168 206

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Seaforth FC Grading Info

The following document describes the how Seaforth FC grades players and allocates them into teams.

(to view the document: left click on the file, to download: right click & choose 'save link as')

Seaforth Grading Criteria & Team Selections 2017.pdf
    (pdf file, 415kb)
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Coaching Courses

Website links for Beginner Coaches and Officials
Every year, many people (parents in particular) find themselves appointed to the position of coach or official of a sporting team - often by default as there was no one else who would volunteer to do it.

To assist new coaches and officials in their role, the Australian Sports Commission, in conjunction with State Departments of Sport and Recreation, have developed a series of new web pages - Tools and Tips for New Coaches and Officials. Go to www.ausport.gov.au or click on the icon below:

Click here for Australian Sports Commission - Tools & Tips for New Coaches & Officials The Tools and Tips for New Coaches and Officials web pages contain practical information and tools aimed at the beginner coach and official.

The web pages have been designed so that the coach or official can download and print the various documents to take away and use in their coaching or officiating role.

There is also information for clubs on ways that they can recruit and retain coaches and officials.

The web pages contain the following information:

:: 'Survival pack': information for new coaches - information on planning, managing groups, working with parents and managing children's behaviour, and more

:: 'Survival pack': information for new officials - information on officiating for the first time, safety, managing conflict when officiating, and more.

:: Templates for coaches: session plan template, player attendance and medical history forms, injury record form, and more

:: Templates for officials: incident report form, season planner, and more

:: Activity cards: game cards suitable for a range of sports.

:: Information for clubs: on recruiting and retaining coaches and officials

:: Further information: including articles and web links

So get on the web today, and help yourself to be a better coach or official!

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Coaching Library

VIDEOS   |   BOOKS   |   DOWNLOADS   |   CD ROM   |   DVD

For more information please contact Sharon on 0421 475 840 or eggergj@bigpond.net.au


Hot Soccer – Soccer basics for young players with Graham Arnold.  Graham Arnold coaches a group of young players – boys and girls – on the essential elements of junior soccer.  From the basics of kicking, Graham then coaches his team on passing, dribbling, heading, tackling, throw-ins and other essentials of the world game.  Well known goalkeeper Paul Henderson also features.  Very appropriate for coaches just starting out with young age groups.   

Coerver – ‘PLAY LIKE A SOCCER LEGEND´ – Is an excellent video for the Level 1 coach wanting some simple exercises to give players for ages 6 and up focusing on basic skills.  Recommended by Soccer NSW, Soccer Australia and FIFA.   

Coerver – ‘THE CREATIVE DRIBBLER´ – A step up from ‘Play like a soccer legend´, this video is more appropriate for 10 yr olds and up.  This video builds on basic skills, hence the name Creative Dribbler. Recommended by Soccer NSW, Soccer Australia and FIFA   

Coerver – ‘A NEW ERA´ – Coerver is widely regarded as the number one soccer skills teaching programme for young players.  This video is number one in the ‘Master Class Series´ of Coerver videos.  Introducing the Coerver Coaching Pyramid of player development.  Applicable for players of all ages and abilities. Recommended by Soccer NSW, Soccer Australia and FIFA   

Success in Soccer VOL 1 – Fun and Games, Basic training ages 6-10.  Contents – improve ball skills, agility and coordination through games and exercises, applying training techniques to game situations, small sided games, 4v4 & 7v7 matches.  Distributed by Soccer Australia .  Made in Germany in conjunction with the German Soccer Association.   

Success in Soccer VOL 2 – Fun and Games, Basic Training Ages 6-10.  The sequel to VOL 1.  This video provides concrete tips and advice on how to build a training program.  Contents – interesting variations on how to start a training session, small sided games, alternating playing and practicing, examples for station training. Distributed by Soccer Australia .  Made in Germany in conjunction with the German Soccer Association.

Success in Soccer VOL 3 – Advanced Technique Training Ages 11-14.  Provides a comprehensive overview of coaching and competition for 11 – 14 yr olds.  Coaches learn how to put together motivational and age-appropriate practice sessions from the basic ‘Building Blocks´ as well as how to demonstrate and make appropriate corrections.  Also included are tips on organising your practice sessions.  Contents – guidelines for coaching 11 – 14 yr olds, ball coordination training,  individual training in soccer basics : dribbling, combination play, ball control, 1 v 1 attack and defense tactics, shooting variations, technical – tactical exercises for small groups and much more. Distributed by Soccer Australia .  Made in Germany in conjunction with the German Soccer Association.   

Success in Soccer VOL 4 – Advanced Technique Training Ages 11-14.  Continuing on from Vol 3, contents – more ball coordination exercises, improving dribbling and combination play, heading, teaching fakes, playing at match speed, exercises for flexibility and strengthening, tips on building age-appropriate practice sessions.  Distributed by Soccer Australia .  Made in Germany in conjunction with the German Soccer Association.   

Ready Set Goal! - Darcy Purac.
Former top flight European professional Darcy Purac is renowned in
Australia as a soccer wizard from top to toe.  His amazing balance, ball
control and all-round brilliance is a joy to behold for all lovers of
soccer.  In this instructional video, Darcy reveals the secrets behind
his fabulous array of skills and passes on hints that cannot be learned
from any coaching manual.  Improve your juggling, passing, dribbling and
shooting skills by watching this tape which contains slow motion replays
and eye-catching graphics.    
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Coaching Junior Soccer – Denis Ford.  ‘Coaching Junior Soccer´ is a valuable guide book for coaches of young children´s soccer teams, particularly those who have little or no knowledge of the game.  Denis Ford is an experienced, well – known coach of coaches and his concise comprehensive book makes the game easy for newcomers to grasp.  Packed with practical, jargon-free information, it contains chapters devoted to basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting for the goal and how best to develop these skills in young children.   

Developing Youth Soccer Players – Horst Wein.  ‘Developing Youth Soccer Players´ is a clearly written, colourfully illustrated resource filled with useful guidance on age-appropriate coaching.  The author provides tailor-made training and competition programs for the physical and mental maturity levels of players aged 7 – 14.  These programs centre on simplified games and corrective teaching methods.  This book perfectly illustrates how to introduce young players into soccer whilst keeping it fun. Distributed by Soccer Australia .   

So, you want to be a coach - Les Murray and Richard Alagich.  ‘If you are a beginner coach and you're coaching a squad of young people for your local community club or even a school teacher, this book will be invaluable. This book contains 12 basic structured coaching sessions, 3 phases of development tailored for each age group from 5 to 17 years, contains 24 technical-tactical drills, 12 shooting exercise, 12 conditioned tactical games, 16 helpful tactical games, 11 basic goalkeeping techniques and 118 photographs, contains history of the game, laws of the game, coaching equipment and first aid.

Soccer - winning through planning and testing - Richard Alagich.  ‘Over many years, Richard Alagich has analysed the major technical and tactical elements of soccer and has refined a structured program of development for young people. This book has been written to meet the needs of youth coaches, be they professional or amateur, in the early identification and specialisation of players.

Soccer - winning through technique and tactics - Richard Alagich.  ‘Over many years, Richard Alagich has analysed the major technical and tactical elements of soccer and has refined a structured program of development for young people. He presents it here in a six stage series of lessons, tailored to suit the needs of kids from 5 to 17 years. Forward by JS Blatter, General Secretary of FIFA.

Success in Soccer – VOL 2 Advanced Training Ages 14-18.  Techniques and tactics for developing the serious player.  Coaches of 14-18 yr olds and amateur adults will find all the information they need for their day to day coaching in this book.  With practice games and exercises that are up to date, motivational and appropriate for a range of playing levels, this book shows how you can make your players physically stronger, tactically more versatile and technically perfect.  Published by the German Soccer Association, recommended by FIFA and distributed by Soccer Australia.
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Interactive CD-ROM   

Soccer Coaching for Juniors  -This CD-Rom is the perfect resource for soccer coaches who wish to improve the game of their junior players. On the CD - Over 90 videos; over 100 animated diagrams; create, print and save your own player formations; over 180 printable pages of text explaining skills, drills and games; run your own 4x4 soccer tournaments; learn about player positions and team formations; laws of the game explained with easy to follow animations and diagrams.
Minimum System Specifications:
- Pentium 400 MHZ processor with MMZ or equivalent
- 128 MB RAM
- 16 bit sound card
- 8MB Video card
- 16x CD-Rom drive
- Microsoft Windows 95 or later

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Sigi Schmid's Offensive Soccer Tactics   - Success in todayís game requires a capable and consistent offense. Players need to know their roles and have the skill to capitalize when opportunities arise. In this DVD, one of the sport's top coaches reveals the key offensive concepts that all winning teams must have to maintain possession and score. Through live action demonstrations, small-sided games and position specific and team drills, Schmid covers offensive tactics like no other. Simply stated, it is all here... precision passing, combination play, finishing, masterful restart plays, and more.

Sigi Schmid's Defensive Soccer Tactics - Defense  It is the cornerstone of soccer success. Players need to know their roles, organise quickly, work as a unit, and make snap decisions to shut down the opponent. In this DVD, one of the sport's top coaches reveals the key defensive concepts that all winning teams must have to stop an attack, win possession, and begin the counterattack. It is all here... zone defenses, pressure tactics, positional play, strategies to neutralize free kicks and corners and more.

Tip Top Coaching Rooball with Frank Farina  - Covers all the basic elements of coaching grass roots football: U6 to U8. Lots of simple handy hints for the first time coach.

Tip Top Coaching U9-U12's with Frank Farina  - Covers all the basic elements of coaching U9-U12 year olds. Lots of simple handy hints for the first time coach.
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In this area you will find miscellaneous files, all to do with football!
A brief explanation appears under each file.
*NB: some files can be quite large & take some time to download.
To download, 'right click' on the file & choose 'Save target as...'

The Switch
(video - football trick - latest from Sean D'Arcy)
wmv file, 1.62mb
Courtesy of www.footballtricks.com

(video - football trick - latest from Sean D'Arcy)
wmv file, 1.56mb
Courtesy of www.footballtricks.com
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*Note: Seaforth FC is NOT responsible for content of external websites.
Please advise of any broken links, so they can be altered or removed.

Australian Sports Commission - valuable information resource for coaching related information

Australian Sports Commission website

Go to footballtricks.com
www.footballtricks.com - Sean D'Arcy: juggling tips & tricks website

Go to SoccerCoaching.Net
www.soccercoaching.net - free trial

Go to World Class Coaching website

Handy Web Sites

- Australian company specialising in coaching DVDs, books & coaching software.

- where you will find a variety of information to supplement the Success in Soccer magazine

- a general coaching website with great links to other sports

- the SBS website providing up-to-date news from around the world with great links to the world game's major leagues

- the English Football Association Coaches Association website

- the Australian Fitness Network website detailing the latest fitness industry trends

- where you will find information about SAQ accreditation awards and training products

- this site offers a mix of articles, links and interviews dealing with sport psychology

- this site offers a number of short practical articles on motivation, concentration, self-confidence and imagery

- this site offers papers containing the latest findings of many leading sports science researchers

- this site offers some insight into the strength and conditioning approach of the AIS

- this site provides a wealth of information on nutrition and hot links to other sports nutrition sites

- an interesting site with feature articles and research summaries on fitness and strength training

- this site provide full text articles coving areas such as strength training, nutrition and coaching

- this site provides a range of sports-injury topics

- this site provides information on sports injuries, prevention and statistics

- BBC Sport
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